Ultimate Guide to Calisthenics Exercises

We ve heard you. I get so many emails asking me for calisthenics exercises targeting a specific body part. So I started putting together a little guide, but instead of giving you a lits of all the possible exercises I just list 3 most effective ones and then break it down also for beginners and advance athletes.

Let me know if that’s helpful. I am still looking for the best way to go about it.

Here is the breakdown. Note that some pages are still under construction but I already would like to hear your suggestions. – so please comment which do you think are the most effective calisthenics exercises for this particular body part. We will build this guide together.

Upper Body Calisthenics  »

Shoulder Calisthenics »

Chest Calisthenics »

Forearm Calisthenics  » (under construction. Add your favorite)

Bicep Calisthenics »

Lower Body Calisthenics

Legs Calisthenics »


Abs Calisthenics »


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