dips exercise progression

dips exercise progression

Dips Progression

Dips Progression

The dips progression we have made has probably the most equipment needed for any of our calisthenics workouts. Standard dips are performed on parallel bars, so you will need these. Our progression has been put on to rings for more difficulty and there will also be the need of some kind of heavyweight. See our calisthenics equipment page for more information on this. This progression is very short but will give you great benefits in terms of upper body strength.

Here you can see a small guide to dips as well as the benefits and demonstration:

Step 1 – Bar Dips

The first two exercises in our dips progression involve parallel bars. Simply follow the video above for a guide on this part of the progression

Step 2 – L Sit Bar Dips

As well as working your upper body, this next exercise engages your core by holding this L Sit position. You may want to see our Planche progression to work your way to holding this position. Extend your legs out in front of you while holding the parallel bars and perform the dips again.

Step 3 – Ring Dips

For this part of the progression you will need gymnastics rings rather than bars. Do this while holding the L Sit position, but if you cannot perform dips in the L Sit position you may want to try doing it from the normal dips position to start. The rings require your upper body to work on stabilizing the position held as well as the strain given from the normal dips position.

Step 4 – Weighted Dips

Moving back to parallel bars now, you should now perform dips with some kind of heavy weight (perhaps a circular weight, but there may be other options). This should be 10-20kg depending on the resistance you want to add. You may want to work from 10kg and progress to 20kg or higher but that’s up to you. This is also a great opportunity to promote safety in this part of the dips progression. Please do not hang the weight from your neck or attempt to support in with some other part of your body. The suggested method is to chain it to some kind of weight lifting belt, otherwise you can find straps to hold it around your waist. There are plenty of safe options, but please exercise caution. Anyway, perform dips on bars with the weight and you will now have gained some awesome upper body strength with our dips progression.

You may wish to progress to doing weighted dips on rings, but we feel that doing it on bars will give you more than enough strength for now.

With this new awesome strength, feel free to try some of our other progressions.

dips progression calisthenics

dips progression calisthenics


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