Full Body Workout for Women | Beginners


30 minutes
Fat Loss

About this Calisthenics Workout

Ladies, are you ready to achieve your sexy and healthy body you have always dreamed of? No more gimmicky workout routines and inefficient regimen designed ideally for men. You deserve only the best workout.

Now, there are many reasons why you would like to workout. If it’s for aesthetics and having a sexy physique like most women desire, There is nothing wrong with it since you will still benefit physiologically and psychologically as well. As for this workout routine, we’ll be focusing on you losing fat and weight, looking leaner while getting stronger.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding women’s workout routine that’s why a lot of women tend to stick to hours and hours on the treadmill and doing crunches all day. There are also those who train exactly how men train. Don’t get me wrong now. I’m not saying it’s all bad training like the opposite sex but there are biological differences between the sexes that should be taken into consideration when developing a workout routine.

Such a difference is women’s slower fatigue rate and a faster recovery rate. That’s why the workout will be having shorter rest periods compared to the usual workouts. This would enhance fat loss and provide aerobic benefits.

Women have also higher endurance capacity on low to medium intensities due to having greater type I muscle fibers. Hence, having steady state full body exercises are included in the routine.

Your workout will be consisting buns development and upper body strengthening. You’ll also be building a strong core for your sexy posture to strut.

Remember that there are no spot reduction exercises so you’ll be training your full body for the ultimate fat loss results.

Never forget the basic golden rules when performing every exercise.

Mountain Climbers130s
Jumping Jacks160s
Hanging Leg Raises18
Side Plank130s
Knee Raises18
Rope Jumps160s

Rest for
10 seconds between each exercise and rest for 4 minutes for each roundTotal of 3 rounds.

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How far in the game are you?
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How It’s Done

Mountain Climbers

Start with core development through mountain climbers. It will also help you strengthen your shoulders, arms, and chest as well. Do a push-up position to start then move one knee toward your chest and back alternately. Do each movement for 1 count each for 30 seconds. Breathe normally when doing the movement while contracting your full body.


Squats is the essential exercise for developing those well-sculpted buns underneath those jeans. Building glutes, quadriceps, and your hamstrings, the exercise should never be left out in your routine. From a standing position with feet slightly wider than shoulder stance and feet parallel, lower yourself as if your going to sit down until your butt almost touches your hamstrings. Your knees should not pass your toes in the process. Move back up by pushing through your heels. Everything should be done in a controlled manner. Inhale downwards and exhale upwards.

Jumping Jacks

I guess you’ve been doing jumping jacks since you were a kid. Just to refresh: start with a straight posture and arms on the side. Move your arm outwards to the top of you with full extension while you jump extending your legs to the sides. Return to the first position for single count then repeat. Complete the full range of motion with your arms and don’t be lousy with the movement. Be energetic for more power and fats to burn.

Chin ups

This would be your upper body strengthening exercise. This would mainly focus on your biceps aka guns and lats. Start by hanging on a bar with a supinated grip (underhand to maximize bicep activation) and shoulder width apart. Pull yourself up as if you’re driving your elbows to the ground. Return to the starting position and repeat. This could be a difficult exercise even for a beginner so you could move to an easier progression such as legs assisted by a bench or doing inverted rows.

Hanging Leg Raises

Let’s get back to our core with hanging leg raises. This beats crunches everyday, anytime! You’ll be using a bar so you’ll get to work on your arms and grip as well! Start in a hanging position but in a pronated grip (overhand). Move your knees towards your chest and down. Refrain from using any momentum. Focus on moving in a controlled manner. Do not also let your body move back and forth when executing the movement. You can also do it with an underhand grip for more stability; hence less rocking movement or ask someone to hold your lower back.

Side Plank

Your abs aren’t the only part of your core. Strong obliques are essential to a solid core and a good routine involves side planks. This is basically planks for your obliques. Do a plank position then rotate your body sidewards, leaving one forearm and feet on a ground. Hold the position while breathing normally. Contract your whole body while holding the position.

Knee Raises

The knee raises we’re talking about are primarily for your quads, calves, and glutes, but still activating your core for stabilization. Lean against the wall with your fullback on it as if you’re sitting on a chair. Raise one leg by stretching the knee until it is parallel to the ground. Repeat this for the number of reps then switch to the other leg for a balanced development.

Rope Jumps

Finish of the round with a steady state rope jumps. Find a decent quality jump rope then proceed doing low bounce rope jumps You could practice a bit before doing the routine so you can get a feel for the movement and tempo. Continue the jumps for 30 seconds for a lifetime of benefits (as long as you consistently train and eat well of course).

There you have it, ladies. A solid workout plan to get you confidently strutting your health, strength, smoking body of yours.

Combine this with a proper diet and you’ll burn fat quicker than ever before. Train with this routine for 3 to 4 times a week.

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For now, try out the workout and tell us what you think. If it’s too easy or too difficult, try out Calisthenics Academy then!

Stay strong, women of the world!