Calisthenic Workout Routine for Upper Body


upper body calisthenics workout


If you are looking for a great upper body workout that will unleash the BEAST potential in you then, you are on the right place.

Steel Upper Body Workout is created for those who want a strong upper body. This workout will hit you chest, arms, back and core and provide the intensity you are looking for.

The Steel Upper Body workout is to be done for 4 consecutive ROUNDS with minimum rest between exercises and with 3 minutes break between each round.

So you are about to do 4 sets of each of the mentioned exercises. Pull-Ups, Dips on Straight Bar, Chest Dips, Push-Ups, Incline Push-Ups and Plank are the exercises that are to be done in this workout.


Both the chest muscles and muscles of the arms are the two parts that will be most engaged.

Note that this is an Intermediate Level workout so don’t get discouraged if you can’t go through it.

As I say in all posts, it is sometimes good to be a beginner. Back in the days when I was starting there wasn’t whole a lot on this topic but now when there are tons of instructional videos and tutorials you can really easy learn the right form of every exercise and progress from there. If you ask me, a proper form of execution was my biggest problem back in the days. That’s why very often I give a huge attention to this point.

Quality over Quantity!


Here is the workout:

Exercise Number 1: Pull-Ups – 20 REPS

Exercise Number 2: Dips on Straight Bar – 20 REPS

Exercise Number 3: Chest Dips – 20 REPS

Exercise Number 4: Push-Ups – 8 REPS

Exercise Number 5: Incline Push-Ups – 20 REPS

Exercise Number 6: Plank – 90 SECONDS HOLD

calisthenics workout routine for upper body

calisthenics workout routine for upper body

Steel Upper Body workout is for all intermediate to advanced trainees, but also with slight changes on the rest periods and repetitions it can be fit any person no matter the level of fitness experience.

I suggest giving a shot and see where you stand. If you feel that the workout is too hard for you, find easier variations. On the other hand, if you feel that the workout is easy feel free to increase the hardness of it by increasing the repetitions and lowering the rest periods.


calisthenics workouts


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But what if I can’t do some of these exercises? 

Then we need to adjust your training, But before that let me tell you something:


Create an optimal training routine just for you

This is a problem a lot of us run into. We’re given routines – usually based on a standardized level – beginner, intermediate, advanced. Calisthenics Academy used to do that too – because it’s very hard to create a personalized training for each and every person unless we spend a significant amount of time with them.

There was just one problem with this approach (actually there are a lot of problems with it) – it hindered our athletes’ progress. We’ve written extensively on the matter in the blog post, The end of beginner/intermediate/advanced – that is hurting your training.

Lack of personalization is hurting your training.

Imagine if some of these exercises above were too hard for you. Your body will try to compensate with poor form, movement dysfunction and possibly risk injury if it’s too challenging.

If some of these exercises were too easy they wouldn’t challenge your muscles to grow – you’d simply be wasting your time.

This is why we created Calisthenics Academy: to offer a fully personalized training program reflecting exactly where your level is for optimal performance.

Take the assessment to see how do you stack up on 8 fundamental calisthenics moves

calisthenics training assessment

calisthenics training assessment

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