Flexible Steel: An Insider’s Guide to Ultimate Flexibility



If you’re a weekend warrior or you’re admittedly out of shape, you probably know all about sore muscles, stiff joints, and the battle you have to fight every morning to get out of bed. You may even be in good physical condition and a well-trained athlete, but experience joint pain and stiffness that can hinder your workouts and competitive edge.

Flexible steel

Flexible steel workouts

Some people chalk that up to getting old or too much wear and tear on the body. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can develop and improve flexibility, joint strength and mobility at any age with the right kind of training. All you have to do is follow the program designed by martial arts expert Jon Engum in Flexible Steel: An Insider’s Guide to Ultimate Flexibility.

Flexible steel

Flexible steel


In Flexible Steel, Engum recounts his own experience with losing his edge, feeling the strain of tight muscles, sore joints, and a lack of flexibility. And he describes in detail how being an aging 7th Degree Blackbelt and Taekwando Grandmaster motivated him to find a way to improve flexibility and joint strength to remain at the top of his game. He studied flexibility, meditation, and biomechanics from the best gurus and practitioners in the business for over a year. His quest for ultimate flexibility even included training from the legendary bodyweight training expert Pavel Tsatsouline.

Based on his exhaustive, hands-on research, Engum developed the Flexible Steel training program. Early in the book he lays the foundation for Flexible Steel by explaining the three big S’s of stretching: strength, space, and spread. This training strategy helps improve strength, range of motion and flexibility, and joint health needed for squats, kicks, splits, and other exercises. You’ll learn proper technique to execute stretches to improve the strength and flexibility of every joint and muscle group in your body. Once you learn these basic principles and some beginner and intermediate stretches, Engum shows you how to master the hallmark move of flexibility: the splits. You’ll learn the techniques and stretches necessary to master this move and improve flexibility throughout your body in the process. You’ll be stronger, fitter, more flexible, and less prone to injury.


Martial arts expert Jon Engum provides a solid program to improve flexibility, mobility, and joint strength in Flexible Steel that is suitable for all ability levels.


Some of the flexibility exercises are ones used by many other fitness practitioners. While the exercises may not be new, Engum provides a fresh perspective on these flexibilty exercises.

 Bottom Line

If you want to improve your flexibility, joint strength, and mobility, you can, regardless of your age. Flexible Steel is designed to help you go from stiff to flexible and limber. And it’s worth the effort. You can learn a lot from Paul Engum and the exhaustive and comprehensive research he devoted to developing the best flexibility program in the world. Put in the time to follow the program, and you’ll be stronger, fitter, and more flexible.

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