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From Kenneth Jay comes a work which has expanded upon and taken inspiration from Pavel’s revolutionary Russian Kettlebell Challenge, where the trainer has taken one full-body exercise known as the “Kettlebell snatch” to design a whole program which seamlessly incorporates strength, conditioning and cardio workouts all into one. Mr. Jay’s Viking Warrior Conditioning program and levels of protocols aim to change the way you approach your training, urging you to ramp up your strength and improve your cardio in a way that you would never have thought of.

From a pure conditioning perspective, it not up for discussion whether or not this program will have its benefits. There is the ability with this book not only to challenge yourself but also to go beyond your own fitness levels until your sweat is drowning you. The program offers you fantastic strength gains at a very high pace to increase your heart rate and stretch your cardiovascular capabilities. The protocols approach to the book allows you to incrementally increase the time and amount of repetitions with the kettlebell as well as the weight you are snatching in order to work your way up to the maximum difficulty. Viking Warrior Conditioning will allow you to see results as you work your way through the various protocols and expand your physical prowess.

The information contained in Viking Warrior Conditioning consists of crystal clear theoretical explanations of why this type of conditioning works. It is also full of graphics and pictures to give you a full visualisation of your exercises and benefits. One big question surrounding the book is whether or not it is value for money. After all, it is not a cheap product. The undeniable thing about the book is that it will provide excellent results, but there can certainly be possible complaints about the length of the book, especially given that many of the pages have no printed text on them. It can be argued that this book can be condensed into a very well written and informative article on the subject of kettlebell training. It may be unfair to make that complaint when the subject of kettlebell training is still very young and a very narrow topic, and Kenneth Jay’s book is a well written insight into this newly discovered subject within strength and conditioning, but there may indeed be similar material available for free online.

The new subject of kettlebell training is an entertaining and fresh addition to the world of fitness and strength training. Viking Warrior Conditioning captures these feelings and brings a whole new revolutionary approach to this kind of conditioning. Featuring very simple and easy to follow instructions and direction, Jay’s kettlebell conditioning program will give you an entertaining and addictive way to get yourself some serious results, and the results are well worth the work.


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August 21, 2021