How Charles Became Motivated to Train With Calisthenics

with Charles Scott

Calisthenics Transformations

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes – people just like you that are working with their own body weight to gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives.

Charles’s Calisthenics Story

Charles, a 23 year old accountant from London, UK, used to play semi professional Polo and Lacrosse. He would compliment his trainings with functional exercises at the gym. But once he stopped playing sports professionally, he became bored with weight lifting at the gym. He no longer felt motivated. He switched to calisthenics with the goal of mastering new skills and challenging his training routine.

“I started going to the gym during university, mainly focused on functional gym to help with sports.”

Finding Calisthenics Academy

“I found that without the motivation of sport, weight lifting became boring. I decided to start calisthenics to try to master a new skill and take up a challenge.”

Charles chose to join Calisthenics Academy to commit to a new challenge. He knew that investing monetarily would ensure him to stick with it. The program would be a good motivational resource that would be worth his time and financial investment.

Charles likes how the program gives him a real sense of movement towards an end goal. He continues going to the gym but now he’s fully committed and motivated training with our calisthenics program. It’s helped him see exercising more as an activity and less as a chore.

“I look forward to going to the gym rather than seeing it as a chore.”

The 3 main benefits Charles has gained since joining Calisthenics Academy

Exercising is now a habit

Charles was bored of weight training. It didn’t motivate him enough to exercise consistently. With Calisthenics though, he doesn’t cringe at the thought of working out anymore. Instead, he’s made exercising a part of his routine and his day-to-day life.

“Calisthenics Academy can help make exercising more of an activity and less of a chore.”

He’s making progress

Calisthenics Academy has helped Charlie gain new skills. It’s a continually challenging program, where athletes are given the chance to steadily grow at their own pace. More than that, Calisthenics Academy deconstructs the steps to arrive at an end-goal. Charles has experienced this first-hand.

“Calisthenics Academy gives a real sense of movement towards an end goal.”

He’s resolving long-standing weaknesses in his form

Despite being a very prolific athlete for years, Charles hasn’t always addressed physical weaknesses. Many training routines don’t push for full-body mastery, but calisthenics does.

“I had serious lack of mobility in my left shoulder. When lying down with my hands above my head, my left hand has never been able to touch the floor. The programme involves a lot of flexibility exercises especially for shoulders which has really helped improve my shoulder mobility.”

“Not every session has to leave you dripping with sweat and wanting to keel over. It’s more important to go consistently and work cleverly than go infrequently because you dread it.”

Charle’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics

“You won’t know if calisthenics is for you until you have tried it.”

“Don’t jump in too far along but don’t waste time doing easy exercises.”

Charles is fully committed to this new experience with Calisthenics Academy. The experience has been immensely positive and impactful on his view of exercising as a routine and the great benefits you gain from hard work.

“My progress has been slow and steady. It’s also been frustrating at times, though always rewarding when hard work pays off.”

Charles’s investment in Calisthenics Academy has reaped amazing benefits both mentally and physically.

Now, are you ready to invest in your future?

You can find Charles on Instagram to keep up with his progress.





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From Skinny To Strong: How Michael Gained Muscle Strength With Calisthenics

with Michael Paz

calisthenics transformations

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes – people just like you that are working with their own body weight to gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives.

Michael’s Calisthenics Story

Calisthenics Academy is the full body strength fitness program Michael had been searching for. He’d been weight training for a while, but wasn’t satisfied with the strength gained; it wasn’t enough, nor was it functional. Calisthenics Academy changed all that for him. Michael is now reaping in the benefits of full body functional strength.

“You’ll never lose if you try, but if you never try you might miss an incredible opportunity. Don’t let fear hold you back!”

Meet Michael

Michael, an ex-infantry soldier, from Australia was searching for an intelligent and efficient calisthenics program after reading that it’s a good fitness method. His goal was to develop full body strength and get absolutely ripped. Physically, he is a naturally skinny, thus gaining requires more effort from his part. He wanted to gain incredible strength that he wasn’t getting from lifting weights.

“The more you sweat the less you bleed.”

Finding Calisthenics Academy

“Calisthenics Academy is the best kept secret to inhuman strength.”

Calisthenics Academy was easy and convenient for him. He could complete his workouts anytime during his day. The exercises are thoroughly described with words, pictorials and videos. It includes specific details about the each exercise in order to perform it correctly, tell you how to avoid injury, and the progression is adapted to your level in the program. Most importantly, you don’t have to do the same routine over and over again.

Since joining Calisthenics Academy, Michael hasn’t looked back once on bodyweight training. He is focused on the results and each progression.

“Prioritize your time or use creativity to make time, where there’s a will there’s a way.”

The 3 Main Benefits Michael Gained Since Joining Calisthenics Academy

He is physically stronger

His muscle definition has increased

He is mentally in a much better place

“I have developed a surprising amount of strength and I just feel so much healthier and more energetic after starting the program.”

Michael’s Advice To Anyone Curious About Calisthenics

“Sometimes you just need to jump, but if it’s too much then grab a friend and try it with them.”

“Never miss too many workouts otherwise you’ll fall back a few days.”

“Keep your goals in mind and remember if you’re not a fan of exerting yourself – once you finish you’ll feel awesome!”

Michael is happy he found Calisthenics Academy and is reaping in the benefits of getting absolutely ripped, becoming healthier, and overall being in a much better place in his life.

Now is your turn. Are you ready join Calisthenics Academy and reap in the benefits?





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How Calisthenics Shifted Taha’s Mindset to Building Skills

with Taha Hachana

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes -people just like you that are working with their own body weight to gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives.

Taha’s Calisthenics Story

Taha discovered calisthenics while researching on the Internet about parkour. He had never heard about bodyweight training or calisthenics before. It was all new to him, and he was intrigued to learn more. He learned about the benefits of building strength with bodyweight that would help with his parkour practice. He wanted to get back into shape after experiencing a few injuries doing martial arts. Yet, what appealed to him most about Calisthenics Academy was that he would learn the exercises and techniques properly thanks to how the program is set up and from there master them.

“The primary reason I joined Calisthenics Academy was to build the strength necessary to practice parkour moves.”

Taha, now in his early thirties, lives in Tunisia working in the tech industry. He practiced tournament oriented martial arts until he suffered several injuries. Looking to avoid more injuries and improve his flexibility, he started practicing calisthenics.

For Taha, Calisthenics Academy is the most authoritative online resource available on calisthenics. Since joining, he’s gained extensive information on correct exercise formation and guidance on how to progress. He praises the assessment system because it aligns with goals and skills to guide progress at the right pace.

In addition, you don’t have to spend time thinking about programming reps, counts or exercises. It sets it for you based on your assessments.

One thing Taha has taken away from joining Calisthenics Academy is that he’s learned to focus on building skills and not just working out for aesthetics reasons.

“I like to learn things properly. You could rely on someone to pick a few exercises for you to do and call it a day, but I want to go further.”

The 3 Main Benefits Taha Gained Since Joining Calisthenics Academy

Improved His Posture

“My posture has improved. I feel myself becoming taller.”

The first thing Taha noticed was an improvement in his posture. He’s more aware of maintaining good posture throughout trainings and daily activities. He feels taller and carries it proudly.

Gained Strength

“I feel that my legs are stronger.”

Despite the fact that he’s still below 10% in the majority of the skills, he’s already noticed his body changed physically. He’s made incredible strength gains already and he’s not even halfway through his progression.

Focused On Skill Building

“Now I have movement skills as my main objective.”

Since starting calisthenics, Taha’s focus has shifted to skill based goals. He’s learned to focus on building his skills instead of working out for the sake of looking good. He wants to progress daily with the moves and prefers spending his time becoming able to do a one arm push-up instead of watching videos on the Internet.

Taha’s Advice To Anyone Curious About Calisthenics

“Calisthenics training gives you flexible muscles, strong joints, and brings lots of fun and challenges to the sport that you’re into.”

Taha’s biggest struggle used to be injury prevention. Now, he no longer has to worry about getting injured. He’s learned so much about himself and his capabilities since starting calisthenics. He’s so thankful because now he has a better posture, he’s gained strength and is focused on what is really important – building skills.

He recommends to anyone starting off with Calisthenics Academy to “focus on becoming better and remember to take rest days.”  He also advocates to “give up on activities that are less beneficial and you’ll find the time to train.”

Now go on, shift your mindset like Taha and we guarantee you’ll PROGRESS with Calisthenics Academy.

calisthenics transformation





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How A Not A Gym Fan Finds Freedom With Calisthenics

with Martin Hartmann

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes – people just like you that are working with their own body weight to gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives.

Martin’s Calisthenics Story

Martin, better known as Hardy, is a 51 year old bartender from Freiburg, Germany. Bartending is surprisingly physically demanding, since he has to carry beer barrels every day. On the side, he also coaches young professional football clubs. Back in his early twenties, he was to become a professional football player until he suffered a major injury that caused him dream to play professionally. Despite this very difficult experience, he stayed focus on staying in shape and taking care of his body, but this time for the sake of his well-being and not for the sport.

“If you want to live a good life in your older years, start training now.”

Martin has never really liked gyms. Yet he loves nature, and thus, prefers to workout outside either doing some running, jumping, lifting heavy rocks and climbing. He doesn’t like following a plan, so he decided to train with Crossfit. However, recent bad knee aches have forced him to reconsider his training program.

After he looked into Calisthenics Academy, he decided to enroll. His goal was to better his skills and get stronger without the knee aches. Since he doesn’t like to follow a strict workout plan, Calisthenics Academy was a great fit for him.

“I decided not to think about that too much. But try to come back in a good shape.”

Here are the three main benefits Martin has gained since joining Calisthenics Academy:

Easy non-rigid training program, anywhere at anytime

“With Calisthenics Academy, it’s easy to train any time of day. Just take two chairs and do some dips.”

Calisthenics Academy makes it easier for Martin to train whenever he has time throughout his day and wherever he wants. Since Martin does not like a rigid training plan, he finds freedom with calisthenics. If one exercise was too hard for him, he doesn’t have to do two more. It’s all up to him to decide how he wants to progress with his skills and strength.

With Calisthenics, Martin gets to enjoy the outdoors during his training time. He works out in nature frequently and is not limited to strictly working out at the gym.

Muscle focused to build strength

“I focus much more and try to feel the muscles involved.”

When Martin used to attend a gym, he ran quickly through each exercise, doing quick reps and immediately switching to the next exercise, without focusing on the exercise itself. Now with Calisthenics Academy program, he’s more focused on the muscles he’s working with each individual exercise during his workout regime. By pacing himself, he’s building significant muscle strength and progressing more and more each day.

A tailor fit program for every athlete

“Good program based on your skills that tracks your progress.”

Calisthenics Academy is not the kind of program that demands you to be this physically fit to be able to perform. Instead, it caters to your own strengths and capabilities and keeps track of your progress.

That is why Martin believes that Calisthenics Academy is the best program for him. He can track his own progress from the app while he trains outdoors. This feature helps him be organized even if he doesn’t have a specific training schedule planned out. Martin attributes being able to do handstand push-ups with feet on the wall to calisthenics. He’s working on those muscle-ups which he say a muscle-up is not so easy.”

“If you have no desire to train, do the first exercise. And if you still don’t then, stop. But most of the time you keep going.

Martin’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics

“If you want to live a good life in your older years, start training now.”

Martin decided to try a new program at age 51. He invested in his health to live a good life no matter his age and the knee pains. It doesn’t matter what age you are or what capabilities you have. The important thing is that you do something RIGHT NOW and EVERYDAY. If you want to live a long healthy life, you should take Martin’s advice.
Invest your time NOW, to reap the benefits IN THE FUTURE. Find your FREEDOM.

You can connect with Martin on Instagram @endboss4 to follow his calisthenics progress. If you’ve been inspired by Martin’s journey with Calisthenics Academy then join him and us. It’s never too late to start training.




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Workout In Small Spaces – Arya’s “No Space Workout”

No Space? No Worries!

You may think you have to be in a specific place to exercise, but it’s not necessary. Common exercise spaces are definitely motivating, but aren’t the key to a successful or consistent routines. You can still workout in small spaces.

The lack of access to these spaces, such as gyms, parks, or even specially-designed calisthenics are also a common excuse to avoid or put off exercise. Once you start to find reasons not to exercise, you’ll only blame those same excuses for holding you back. Believe me, I’ve been there….until I found the “no Space” Workout.

It can bury all my excuses six feet under. So whether you’re on a trip, stuck in the hotel room, or have a really tight schedule, I have a routine that will work for you.

What Is The ‘No Space’ Workout?

First things first, don’t misunderstand the meaning of “No Space”. It means you can exercise with very little space, even if it’s only 2m x 2m. It’s still enough space to work out. I came up with the term to trick myself, so I can’t make up excuses to avoid exercise.

Now, the beauty of bodyweight or calisthenics exercise is that your body is the limit. This means you can express your body with basic movements, as well as variations of that movement.

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‘No Space’ Exercises

There are a lot of ‘no space’ exercises you can start out with. The movements that are ideal for small spaces include Push-Ups, Dips, Squats, Lunges, Crunches, Leg Raises, Sit-Ups, High Knees, Jumping Jacks, Mountain Climber, and Burpees. You name it, calisthenics has it, and uses it regularly to help athletes master movement.

And in case you don’t notice, all of those are the most basic exercises that don’t need for any equipment too!!!

So why don’t you make a workout program from those huge lists of exercises?

“Wait, I already have a program I must follow…is it ok?”

The idea of a “no space” workout is to keep you exercising when you have no place to do it. You can use the basic movements to create a workout program that isn’t restricted by space. This won’t take away from your typical program. Instead, this helps you keep a routine even when you’re traveling or busy and need to workout in small spaces.

In fact, in my experience, it will help you to get some variation in your exercise and keep you away from the boring feeling of only following your program.

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How To Create Your Own ‘No Space’ Workout

You could follow the standard, basic workout, with 3 sets of 10 push-ups, 3 sets of 10 squats, 3 sets of 10 dips, etc.

What I suggest, though, is to make it more efficient by using full-body exercises, while training in a shorter amount of time and doing a circuit.

All you need is a timer. You can use a timer app, your basic mobile phone timer, or even your watch.

Now pick your kind of exercises. I personally always pick 4 different kinds of exercises. My favorites are Jumping Jacks, Push-Ups, Squats and Mountain Climber. And as you can see, my pick already consists of Cardio, upper body, and lower body exercises.

Here’s My Personal Routine:

1. 20 seconds of Jumping Jacks

2. 20 seconds of Push-up (any progression you can do)

3. 20 seconds of Squats

4. 20 seconds of Mountain Climber

5 – 10 rounds, with a rest-time of up to 2 minutes between rounds. If you catch your breath before the 2 minutes are up, then you can go for another round.

Next-Level Workout In Small Spaces

If you feel that these exercises are too easy for you, then feel free to change and take it up a notch.

Here’s my next-level routine:

1. 20 seconds Running High Knee

2. 20 seconds Explosive Push-up

3. 20 seconds Jumping Lunges

4. 20 seconds half burpee

Now you can see how easy it is to workout with very little space.

Don’t Forget To Keep Perfect Form

You should maintain perfect form for each exercise, so it’s not necessary to go as fast as you can in 20 seconds. You have to do as much as you can in perfect form, that’s what will make your exercises count and bring the result you always want. As long as your form is good, it doesn’t matter that if you exercise in gyms, parks, or workout in small spaces.

There you have it.

Now, when you think you can’t find a place to work out, you’ll immediately remember the “no space” workout thing.

I bet you have a lot of ideas pop up. Then why don’t you try this “no space” workout and share with me how it feels and what kind of exercises you do?

Be Strong.

“Whether you’re on a trip, stuck in the hotel room, or have a really tight schedule, I have a routine that will work for you.”

“You can exercise with very little space, even if it’s only 2m x 2m. It’s still enough space to work out.”

How Busy Auto Technician Fought Stress With Calisthenics

with Matthew Higgins

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes – people just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

This is Matt’s Calisthenics Academy Story

Matthew is a very busy man. He’s a full-time student by day, a part-time auto technician by night, and also a husband and a father. Despite all of his responsibilities, he is still able to do his Calisthenics training and generate maximum benefits from it.

“Everything you do should bring some type of joy and fulfillment to your life. If you are considering training and you are not, then get out of your head and take action. Start now.”

 matt calisthenics transformation

Badass Training Program For Badass Auto Technician

It’s definitely a real struggle to manage finishing a degree while at the same time having a family to support. But Matthew didn’t only finished his degree in automotive diagnosis and repair and fulfill his duties as a husband and a father, he also worked part-time jobs at night as an auto technician.

Can you imagine how busy his schedule must be? He’s probably tired after a full day at school and work at night. So how did Matthew manage to fit calisthenics training into his crazy routine?


How Matthew Fit Calisthenics Into His Busy Schedule

“I made the decision to follow Calisthenics Academy because I didn’t have enough time nor energy to get to my traditional bodybuilding routine.”

Because of his busy schedule, he can’t keep up with his bodybuilding training at the gym. It was very challenging for him to get a workout done with all the studying, working and having to be present to his family. That’s when he stumbled across Calisthenics Academy. He signed up right away.

It was the first program of its kind that showed sound training programming and progression, so I quickly signed up and began diving into the training programs.”


Better Endurance, Better Athlete

“Endurance was my biggest struggle, I had a hard time completing the recommended sets and rep ranges for push-ups, and pull-ups. To overcome these challenges, I just kept telling myself to focus one rep at a time and put in the reps, the more I do it the better I will get. So, it was a mental game for me.”

Matthew was a total newbie in Calisthenics. He only had the skills for powerlifting before he started training for Calisthenics. Hence, he needed to develop his endurance physically and mentally to be able to perform bodyweight movements. Since his desire to workout fuels his mental prowess to keep going on the movements, he was able to reach the progress that he was aiming for.

At first, he was wondering whether he can do the calisthenics movements because he is a bigger guy.  But after trusting the process of Calisthenics Academy, he was able to build on his endurance, improve his strength and even enhance his mobility.


“You don’t have to train like a bodybuilding to build a great looking physique.”

3 Main Benefits Matthew Gained from Joining Calisthenics Academy

Train Anytime, Anywhere at His Own Time

For Matthew, time is very precious. He has so many things to do and working out is not a top priority for him. But after starting with Calisthenics Academy, his stress levels for having to fit a gym time in his schedule completely disappears.

With Calisthenics Academy:

  • He has instant access to his training programs anywhere at any time.
  • He doesn’t have to use all that fancy equipments to be challenged in each session.
  • His bodyweight is sufficient to provide him challenging workouts every time.

Developing a More Balanced Shape

Another added benefit of working on his bodyweight is that Matthew is able to address his weak points that he developed during  his bodybuilding days.

“My pain threshold has dramatically been challenged and I believe that there has been a fundamental shift in my mentality. I can keep going with my workouts a lot more than before. Physically, I see my body taking a more balanced shape.”

Not only did he improved significantly in his weak points, but he was also able to break through strength plateaus with smaller muscle groups” like his triceps and biceps.

Fun Training Program For A Beginner

Matthew’s training before to maintain an active lifestyle is bodybuilding. But after doing it for an extended period of time, the thrill of it slowly died down. Plus, the hassle of squeezing in a gym time in his busy schedule is not really attractive at the moment for Matthew.

Through the Calisthenics Academy training, “I have some fun with the new training program that I am a complete beginner. He is a complete beginner that really had hardships in performing several calisthenics movements. That is why this training program is so effective for Matthew.

“Calisthenics training breaks through barriers that hold people back from going to a gym because you can train anywhere and no one else really sees your weaknesses. It’s just you and your training.”

“Not having the time to workout is a matter of prioritizing it. If it’s important to you then make it a top priority.”

Matthew’s advice to anyone curious about calisthenics:

“Everything you do should bring some type of joy and fulfillment to your life. If you are considering training and you are not, then get out of your head and take action. Start now.”

If you are not happy with how active your lifestyle is right now, consider making a change. Do not overanalyze every step of the process. If you want an active lifestyle, start your training NOW. No more hesitations. No more excuses. No more holding backs. Just like Matthew, you just have to make it happen. The fulfillment that you will achieve after putting in the work and effort will surely be priceless.

Get out of your head and take action, NOW.

“A badass progressive program that coaches your through your fitness journey.”




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