Max Reps Full Body Workout






150 minutes

Strength and Muscle Endurance – Sustaining strength for longer periods of time

Welcome to our max reps calisthenics cardio workout!

Before we embark on this invigorating journey, let me share a valuable lesson I’ve gleaned from coaching numerous athletes.

Throughout my experience training individuals, I’ve observed a common mistake: blindly adopting exercises or workout routines without considering individual fitness levels. The workout we’re about to unveil may vary in difficulty for each person, as we have yet to gauge your capabilities.

This oversight can lead to two main issues: struggling with exercises beyond your capacity, risking injury, or encountering ineffective workouts. Generic routines, while convenient, often lack the effectiveness needed to achieve desired results.

As we delve into calisthenics, specifically targeting a high-repetition cardio routine, it’s essential to acknowledge that some exercises may be too challenging while others too basic for your level. Finding the right balance is key to avoiding injury and maximizing progress.

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About this Calisthenics Workout

Getting your maximum strength and getting huge should not be your only goal for your fitness and sport. You should also aim for strength endurance!

Train your body to be able to maximize your strength in longer periods of time with this intense full body advanced calisthenics workout routine. This would immensely helpful if you’re also intensely training for a specific sport like martial arts, football or baseball.

But don’t get me wrong. Since you’ll be training intensely with high volume, you’re sure to get some muscle gains from this calisthenics workout. Hello, hypertrophy. Hello, bigger muscles! In addition, bigger muscles mean you’re going to get stronger as well.

Max reps doesn’t mean until total failure; but do failure at the last round. Try an intense calisthenics training!

The maximum repetition we’re talking about is just near failure. Stop by the time you feel you can only bust around 2 to 3 more reps. This allows you to bust more reps for the succeeding sets and prevents you from doing ugly form. Also, if you’re form is getting bad, you can say that you already maxed out your reps for that set.

Last round, do failure since it’s already the finale of your workout. Because you’re an advanced badass, training until failure is necessary to achieve your gains.

So, let’s get started with the intense calisthenics workout! From single leg squats to calf raises!

Never forget the basic golden rules when performing every exercise.


Move Sets Reps
Push-ups 3 Max
Chin-ups 3 Max
Single Leg Squats 3 Max
Bench Dips 3 Max
Glute/Ham Raises 3 Max
Calf Raises 3 Max
Handstand Push-ups 3 Max
Crunches 3 25

Rest for 90 seconds between each exercise and rest for 3 minutes for each round. Total of 5 rounds.

How far in the game are you?

Our certified coaches have developed a fail-proof assessment to give you an idea of where you stand in the Calisthenics game.

Here’s How It’s Done

Push ups Workout

Your regular gym class world-famous push-ups are the best for developing your chest. Of course, we have to have it in our calisthenics workout routine! While stimulating your chest, you’ll get to sculpt your triceps, delts, and core as well. You already know that by now since you’ve been doing it since you started with this intense training!

Chin ups Workout

Main bicep and lats building exercise. Execute it with full range of motion, chest to bar, to get full activation of every part of your bicep and lats. No cheating please. No abuse of momentum! Contract your biceps and lats to maximize the exercise.

Single Leg Squat Workout

Your ultimate leg exercise primarily focused on your quadriceps and glutes. This is a unilateral exercise so don’t forget to do both sides! This is excellent to correct muscle imbalances in each leg. Do it with proper form now and in a controlled manner.

Bench Dips Workout

Time to treat the biggest muscle on your arms, the triceps. This is almost an isolation exercise for your triceps. Take note; I said almost because you’ll get to train your lats and chest as well. To make the dips more difficult, try placing another bench in front of you where you can place your legs. This adjusts your angle giving you a mechanical disadvantage.

Glute/Ham Raises Workout

Squats aren’t the only exercise for developing quality buns. Glutes/Ham raises trains, from the name itself, your glutes and hamstrings. You could do lift one leg for each set to make the exercise more difficult. Just remember to do each side to even out each muscle. Time to buy tight fitting jeans to show them off later!

Calf Raises Workout 

Intensely training the calf muscles one leg at a time with this exercise. You can hold onto something (or someone) if you find it a bit difficult to balance while busting out your reps. When training intensely with max reps, you might feel that you’re going to cramp with this exercise. It’s fine as long as you stop when your near that feeling. If you already felt it, rest and massage your calves.

Handstand Push up Workout

Your shoulder exercise for this routine. You could do it against or in front of a wall. You can also do it free-standing for more core activation, balance, and coolness. Just don’t forget your proper form and no half-repping. Do not let your elbows flare out to the side.

Crunches Workout

Every calisthenics workout we’ve done so far trained our core. Not it’s time to focus on our core, mainly our abdominal muscles. For crunches, do it in a controlled fashion. You don’t want to be throwing yourself up just to get a repetition down. Focus on controlling your abs and breathing during the exercise.

As you progress towards your fitness goals when you are already advanced, intense training demands get steeper because gaining strength, endurance and muscle become a lot harder than when you were a beginner. You already lost you “Noob gains” and your body have already adapted to your intense training routines.

That is why you need to train harder and smarter. But even as an advanced athlete, this calisthenics workout should be done around 2-3 times a week because of the amount of stress and volume you’ll be exerting on your body. Your body needs rest in order to get stronger.

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