Intermediate calisthenics workout routine

A unique aspect of calisthenics training is the skills work you can learn to increase strength, muscle, mobility, flexibility and body coordination. Let’s start with intermediate skills, the set you can work on after getting a good base line of strength and mobility.

These skills require you a good body familiarity because intermediate skills, the topic at hand, demands more proper technique than strength. Also, learning skills at the beginning will give you an awkward feeling because of the strange positions you will have to be in.

Don’t worry. You’ll get it soon enough.


How do you know if you are ready for intermediate calisthenics workout routine

Other than being cool looking moves, intermediate skills require you a foundation of strength and mobility. You don’t already have to insanely strong to learn these skills, since the progressions (we’re going to talk more of this later) will develop your strength and mobility until you get your dream move down.

calisthenics training fundamentals

calisthenics training fundamentals

It’s really important that you master the fundamentals before trying to accomplish intermediate moves.

How do you know where you are at? Take our personalised assessment here

Intermediate skills set can be learned relatively quickly compared to the advanced skills that takes months and years to learn. Still, don’t underestimate these moves and go trying it for the first time. There is still difficulty in these moves.

Take a step back. Understand the progressions, the move and where you are in your fitness journey then start from there.

Below you can see how we organise the skill training within The Movement Athlete Platform. You take personalised assessment so we can see where are you at on the journey. You might have to start with fundamentals or you might have already unlocked advanced skills. These are just examples of skills you will be able to learn as we are constantly adding new skills. Note that fundamentals unlock intermediate and intermediate unlock advanced so its a never-ending journey of physical mastery.

What’s important though is that you don’t need to worry about what do to every day as  we use advanced technology to create the most optimal home calisthenics workout for you.

calisthenics training plan

calisthenics training plan

Calisthenics progressions for intermediate calisthenics skills

Progressions are your steps towards getting your goal intermediate skills.

Progressions are the easier versions of the final goal. Each variation is harder than the former to prepare your body to the stress of the main move.

Intermediate skills only require you foundational strength and mobility. Most of your weak points will be trained through the progressions. They will also make you more confident for the feel of the move. Again, these skills will feel awkward at your first try.

Let’s look at the Intermediate skills with their matching progressions.

1. Headstand

– When I was trying to figure out this move, it’s surprisingly easy. Like any other move, headstand makes use of a physics concept. You’ll be forming a triangle using your arms/hands and head to perform a headstand. This allows equal distribution among three points and makes you hold the move easier since a triangle is a rigid shape. Just be sure that you’ll training safely. You can still get injured in this move.

a. Tripod hold
b. Wall assisted leg extended forearm headstand
c. Free forearm stand hold
d. Forearm stand straddle
e. Wall assisted tripod headstand tuck
f. Wall assisted one leg extended tripod headstand
g. Free elbow stand hold
h. Elbow stand straddle
i. Wall assisted tripod headstand
j. Free tripod headstand

2. Back plank

– This move has more focus on strengthening your posterior chain. Looks easy, but I bet you’ll get cramps when attempting a progression to difficult for you. Take your time and be sure to also work on your shoulder mobility.

a. Crab lifts
b. Crab hold
c. One knee bent back plank
d. Knee tucked single leg back plank
e. Back plank
f. Back elbow tucked plank
g. Back elbow plank
h. Back plank pulses
i. Back plank single leg tucks
j. Back plank kicks
k. Back plank twists

3. Bridges

– Bridges are excellent for back strength and mobility. There’s a lot of flexibility component to this move so don’t get discourage if you can get it on your first try. Don’t skip this move if you’re aiming for an overall balanced healthy body (and that you should be).

a. Elevated wall bridges
b. Elevated bridge rocks
c. Elevated diamond bridge
d. Bridge

4. Hanging leg raises

– One of the best ab exercises in the world! If you want a strong core, this exercise should definitely be in your list of ab exercises. Hanging on the bar also makes you less stable, so you should be contracting your whole body throughout the movement to stabilize yourself. Do not use any momentum when performing this move. Don’t cheat yourself just to do the move. It won’t help you grow stronger.

a. Hanging frog raises
b. Hanging straight leg raises
c. Hanging bent leg V raises
d. Hanging straight leg V raises

5. Elevated Bridge

(Bridge Prep) – An easier version of the earlier explained bridge. This move basically prepares you for the bridge itself. The box and wall will be assisting you to lessen the load while you’re not that strong and flexible yet. Just continue the grind and you will get it soon!

a. Box bridge
b. Box bridge against the wall
c. Box bridge rocks
d. Diamond box bridge
e. Diamond box wall bridge
f. Diamond box bridge rock
g. Elevated Bridge

You shouldn’t miss out on these intermediate skills. They continue building your overall fitness while making you look cool. The movement patterns and strength will also prepare you for the more demanding loads of the advanced skills set.
If you’re a complete beginner, I just building up your basic strength with this workout routine [Linked to beginners]. You may also start with the intermediate workout if you already have good basic strength.
Combine this with the intermediate skills training, and you’ll achieve your dream body very soon!

Try these Intermediate calisthenics workout routines

We prepared a few home intermediate calisthenics routines so you can try for yourself. But note that personalised approach is always better and safer.
Click on each to see the details and download workout plans.

Intermediate calisthenics workout routine

Below you can see a variety of intermediate callisthenics routines depending on what you are looking for.

calisthenics_back workout_r2

intermediate_full body workout_8steps_r6

calisthenics workout routine for upper body

calisthenics_bicep_intermediate_workout r11

But what if I can’t do some of these exercises?

Get a fully persnalised calisthenics training routine just for you.

It’s a problem many of us face. We’re given routines – usually based on a standardized level – beginner, intermediate, advanced. Calisthenics Academy used to do that too – because it’s very hard to create a personalized training for each and every person unless we spend a significant amount of time with them.
There was just one problem with this approach (actually there are a lot of problems with it) – it hindered our athletes’ progress. We’ve written extensively on the matter in the blog post, The end of beginner/intermediate/advanced – that is hurting your training.It simply explains why a lack of personalization is hurting your training.
Imagine if some of these exercises above were too hard for you. Your body will try to compensate with a poor form, movement dysfunction and possibly risk injury if it’s too challenging.
If some of these exercises were too easy they wouldn’t challenge your muscles to grow – you’d simply be wasting your time.
This is why we created The Movement Athlete Platform: to offer a fully personalized training program reflecting exactly where your level is for optimal performance.
Take the assessment to see how do you stack up on the 8 fundamental calisthenics moves.

free calisthenics assessment

free calisthenics assessment


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