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calisthenics training program

Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athletes – people just like you that are working with their own body weight to gain strength, lose fat, build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives.

Hey tribe! As you know the Team at Calisthenics Academy has been hard at work to bring together a brand new app – a gamified platform for skill-based training that will not only bring fun and a new dimension of motivation to your training – but all the more will take you on the journey to be healthier, stronger, leaner and more mobile with our calisthenics training program.


As we are getting ready to launch the app publicly, we are starting a blog series showcasing some of the features, answering all your questions and showing you why this new training is unlike anything else.

Today we want to talk about what moves you will be learning inside the app and how are they structured.


Note that the way training works is that you are working towards certain skills and they represent a specific level of strength, mobility and flexibility you achieve. But at the end, it’s just a more effective way to reach your goals of losing fat, building muscles and getting insanely strong.

And we have over 100 new moves you will be learning with the app all organised on a big map of movements. 

Before we go into that though – we just wanted to remind you that there is still time to snap a lifetime access deal. If you are interested in joining us in building an amazing product and have a lifetime access to current (over 100 moves) and ALL the future updates – check it out. If you buy today you will get access to beta and you will be considered a part of our team forever. 

Back to the moves!

“If you want to live a good life in your older years, start training now.”

Deconstructing the moves

As you know, we approach the movement from a very scientific point of view. Our team of coaches and physios deconstruct each move understanding what goes into it – what muscles, flexibility, mobility, strength, skill and then create a step by step path that can take anyone from zero to performing that move (we will talk about deconstruction in next blog post). 

We think about our physical potential as a journey- you start with simple moves, build the foundation, learn the basics, make sure your joints, your muscles and your tendons are ready to handle higher loads and more complex moves and once they are we lead you towards the harder and harder moves. 

Turning movement training into a game you can’t lose

Think about it as a map of treasures and quests – just this time the moves are the quests. The system carefully guides you through all those little important things through a personalised training plan. Step by step helping you unlock harder and harder moves.

Note that we are just getting started and even though we have over 100 new moves in the app the library will be growing as we go along as well as offered assessment and complexity of the app. 

Taking you safely from zero to advanced moves


So how do you safely take someone from zero to planche? muscle up? front levers? backflips? You lead them, constantly assessing where they are on those different attributes and adjusting training daily making sure that the progress is effective and safe. 

With our team, we created a whole map of moves – all interconnected where we map exactly what you need to develop to safely move forward. 

We also categorized the moves based on complexity ensuring that we keep the playfulness, feeling of constant progress and holistic approach to overall body development. 

Below is an outline of how the moves are divided and what moves you can expect to learn in current app. 

100 calisthenics moves you can start today


The moves you will be learning are divided into different categories.Just like in the game we have:


“Main Missions are the main moves in gymnastic and calisthenics. They require lots of preparation and progressions and usually take a ong time to achieve

Main missions are divided into fundamentals and advanced. They are very important as a make a base for all the advanced moves.

Once you achieve the  fundamental moves you unlock harder & harder moves – so

Back Fundamental unlocks Back Lever and Bridges Progression,

Wall Handstand unlocks – Handstand Pushup and Free Standing HAndstand and so on…

The way system is structured is that not only it makes sure that you develop all the attributes that are prerequisites for a given move – keeping you safe. But also that every single day you are making effective progress towards your goal.  Once done with fundamentals that are obligatory you are able to choose what you want to be working on.

Some of the advanced moves that you will see in the app are

– Human Flag

– Back Lever

– Front Lever

– Handstand Walk

– Handstand Push-Up

-Handstand Press

– Bridge

– Sitting Press

– Planche

– Muscle Ups

– Ring Dips

… and more.


“Side quests are additional moves that still require progressions but they are not a core of your program. They are usually small and fun moves that help you develop strenght and skill”

Just like any move in our program – these moves also have prerequisties and are unlock as you go along.

Some of the side quests in our new app are:

– Cartwheel

– Backwards Roll

– Butterfly

– Elevated Bridge

– Headstand

-Freestanding Handstand Pushup


“Single moves don’t have progessions. They include everything from one off moves eg a corow, variations of particular exercises, to connecting two different exercises (transitions) to connecting multiple exercises – what we call flow”

Some of the single skills that you will be learning inside the app:



-Pushup Variations eg. Aztec Pushup, X Pushup, Superman Pushup, Decline One Arm Pushup,

– Cartwheel Variations 

– Pull Up Variations 

– Handstand Variations



– Forward Roll to Handstand, Front Lever to Back Lever, Handstand to Planche, Handstand to Bridge etc



– Combining Handstand to Bridge to Walk Over etc


– eg Crow, Knee Scale, Grapevine, Bear Walk, Pike Jump

We are opening moves library to experienced trainers to create a filled with creativity library of different moves you can be learning

As you can see, the structure is there to keep fun and light approach while helping you safely push boundaries, stay playful but at the same time effective in your training. 


See what our users are saying:

“Would you rather have the ability to boast of bench pressing 300 pounds or to do a one-arm pull-up? To me, pulling my entire body up with one arm is much more impressive. – Michael – Calisthenics Academy User”

“Calisthenics Academy is not the kind of program that demands you to be this physically fit to be able to perform. Instead, it caters to your own strengths and capabilities and keeps track of your progress.”

“Stick with it! It is hard at first, especially if you are stuck on a lower-level, high rep exercise. But persevering is worth it! Finally reaching each goal is so exciting.”

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10 Jaw Dropping Calisthenics Videos you Need to See and Try

10 Jaw Dropping Calisthenics Videos you Need to See and Try

Calisthenics is really making waves in the fitness world and for great reasons.

However, the hard fact is that you cannot simply master calisthenics in one day or after one workout.

It takes time and effort and very often those advanced moves take years and years of practice. But there is something else about calisthenics – it’s not a training program – it’s a lifestyle, a constant, never-ending learning experience.

Most people start with learning the basics (and you can too with our Calisthenics Fundamental Video Course) and this is ideal for anyone starting any exercise program. To learn the basics of calisthenics you have to put all sorts of tools to use. Your best tool is visual assistance. Yes, you got that right. The best way to gather valuable insight about

To learn the basics of calisthenics you have to put all sorts of tools to use. Your best tool is visual assistance. Yes, you got that right. The best way to gather valuable insight about Calisthenics is through videos, so you can see exactly how your body needs to be in order to gain proper form. Luckily the internet is full of such wonderful visual treasures and listed below are some of the top picks that focus on the most challenging calisthenics exercises.

Top 10 Best Calisthenic Exercises Ever

The calisthenics videos that you are about to see are some of the best for you to incorporate into your workout. They are ideal for anyone looking to get in great shape and are simple to add into any program.

  1. L-sit and dips push-up video

Well you might find it hard, but the truth is dipping to the lowest possible position and pushing back up is a very challenging exercise. Now the real art in this workout is to avoid swinging and using momentum. This calisthenics exercise is a combination of L-sit and dip push-ups and these exercises will truly mesmerize you and sculpt your body. If you are really wondering what L-sits are then let me explain it to you a bit further. The L-sit is more of an isometric exercise that helps you to work your core area.  Your lower abdominal muscles are worked at great lengths and your arms will need to help hold the top part of your body in place.

  1. Walking jump push-ups video

Who said walking jump push-ups were easy. As you can see they are pretty tough and require a good amount of muscle and skill in order to do them properly. The walking jump push-ups are a unique combination of strength and plyometrics. The video shows ideal form, which you will need in order to get the benefits you desire.

  1. Triple Clap Push-up video

Do not be deceived by the name of this push-up. Clapping three times is not going to be an easy job because this means you need to clap your hands three times while in the air. Sounds interesting and challenging at the same time and the video will show a bird’s eye view of this workout.

  1. Superman push-up video

Well you guessed it; this push-up needs a superman’s strength. This push-up requires you to extend your body fully, which means you would actually need to lift your body. For that it takes great strength in your back muscles, abs and chest. Watch the video and enjoy this hardcore exercise.

  1. Hanging wipers video

The name of this exercise sounds different than the usual, but let me tell you that it is one hard exercise. You need to start the exercise by hanging to a pull-up bar.  The legs need to be raised and then you have to rotate them side-to-side. It is important to follow great form with this exercise and make sure to keep the core tight throughout. For details watch the video.

  1. Scorpion Leg raise video

It seems like every exercise on the list is the hardest you can do, but really, this is one of the more challenging ones on your body.  Take a look so that you can learn this challenging exercise. This exercise definitely helps to give you more definition in your legs, but your core will gain the biggest results.

  1. Frank Medrano’s impossible calisthenics demonstration

When we talk about the most tedious calisthenics workouts then one name comes to the mind and that is Frank Medrano. You must watch this exclusive video to gain a better understanding why. This video is a marvelous demonstration of extreme push-ups and is something you can learn to challenge your body.

  1. Insane Calisthenics demonstration by Barstazz

This video displays some of the hardest movements for your body to learn.  Learn these then how off in the gym and to your friends.  Take a look at the video for more understanding.

  1. Street Calisthenics at its best

If you want to get a rich dose of Street Calisthenics then watch BEST STREET WORKOUT & CALISTHENICS EXPLOSIVE MOVES. Street Calisthenics involves the most challenging movements, which generally takes years of experience to master. Luckily, Street Calisthenics has always been admired and the popularity is now spreading worldwide.  Take a look for yourself.

  1. Hardest Calisthenics

This video will surely stun you because it shows the hardest Calisthenic and push-up exercises.  The best part is that you do not need any equipment to do them. This video shows how people can really go beyond their limits when it comes to performing calisthenics.

How to Benefit from Calisthenics Videos

If you want the body of your dreams and want to be in the best shape of your life, then you should start asap.  What you need initially is the motivation to get healthy and in shape and the rest will come by watching these videos for inspiration.

Those videos can act as an inspiration but nothing will happen until you make a decision to get started. So get off your butt right now and pick up our Beginners Calisthenics Training Program or Check out our Fundamental Course and join thousands of people who are already building superhuman strength, gymnastic body and impossible skill.

The Next Step in your Calisthenics Program

If you are motivated then the next step is to seek assistance. I believe that the Calisthenics video by Frank Medrano should help you understand how experts and professionals see and perceive calisthenics. Just having the will to start with calisthenics is not enough. You need to understand it and must be willing to overcome all the hurdles.  Only then can you make your mark in this field and see your true results. What you simply need to do is try and achieve your goals and the results will be awesome.

The purpose of shortlisting the best videos is to show how you can achieve greatness in your calisthenics workouts. Remember one thing, even the hardest calisthenics moves are achievable if you are willing to take the challenge and learn the basics. The motivation that you get by watching these videos will energize you and prepare you for any challenges you face along the way. Good luck on your journey with calisthenics and remember that your motivation will be the key to your success.

Do you know any other calisthenics videos you love? Drop them in the comments!

Trailer: “Raise Up – The World is Our Gym” by Rain Bennett

Trailer: “Raise Up – The World is Our Gym” by Rain Bennett

An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool as it rapidly becomes a new international sport.



Freestyle Calisthenics VIDEO – Ukranian Street Workout Is Insane

Freestyle Calisthenics VIDEO – Ukranian Street Workout Is Insane


Best Street Workout & Calisthenics Best Moments motivation VIDEO 2015 HD

Best Street Workout & Calisthenics Best Moments motivation VIDEO 2015 HD


KING OF THE BAR 2015 – Ultimate Calisthenics Battle!

KING OF THE BAR 2015 – Ultimate Calisthenics Battle!




calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program