Animal Flow Workout Review

animal flow workout
animal flow workout

animal flow workout

Animal Flow Workout

If you’ve ever watched those documentary programs that show animals in the wild, you’ve probably seen footage of a cheetah running at top speed hunting down it’s prey, frogs leaping in the air to catch an insect, or a bird with wings spread, effortlessly swoop down into the water to catch a fish. No matter what the species, when you pay attention to the biomechanics of these animals, you can’t help but marvel at the way they’ve mastered movement to survive.

And there’s probably something we could learn from that when it comes to our own level of physical activity. The obvious, is that most animals are programmed to be on the move. For example, grey wolf packs can roam an estimated 1,000-square miles. Cheetahs can reach speeds of up to 75 miles an hour in short bursts of speed. And bald eagles can soar higher than 15,000 feet in the air and crush a rodent in its talons with a grip 10 times stronger than a human hand. If there was a way to tap into our inner beast, maybe we could all be stronger, faster, and more efficient at hunting for food, or at least choosing the salad instead of the fries. Well, there is. And it’s called the Animal Flow Workout.

animal flow workout

animal flow workout


Equinox Fitness Trainer Mike Fitch was your typical fitness buff. Lifted weights for years, suffered his share of muscle pulls and injuries, and got burned out on the grind of moving iron around. After hanging it up for a while because he felt so crappy from the limitations of the typical weight machines found in most gyms, he stumbled upon an ancient form of martial arts that models animal movements to build muscle strength and endurance, balance, and the kind of animal power you need to go from sitting to running in seconds. He gave up weight lifting to pursue bodyweight training, tried gymnastics, tumbling, acrobats, parkour, and breakdancing. And the result of three-year world odyssey was the Animal Flow Workout.


The Animal Flow Workout is a collection of workout videos designed by Mike Fitch based on bodyweight exercises that model the flow and movement of animals. This workout program costs $39.99 US and is available from Global Body Weight Training. It’s divided into two sections that provide instructions, guidelines on how to vary or modify the exercises, and six sample workouts.

In Section One, Mike provides a step-by-step plan for learning the poses and movements of some of the world’s most amazing creatures. You’ll learn strength-building exercises based on animal movement and practice mastering the flow of these exercises. In Section Two, Mike offers practical advice for designing your own Animal Flow Workouts based on where you live and the space you have to workout in. You’ll learn how to warm-up before a workout. Master switches and transitions from one primal movement to the next. And fire up your metabolism and build muscle strength with combination moves that will bring out your inner beast.

You’ll also get six sample workouts in PDF format that Mike designed as a complete program for Equinox Fitness health clubs. These workouts are designed to help you take your first steps in the animal kingdom and get stronger and faster with every move.


The Animal Flow Workout is a refreshing new take on bodyweight training that improves muscle strength and endurance, flexibility, and balance.


It may take beginners a while to master the moves and flow of the exercises.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for something to make your workouts interesting again, The Animal Flow Workout delivers. It’s an effective workout program that combines a host of bodyweight training disciplines to help you unlock your inner beast.


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October 14, 2019