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To master leg raises

           About this Progression

This is a core muscle exercise progression which will build great strength, endurance and sweet muscular definition in your abdominal muscles. Leg raises hit your core muscles, so you gain a better athletic shape, more agile movement and perfect form. As you might know, core control is vital for every calisthenics move and skill work.

This is a lot better than doing your basic crunches that are too easy and can hurt havoc on your back. Time to level and do the best exercises for your abs.

Basic principles still apply to all of the exercise progressions. Breathe normally while performing controlled movements. Visualize the movements being executed by the abdominal muscles and you will be able to enjoy a 6-pack soon!


And Start Your Journey to Insane Natural Strength.

Leg Raises Progression Exercises List

Step 1: Knee Tucks

Sit on the edge of a table of chair or other solid raised object. Let your body rock back slightly while supporting yourself with your hand and keep your knees tucked to your chest. Slowly lower your legs back down by extending your legs away from your body, then repeat.

Step 2: Flat Knee Raises

Start by lying on the floor with your legs bent in 90 degree angle and heels on the floor. Hands on your side. Slowly raise your legs until your feet are around 6 inches from the floor. Pause at the topmost position for a second before lowering slowly again.

Step 3: Flat Bent Leg Raises

Start on the floor again but with your legs just slightly bent about 6 inches from the floor. Raise your legs from this position until your thighs are perpendicular to your body. Lower back down to the starting position. By now you should feel your core straining to keep your legs supported off the ground.

Step 4: Flat Frog Raises

Lie with back completely flat on the floor. Slowly raise your legs holding them perfectly straight until they are around 45 degrees to the ground. On every second repetition bring them up til they are perpendicular to your body. Always control the movement on the way down for full contraction.

Step 5: Flat Straight Leg Raises

Lie completely flat on the floor. Slowly raise your legs, holding them perfectly straight until they are perpendicular to your body. Slowly control the movement on the way back down. The contraction of your muscles occurs when lifting your legs to the raised position.

Step 6: Hanging Knee Raises

Now that you’ve built a good foundational core strength, we’ll move to the first of the hanging leg raises. Hang from a pull up bar and tuck your knees to your chest, then slowly lower them back down. Don’t let momentum sway you around.

Step 7: Hanging Bent Leg Raises

The difficulty is increasing now. Hang again, but hold your legs in a slightly bent position. Raise them until your thighs are parallel to the ground and control back down. By now the muscular contractions will be much more intense.

Step 8: Hanging Frog Raises

Hang with your legs straight. Raise your legs slightly then lower back down. With every second repetition raise higher until your straight legs are perfectly parallel to the ground.

Step 9: Partial Hanging Leg Raises

Start by holding your legs straight and slightly raised from the basic hanging position. Raise them slightly until they are completely straight and parallel to the ground before returning to the original partially raised position.

Step 10: Hanging Straight Leg Raises

SThe ultimate goal of this progression. Start in the straight leg hanging position and raise your legs using your (now very strong) core muscles until they are parallel to the ground. If you have worked through this progression, we are proud of you.

This is not necessarily the end of this progression. You may want to work on your flexibility in order to get a higher leg raise and a deeper burn your abs:

Make sure to check out more of our progressions for different ab exercises. Remember that these exercises not only help you produce that killer six-pack, but also prepare you for advanced calisthenics ninja skill work and overall body badass strength and wellness.


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