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beyond body building


If you want to build a better body, gain muscle size and strength, and torch your body fat to reveal a truly ripped physique, you’re gonna need a resource to help you achieve your goal. A lot of people who set out to build a better body turn to bodybuilding and fitness magazines and websites.

The one problem with this approach is that these bodybuilding resources, workouts, and training tips are often designed for elite athletes who can spend hours a day in the gym training. It’s just not realistic for most people.

And too often, the trendy consumer magazines that tout the latest workouts or training strategies contradict each other, and leave you wondering what you should be doing in the gym to get the kind of muscle size and definition to look like a bodybuilder.

Fortunately, your search for the ultimate bodybuilding guide to develop massive muscle size, definition, and incredible strength is over. Instead of piecing together a bunch of workouts from different sources and wondering if it will work, you can get started building the body you’ve always wanted with the comprehensive guidebook by Pavel Tsatsouline, Beyond Bodybuilding: Muscle Strength Training Secrets for The Renaissance Man.

beyond body building

beyond body building


Long before there were hi-tech treadmills and hydraulic weight machines, bodybuilding was a sport for purists who built massive muscles, strength, and size using old-school training methods. And that’s exactly what Pavel delivers in Beyond Bodybuilding. In this comprehensive guide to natural bodybuilding, the diehard and seasoned fitness professional who has trained some of the world’s toughest military special forces troops, Pavel Tsatsouline, guides you through hundreds of exercises, workout programs, and training strategies to get stronger, bigger and faster.

In the first part of the book, Pavel shows you old-school tacticts to build incredible muscle power that will set the stage for a mind-blowing body transformation as you progress through the program. Then he guides you through section after section of punishing but effective exercises and workouts to strengthen your back, legs, neck and shoulders, arms, and chest. And if that’s not enough, he serves up a final chapter that silences every excuse for not working out with highly effective bodyweight training strategies to get your ripped, jacked, and showing off your six-pack faster than you thought possible.

You’re not going to get a lame-ass workout with Beyond Bodybuilding. Follow this program, and Pavel will deliver some seriously punishing workouts that will have you pumping iron and lifting weights and looking your best.


With nearly two decades of experience in strength and endurance training, Pavel Tsatsouline delivers a comprehensive and useful training program in Beyond Bodybuilding.


With 327 pages, this comprehensive book on bodybuilding might be a little daunting for some to digest, but it contains countless strategies and ideas to build muscle and get lean.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a bodybuilding program based on old-school methods that gets results, Beyond Bodybuilding has everything you need to start working out and seeing the kind of gains that will make you a real badass.


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March 4, 2022