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Progressive Calisthenics – Your Calisthenics Development Resource

The principles of calisthenics involve gradual strength gain by increasing your capability to do exercises of increasing difficulty. The name for this philosophy is known as “progressive calisthenics.” This involves beginning with constant repetition of relatively easy exercises which will increase in difficulty as your strength and bodily capabilities progress.

Once you have completed the progression up to the most difficult exercise, you will have maximised your potential strength in that area. We have different progressions which will challenge your functional strength, balance and stability in a range of different muscle groups. Complete them all and you will definitely be at the peak of your physical shape.

Below are the progressions I was initially following when training. Anybody who has trained for a long time will tell you that they are missing a lot and they are quite inflexible. As the years went along and I have been learning more I started filling up the holes in the progressions as I knew it and eventually we started working with an amazing team at The Movement Athlete.

Their training program and progressions are most comprehensive yet – check out their new training platform here

Here is the link to complete progression spreadsheet

calisthenics progressions spreadsheet

calisthenics progressions spreadsheet

Let me know in comments what is missing, how did you find it and what we should add.

Also we have recently released a poster based on these progressions, so you can put it on your wall and start working out. It includes detailed instructions and guidance on building your routine while using these exercises.

You can get it printed in our shop by clicking HERE

Calisthenics Progression Poster

Calisthenics Progression Poster

Watch the video how does the poster works.



Pick The Skill You Want To Build and Follow The Steps To Mastery

The following of our progressions are patented and supported in Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning. Just click on the links to see them visualized, explained and expanded upon.

One Arm Pushup Progression/

Leg Raises Progression

One Arm Pull Ups Progression


Hand Stand Push Ups

Pistol Squat Progression

Also view our other improvised progressions:

Muscle Up Progression


Front Lever


Dips Progression

From Steven Low’s Overcoming Gravity:

Ab Wheel

Elbow Lever

Human Flag Progression

We wish you luck on your way to perfect shape and functional physicality, all courtesy of the principles of good old calisthenics!

calistenics training

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