Getting Started with Calisthenics Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this eBook, you have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions:

  • All sales are FINAL and all charges from those sales are non-refundable. We have a *NO REFUND POLICY* with digital downloads. Before you click pay on the final confirmation page, make sure that your order is correct.
  • Purchased eBooks are strictly for personal use. The eBooks are forbidden to be shared via any digital or physical medium. YOU MAY NOT UPLOAD eBooks TO THE INTERNET. PEER-2-PEER FILE SHARING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Any other manner of network file sharing and transfer of eBooks to devices for such purpose is prohibited.
  • You may NOT re-create, de-compile, disassemble, modify or remove any copy protection from the eBook. You may not create any “derivative works” by altering any of the content.
  • Order Cancellation Policy: Orders for eBooks may not be canceled since they are processed immediately upon purchase.

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