Colossal Bicep Workout






40 minutes

Hypertrophy – muscle building for Biceps.

About this Calisthenics Workout

Get ready to buy new shirts! You’ll probably rip off your sleeves once you start building those biceps of yours into a colossal monster.

Volume is the name of the game for hypertrophy training for any muscle group you want to increase in size. So with this workout, we give you an excellent number of reps,sets and exercises to promote hypertrophy.

Since working with calisthenics, there is no exercise that can fully isolate a specific muscle for added volume. You’ll be training your back, traps, chest and core alongside building your guns.

Don’t worry. These exercises will prepare you for the advanced bicep isolation (-ish) exercises (such as one-arm chin-up and headbangers) that will build bigger mountain on your arms you call biceps.

You should have your basic strength right now in order to properly execute the routine.

Never forget the basic golden rules when performing every exercise.

Inverted Rows115
Close Hand Pull-ups110
Static Holds15 SEC

Rest for 30 seconds between each exercise and rest for 4 minutes for each round. Total of 4 rounds.

How far in the game are you?

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How It’s Done

Pull ups

Lats or the latissimus dorsi has the most muscle activation for this exercise but of course supported by the biceps brachii or our guns, the biceps. Hang on a bar with an overhand (pronated) grip and slightly wider shoulder width apart arms. Pull yourself up by driving your elbows to your side and try to touch the bar with your chest. Lower yourself back to the starting position in a controlled manner. Repeat and reap benefits.

Chin ups

The main meat of your bicep workout targeting your lats and biceps with more muscle activation on biceps. Chin-ups are executed with an underhand (supinated) grip. Pull yourself up by driving your elbows to the ground. Also, try to touch the bar with your chest then lower yourself down slowly. Repeat and reap the benefits.

Inverted Rows

Make them biceps burn with an easier version of chin-ups. This version of inverted rows should be done with a supinated grip to get more bicep activation. Muscles engaged are similar to chin-ups. It’s easier because you’ll have to fight less with gravity since your feet are still on the ground. Find a low enough bar that you can grasp while you feet are still on the ground. Extend your body as if doing a push up upside-down, pull yourself up and repeat.

Close hand Pull ups

This is done with hands together in a bar, then do a similar motion as a pull-up. The exercise hits more on the chest and lats but still with bicep activation. Even so, this has less bicep activation. You could treat this as your rest period since the next exercise aims primarily your biceps.

Static Hold

Static hold is an excellent variation of pull-ups to make your bicep bulge with or without your t-shirt on. The exercise is basically holding the middle part of pull-up to put maximum stress on your arms (very physics oriented read). To start, do a normal pull then hold slightly lower than the top for the set amount of time. Hold and reap the benefits.

Push ups

Basic regular push-ups are known for developing the chest and triceps, but the exercise also recruits the biceps for the movement. Even though the engagement isn’t that much, push-ups are here to fully pump your biceps finishing up with a round of the workout.

After punishing your biceps, be sure to give sustenance for proper muscle growth. But don’t only focus on your protein intake. Remember that carbohydrates, fats, and micronutrients also contribute to building your sexy, crowd-stopping biceps.

Focusing on a single body part (Especially with smaller muscle group such as biceps or triceps) to develop when training Calisthenics is very challenging because you’ll still be using compound exercises. You’re basically training your full body even with target muscles in mind.

Nevertheless, this challenge has an amazing benefit of constructing your sleeve-ripping biceps as well as developing overall muscle development and body control which Calisthenics has always been promoting.

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