Elbow Lever Progression

Elbow Lever Progression

Elbow Lever

Elbow Lever Progression

This progression from Overcoming Gravity is not aimed at a novice trainer. [tweet_box design=”box_08″]It is another one of the gymnastics-based progressions from bodyweight training and takes much strength[/tweet_box], stability and balance. Before attempting this, it would be a good idea to work through our planche progression which is not too dissimilar to this type of exercise.

A way of building to the elbow lever position is given by Al Kavadlo

Step 1 – 2 Arm Elbow Lever

Despite being step 1, you will need a good bit of strength and balance to achieve this exercise. Balance in the planche position (hands on the ground, body suspended straight and parallel to the ground) but turn your hands downwards with your fingers pointing towards your feet. This will put more strain on t=your upper arms and elbows to hold the position.

Step 2 – 2 Arm Ring Elbow Lever

For this you will require gymnastics rings. Perform the same position as step 1 but use the gymnastics rings which will add difficulty and the position will half to be balanced and supported from an unstable base.

Step 3 – 1 Arm Straddle Lever

This part of the lever progression requires you to balance on 1 arm. Do this from the position of step 1 but allow your legs to separate to assist with the balancing process, making it easier on your one arm as you work towards the final step.

Step 4 – 1 Arm Straight Lever

This part of the elbow lever progression is a replication of step 1 but with 1 arm. Y[tweet_box design=”box_08″]ou will have to display inhuman strength[/tweet_box] and balance to hold this position, and we salute you if you are able to reach this final step.

Elbow Lever Progression

Elbow Lever Progression


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