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In these modern times, we often see promos and deals literally everywhere saying all kinds of stuff about staying fit. We see two-week abs, instant carb trimming drink, or even discounts on instructors and coaches of gyms. Now, I want to share something crucial with the way you decide on what to try. I want you to clearly look at these products and promos that you might consider.

Well, your friends could have shared their insights about them. Their reactions may include:
1. “I really feel myself being thin! Well, the constant bowel movement is a little bother.”
2. “My sweat flowed like river, hey there’s no fooling you. I started with the heavy weights, works every time.”
3. “If you want that chest to be firm, you’ll have to experience pain. A lot.”
Now, can you see something oddly unhealthy from the trendy ways on how people try to stay thin? I don’t doubt that lifting heavy weights and drinking various chemicals could really make them thin. If that also makes them fit and healthy, now there’s the doubt.
I know a lot of people who are, well, a little bigger in size. I know the hardships that one must suffer through years in primary and middle school. But, are you really willing to do the extreme means just to be thin, even if it means destroying your body?
Isn’t it wrong to fast-track your bowel movements?
What about the nutrients that your body needed to absorb?
Isn’t it also wrong to push yourself to lift heavy machinery to your limits or even pass that and maybe even sacrifice your joins?
Now, what if there is a safer way, perhaps, a more natural one?

Calisthenics – a natural way of building strength

I think that it would be best to look at basic exercises that were used before, you know, when metals are used to forge instruments and not for people to lift them successively. That is where I have learned about a very old form of basic exercise, Calisthenics.
Well, it is really easy to understand and define. You could consult any dictionary like what I did when I asked the Merriam-Webster online site. They will all tell you that calisthenics is an art of bodily exercises without any equipment.
Can you imagine the savings that you could make while also achieving the body size and figure that you dream?
I can sense that you might be skeptical by now as to the effectiveness of this practice. But did you know that in ancient Greece, calisthenics is used as training for military purposes? Indeed it is. The Persian scouts looked at it as some weakness, but I guess they changed their mind when the Battle of Thermopylae happened.
That is also the reason behind the Greek roots of the name. From the Greek word kalos that means beautiful + sthenos

Old School Calisthenics

Old School Calisthenics

meaning strength, so technically calisthenics means beautiful strength. If that does not sound enticingly healthy and attractive, boy, I don’t know what will.
This is just like the forms of exercise like Crab Maga or Tai Chi. These exercises are proven by our ancestors to be effective not only in combat, but also in keeping ourselves fit and strong. Trust me, they need neither iron nor engineered pills back then, so why should we?
It is not true that calisthenics is just a revived art of exercise. Its use hasn’t been discontinued in Australia and America through the years. As a matter of fact, it is offered as a public class in Australia for as early as 1880s.
If you will happen to check the New York Times site, you will find a latest issue there about calisthenics that is done today. There is this guy named Al Kavadlo along with his brother who wants to bring about a new way to look at the floor that we just stand on and convert it to a miniature gym space.
Their views in the ancient exercise and benefits really talks to a health and fitness enthusiast like me. I especially like their point in saying that gym and lifting-oriented exercises commonly isolates one body part, but with calisthenics that is not the case. The whole body is being used and every part is being enhanced even with simple exercises like push-ups and curl-ups.


Wrestler Bert Assirati easily holding a one arm handstand. Shot taken from Convict Conditioning book by Paul Wade

You can easily see it in this picture. In the days when old school calisthenics still formed the backbone of strength training there was no such a thing as a “muscle bound” athlete. According to Convict Conditioningauthor Paul Wade this shot had been taken in the 1930s and shows a strongman and wrestler Bert Assirati easily holding a one arm handstand. He weighted more than 240 lbs at that time.
Another trainer that shares her views for free is Alex. In her website, Brainy Weight Loss, she proves that you don’t have to apply for expensive gym memberships or to devote a lot of time to fit your schedule with an instructor. All you have to do is follow a set of fat burning bodyweight exercises in your own convenient time.




Simple Calisthenics Workout

This is a quick insight on how you could do calisthenics:
1. Choose any basic exercises which you commonly do for a warm-up:
a. Squats
b. Leg Kicks
c. Jumping Jacks
d. Push-ups
e. Sit-ups
2. You just need less than an hour for as little as five repetitions for any exercise. The best part is that you could always shift for another exercise and you could go as long as you want.
(Personal tip: start from easy and basic forms before trying out the harder, yet still easy, ones)
3. Since, calisthenics is also applicable as rhythmic routines you might also want a song accompaniment. This could not only rev your enthusiasm up, but could also help you prolong your exercise time.
Of course, like any exercise, patience and honest to your virtue of staying fit is of vital importance. It is more of a commitment to yourself, is it not? It is also to prove that you could make a great difference with your weight and body figure while staying healthy altogether.
With a great help from these ancient secret that no one bothered to reminisce, modern fat loss and energy and stamina building has never been this easy. Not to mention, within the comfort and safety of your own home.
You need no instructor to lift weights for him and for his gym. You don’t need to disrupt your normal bowel movements or reduce fat in ways that are not normal to the human body’s capability. You only need some time, a strong sense of perseverance, and a great deal of easy and rhythmic calisthenics exercise to achieve the healthy body that anybody would want to have.

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