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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athlete - people just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

BWTA was born from a passion to spread a word about calisthenics and promote it all over the world so more and more people can experience the benefits of the most effective bodyweight strength training on earth. No weights, no complicated equipment, just you, your body and gravity. Although calisthenics has been around forever only recently it’s been picking up as a sport, a training and as a way of living.

By choosing calisthenics, we choose a life free from any constraints. Using our own body to build incredible physique, all naturally with a very minimalistic and simplistic approach to live. No supplements, not expensive equipment and no fad diets or workouts! Just you and mastery.

Featured Coaches

Becky Caplan

USA Gymnastics Professional member
USA Gymnastics Safety Certified

As a coach and an athlete, Becky has spent 26 years involved in the sport of gymnastics. She was a level 10 and college gymnast, who found a passion in teaching others. She spent a decade head coaching competitive team programs and produced State, Regional and National champions.

Artem is a head coach of Calisthenics Academy and a program director for The Movement Athlete

Artem Morozow

PRO STREET WORKOUT athlete and leading calisthenics and mobility EXPERT with over 8 years of experience in training and teaching calisthenics.
Winner of a number of gymnastic competitions including silver medalist of the Moscow competition in 2013 and 2014 Artem is now holding workshops all over Europe to promote calisthenics

Artem is a head coach of Calisthenics Academy

Rocco Lapaire

PRO ACROBAT with an extensive experience in movement science former Cirque Polynesia & Cirque Dreams acrobat and owner at Gravity Entertains.  Receiver of National Academy of Sports Medicine certification, 8 years experience in Martial arts. After a career in performance he passionately wants to bring movement disciplines to the masses. You can follow Rocco’s acrobatic adventures on his Instagram

Yunus Barisik

Owner and head trainer at Next Level Athletics in Helsinki Certified Progressive Calisthenics Trainer. He has worked with hundreds of clients from all walks of life – from business owners and office workers to junior and high school hockey players all the way to the collegiate and pro levels. Combining old school training methods with the latest research, Yunus helps his clients get stronger, faster, leaner and more awesome in general as fast as humanly possible through proper strength training and nutrition prescription.  Yunus is an incredible athlete, check out some of his articles here: How to Go From Zero to 15 pistol squats in 90 Days 6 Advanced Gymnastic Rings PushUps Variations for Building Serious Upper Body Strength

Alex Dutchak

Alex Dutchak is a fitness trainer and certified progressive calisthenics athlete currently based out of Virginia.  Shortly after realizing the benefits of an active lifestyle, they decided to build a pull-up bar in their backyard. From that moment on, Alex never looked back. Since finding his passion in fitness, Alex has experimented with gymnastics, distance running, Olympic weightlifting, cycling, rock climbing, CrossFit, kettlebell training and much more. He is certified for personal fitness training by NASM and has a Progressive Calisthenics Certification from DragonDoor. Alex currently coaches students of all levels.  Alex is particularly passionate about the levers. Check out his Lever Series right here: [FREE 7 WEEKS-LEVER TRAINING VIDEO COURSE]

Jeff Cowan

After getting seriously injured Jeff  was looking for a way to keep on training in a safe way. That’s how Jeff discovered calisthenics. Started with Convict Conditioning Jeff went onto developing insane levels of strength which enabled him to not only fully recover but to do the impossible calisthenics feats like human flag, various levers or one arm pullups. Jeff lives in UK with his family and while staying low key he is extremely passionate about spreading a word about calisthenics across the world.

Aga Nazaruk

After a nasty shoulder injury Aga started doing calisthenics as a way to recover. Results were amazing and she fell in love with the world of movement. Calisthenics became a gateway drug to all things movement and since then she trained acrobatics, hand balancing, various circus discipline and first time in her life she got absolutely ripped by having fun.

Pau Bañón Pérez

Speciality: Movement & yoga
Founder of Enso Movers
Originally from Valencia(Spain), Pau have been training calisthenics, gymnastics, parkour, hand balancing, climbing for the past 4 years, when I discovered this world.

He has helped hundreds of his students gain incredible skills through his own organisation Enco Movers.

Johan Hagg

I’m a father of two and I work for a Swedish agency. Working with my body is an integrated part of my life and has been since I was very young. I´ve been involved in martial arts, Muay Thai specifically for many years and switched to lifting weights. Two years ago I discovered Calisthenics as a training-regime and haven’t lifted weights since. As a father of two I really appreciate the simplicity of this form of training and I rarely have a day off.

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