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Get A Stronger Body Without Weights
Calisthenics Academy
December 21, 2019

10 min read

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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athlete - people just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

Bodyweight training and calisthenics have been reintroduced to the mainstream conditioning regime. This simplistic way of training is a stark contrast to traditional gym fitness regiments. Much of the equipment, floor space, mirrors, changing rooms etc. are removed. You’ll only use your body and simple movements, helping you get a stronger body without weights.

When building strength, there are two types of athletes. There are the bulky bodybuilders, and the chiseled, refined and functionally stable strength of someone working with calisthenics.

[pullquote_right]Another thing to learn here is the benefit offered from bodyweight training. This unleashes your “inner strength” in a way that is more suitable for all your tendons, joints, and all other bodily features that go beyond aesthetic enhancement.[/pullquote_right]

In Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning, the calisthenics enthusiast discusses the people he sees in the gym using modern day gym routines. He depicts them as being oversized gym rats who squander time, money, and effort on gym culture.

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A Revolutionary Perspective On Strength Building

Our descriptions regarding gym based exercise methods are not as derogatory or condescending as Mr. Wade’s. His viewpoints on calisthenics can offer a revolutionary new perspective on how to get a stronger body without weights.

You can learn how to gain real, lasting strength. You’ll use what you have always had: your own body. This is unlike the traditional bodybuilding mentality, which builds bulk for the sake of building bulk. You’ll gain strength and unleash it with simple and effective bodyweight exercises.

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Gym Workouts Versus Progressive Strength Building

Gym members might brag about how much they can bench, squat, curl or raise, but what else can they do? Progressive strength leads to impressive gymnastics feats. These include the one arm pull-up, one-legged pistol squat and the so-called “human flag.” These moves are achievable by using the kind of strength tapped into with calisthenics.

This is functional, based on mobility, rather than simple dead weight lifting. With the introduction of bodyweight workouts into your routine, you will gain a more defined, better-proportioned lean figure. Eventually, you can perform exercises and get a stronger body without weights.

This is the kind of philosophy we incorporate in the Bodyweight Training Arena.

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Get A Stronger Body Without Weights

These types of workouts improve external capabilities, but bodyweight workouts are also your key to unleashing inner strength. The improvement athleticism and flexibility come from enhanced inner strength, inspiring ability to display external feats.

While examining the benefits of bodyweight exercises over gym exercises, we see the advantages of calisthenics. When it comes to looking after your joints, tendons and all other bodily features, bodyweight exercises are the most effective. Injury prevention is a great reason to take up bodyweight exercises instead of working in a gym.

Simple And Effective Bodyweight Workouts

Bodyweight training is ideal to both older fitness enthusiasts and younger men or women. Including these exercises into your regime will be much safer for harnessing your inner strength and capability. Calisthenics will provide the necessary internal stability as well as strength.

If you are having doubts, ask yourself:

  • Do you think that it is healthy to be lifting free objects of ridiculous weights which actively put strain on your body’s natural movements?
  • Do these bodybuilders really have such internal strength that allows them to live pain-free and natural lives?

Getting Started With Calisthenics

If you would like to practice our philosophies and produce the inner strength which has always been dormant in your own body, get started with us. At Bodyweight Training Arena, we care about your fitness results. Our content will give you the key to unleashing your natural strength, helping you get a stronger body without weights.

You’ll benefit from great internal, as well as external results.



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  1. Jackson Milner

    I have been through the Cross Fit motions and I am looking for something a little different. Maybe I will try more calisthenic routines to see if I cannot make my muscles more pronounced.


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