Combat Calisthenics – Bodyweight Fighting Fitness Secrets

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Combat Calisthenics – Bodyweight Fighting Fitness


Is the best way of getting into physically impressive shape is through the disciplined approach of calisthenics? How would you feel if you could enhance your physical bodily condition in this way?

Here at Bodyweight Training Arena, our endeavours into studying the principles and philosophies of bodyweight training have taken us into the depths and origins of calisthenics giving us an understanding of the vast utility and practicality of such training methods. Find out here how you can take easy steps to incorporate these philosophies into your current training routine in order to see better results. From our reading we have been able to trace these philosophies of calisthenics to ancient origins of army training in Ancient Greece and Rome. It is hard to believe that the forging of vast empires which engulfed much of today’s world by the conquering of areas by powerful armed forces was initially aided by the type of simplicity which we are trying to promote here with bodyweight training. We will expand upon the use of combat calisthenics to show you the potential advantages which could be gained in this respect as well as advantages of general health and conditioning which can also be experienced with our programs.

Gym or No Gym?

Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning goes into great detail regarding this. He preaches the advantages of this type of training against the modern ideology of superior gym-imposed physiques being the worldwide symbol of strength and intimidation. In his book he describes the violent nature of the culture within prisons and explains the necessity of gaining strength and being able to defend yourself in order to go about your day-to-day life. It is interesting that the use of bodyweight training as combat calisthenics is the key to exerting your superiority when we think of modern day gym culture which is often conceived as being hostile and a combat-based expression of superiority and masculinity. However, our studies as well as Paul Wade’s point of view go against this conception greatly, showing calisthenics and bodyweight strength as the main source of intimidation and superior physical condition.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you feel that bodyweight training and combat calisthenics could help you keep yourself in great physical condition?

Unique Benefits

Countless experts and trainers in bodyweight training will explain the benefits of bodyweight training as opposed to weight training. If you have been researching the subject you will understand the advantages, and like us you would encourage beginners and rookies on the subject to find the benefits for themselves. So much information is published on the increase of “functional strength” as well as mobility which is brought about by this type of training. Such functional strength can be identified by, but not be limited to, motions and performances of strength which weight training cannot provide. For full information on this, see here for information on the external and internal benefits of bodyweight training. The whole-body stability given by calisthenics allows for exponential capacities of full body control, balance, speed, endurance and flexibility. Let us now discuss the prospect of combat calisthenics for superior fighting capabilities. Is a bulky mass of pure muscle with a limited range of motion and control likely to be advantageous over a well-defined athlete trained in the manner in which we have been describing? It is difficult to argue convincingly against combat calisthenics in this respect.

Our research has taken us further into the possible use of combat calisthenics for increase physical advantage in combat situations. With the constant worldwide practice of various martial arts including other contact sports such as boxing wrestling and the relatively new revelation in the world of combat sports known as MMA which has had great exposure with increased promotional events including multi-million dollar pay-per-view offerings, there is no real limit to the amount of people we can help with the aid of bodyweight training for use in combat sports. Aside to all the people who partake in these sports, there will also be many people we can help who enjoy practising these sports casually in order to fulfil their peak physical condition. Whether you are fighting or not fighting, the principles of bodyweight training and combat calisthenics can help you reach the condition and physical peak you have always dreamed of.

Combat Calisthenics Popularity

We have been intrigued in our research to find that on martial arts and many MMA online forums, the traffic around the idea of bodyweight training is very heavy. Leading forums such as Sherdog and MartialArts Planet each have threads exhibiting huge interest in the possible benefits given by bodyweight training with many pages of comments and also trainers trying to help people and promote their calisthenics programs. The benefits discussed here are not only based on physical results but also the advantages of increased flexibility and mobility which we have previously discussed in this article. It would appear then that Paul Wade’s eager support of combat calisthenics for the use of self defence and physical superiority is very justified. With trainers in combat sports showing so much interest and intent to use bodyweight training to enhance their physical capabilities, why not try and see how our bodyweight programs here at Bodyweight Training Arena can work for you?

Moving Forward

Very commonly gym-culture has a tendency to be hostile with haughty individuals looking to display their physically superior prowess, whereas sometimes simple bodyweight exercises can be conveyed as a weakling’s easy way to do exercise. We also do not encourage violence or hostility as a motivation for getting in shape. We want to show how the use of calisthenics can enhance your physical condition to be the most perfectly strong and physically impressive as it can be. Those who partake in such combat sports will likely see benefits to their condition and their results from the use of an intense and well-balanced bodyweight training regime but the increase in physical well-being is what we promote. At the end of the day, the idea of being a chiselled, athletic, strong and impressive individual should be your ultimate physical goal. If this is of interest to you, why not see what we have to offer?

Your Next Step

– Have a look at some exercises which can help with your conditioning. Convict Conditioning gives a great insight into the fighting origins of calisthenics. Elsewhere on our website you can find exercises to improve your strength, endurance, cardiovascular capabilities and balance. Feel free to comment on how this article has helped you and tell us what you would like to get out of our programs.




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  1. Nolan

    I’ve been training calisthenics for about 3 to 4 months now, the first month I made immense progress. I’ve been interested in mma for a long time now, and I would like to be able to defend myself in the situation where I get into a fight. I’ve gotten into fights before and been able to defend myself but I would really like to end the fight quicker, I don’t want to scuffle around for 10 minutes I would much rather it be 30 seconds and then done because this prevents me from getting injured or something of that nature. I’ve gained almost 15 pounds since when I first started calisthenics, when I first started I weighed around 115 now I weigh 135 (on my way to 140). My training has been strictly skill based, I have push/pull day, then two days of skills, then leg day, and finally core day. Lately I’ve been interested more in mma style training but I haven’t known how to schedule my week, even what exercises to do. I would really like to do calisthenics/mma style training could someone please help me?


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