Top 10 Must Try Out Street Workout Routines

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Street workout has also acquired a lot of acclaim because of the effective results. All of us fitness freaks love to get the basic grasp over the best street workouts. Sometimes we just want to focus on those workouts that are already tried and tested so here are some of the best picks by the best trainers. Let us have a peep inside these workouts.

The best workout routines by the best trainers

The following are the best workout routines by the best trainers.

  1. Abs workout by Frank Medrano
street workout routines

Frank Medrano workout routine

Source: Youtube

The workout routine by Frank Medrano specifically focuses on the abdominal muscles. The best part about the following workout routine is that we can adjust as per our requirement and personal strength so here are the details. The best way to proceed with the routine presented below is to start with about 3 sets and it is always better to take rest between the sets.

  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Thirty Double Crunches
  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Fifteen Double Tap Twist Crunch – Right Side
  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Fifteen Double Tap Twist Crunch – Left Side
  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Fifteen Seated Knee Tucks
  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Hundred Flutter Kicks
  • Thirty Seconds Mountain Climbers
  • Thirty Crunch Hold
  1. Advanced workout routine by Adam Raw
street workout routines

Adam Raw Workout routine

Source: Youtube

This workout is suitable for advanced learners. If you feel like testing your strength then there is no harm in giving this workout routine a chance, but it is not for the beginners. Now here is how to start

  • First of all start with 30 push-ups. A variation can be added to this workout to make it more challenging. For example, a person can be made to sit on the back while doing the push-ups.
  • The next workout is the 50 squat frog jumps. The high jump squats need to be performed first. After this we need to get into the low squat position and then do a frog jump.
  • Another workout worth trying is 30 bar L-hang to bar. This will definitely introduce the element of difficulty to the workout routine. We will need partners for this job. One partner will do the L-hang using the bar while the other partner will perform about 3 abs hits. Finally the legs should be raised to the bar and the process should be repeated.
  • The best finale to this workout routine is to do frog jumps to the maximum level.

It is always essential to take rest between the cycles. The main goal of the above presented workout routine by Adam Raw is to complete the workout in the lowest possible time. Put in the best efforts to get the best results

  1. Leg Routine by Hannibal the King
street workout routines

Hannibal workout routine

Source: Youtube

Now it is quite easy to learn the fitness secrets of the legends. This leg routine by Hannibal the King is perfect to try out and this routine does not require the use of any particular equipment. Here is how it starts:

  • This workout routine needs to start with the basic squats. However, it is essential to a warm up first.
  • Try out the calf raises with different variations for focusing on different muscles.
  • Pistol squats may appear to be difficult so the best way to try them out is by keeping the hand on the bar or on a wall.
  • Low squat holds are an essential element of this workout routine because they help to build up on the tension.

The main approach towards this workout is to start with a high number of repetitions. For example, in the first cycle there will be 30 squats. The number of squats should drop down to 29 in the second cycle until a number of 20 squats is reached.

  1. Leg Bodyweight HIIT Routine

This is a very strenuous workout for the legs, but it should be tried out for sure. Everyone can adjust this workout as per the personal needs and requirements. This routine has about 6 exercises and we can take a pause of about 15 seconds before moving on to the next exercise. This process will continue till the cycle finishes up.

  • The workout routine needs to commence with about 20 lunges.
  • Sprinting should be done next for about 20 seconds.
  • Next about seven to ten burpees should be done.
  • Add some rope skipping and the skipping should be done for at least a minute.
  • A total of 25 to 30 proper form squats also need to be performed.
  • Now again the second step should be repeated and sprinting should be done for about 20 seconds.

Remember one essential rule and that is HIIT stands for high intensity interval training so at the end of the workout routine we need to feel the burning in the muscles and this shows that we are reaching the goal of this workout routine.

  1. Workout routine by Devin Sosa

Devin Sosa is a famous name in the field of street workout. He has been a source of motivation for all the beginners. The following is one of his best workout routines that would surely help all street workout lovers.

  • The first step is getting on the bar and doing as many wide pull-ups as possible.
  • Now do not move from the bar and change to the narrow pull-up bar position. Now we need to pull up our body and remain in this position as long as possible.
  • Next 20 knee raises need to be done while still on the bar. This will help to strengthen the forearms and the abs.
  • Now it is time to get down from the bar and do as many push-ups as possible.

It is very important to warm-up the body before this workout routine. This workout routine will prove to be quite useful in building up on the endurance that is one of the key aspects to excel in the field of street workout. It is also important to take rest after completing each set. A rest of about 5 to 10 minutes will be adequate.

  1. Workout Routine for the upper body

The best thing about this upper body workout routine is that you can easily try it at home for losing your weight and growing your muscle mass. This workout routine will not require any particular equipment as well and that is the best part about this routine. The following details define the actual workout routine.

  • Start off with the diamond push-ups. It is best to do about 10 diamond push-ups.
  • Make use of the pull-up bar for doing about 8 to 10 chin-ups.
  • Do the maximum number of knee raise repetitions using the pull-up bar. We can even work on side abdominal muscles by doing the side knee raises.
  • Return to your pull-up bar and do about 8-10 more chin-ups.
  • Try out the back lever for the maximum number of seconds.
  • Your workout routine has to include the pike push-ups as well. If you find them to be too simple then you can add your bit of complexity to them by raising your legs on a bench or stool. The best thing to do would be to try about 8 to 10 repetitions of this workout.

Remember that resting time is quite significant for any workout. It is important to have a resting time of about 1 minute for every exercise and about 2 to 3 minutes for every cycle.

  1. Upper Body workout routine by Lazar Novovic
street workout routines

Lazar workout routine

Source: Youtube

This workout routine is advanced. However, it can be adjusted to suit the need of the beginners as well and this is the best part of this workout routine. It helps to build on the endurance and strength. It involves the back, triceps, bicep and shoulder so it must be tried for sure. The following are the details.

  • Start with about 15 wide pull-ups.
  • The next step is to do about 15 bicep pull-ups.
  • Next try using your bar and do about 15 dips.
  • Make sure that you hold on the bar for about 15 seconds.
  • Again repeat about 15 dips.
  • Go for a handstand hold of about 30 seconds.
  • Make use of the wall support and go for about 15 handstand push-ups.
  • Try doing 15 wide muscle ups as well.
  • End your workout routine by doing as many push-ups as possible.
  1. Home Workout routine for the legs

Try out this simple workout routine that can be easily tried at home. There is no element of complexity in this workout routine. It can easily be tried out by intermediate and advanced learners too. If a beginner is trying it out then the best approach is to reduce the repetitions and increase the resting time as well. The resting time should be about 30 seconds between each exercise and between each cycle there should be a resting time of not more than 3 minutes. The following are the details about this workout.

  • Perform about 20 lunges on each of your legs.
  • The next step is to do about 35 squats.
  • Now try doing about 20 Bulgarian squats on each of the leg.
  • The next step is to do about 15 pistol squats on each leg.
  • It is time to do 25 jump squats now.
  • Finish up with 25 calf raises on each leg.

If there is any burning in the legs then we have got the option to reduce the repetitions.

  1. No Equipment workout routine

Nowadays most of us have started to rely on equipment for our fitness, but that is a wrong approach and does not really pay off in the wrong run. The smart approach is to try out this workout routine that will not only help to build up on the strength, but endurance as well. All we need to do is to stay motivated and be regular with this workout. This workout routine lays down the foundation for those beginners who have just started off with workouts and have not yet moved to the harder exercises.

  • Try doing the plank for about 30 seconds.
  • Follow the plank by about 10 lunges.
  • It is time to do about 10 push-ups now.
  • Next come the sit-ups. Do about 10 sit-ups.
  • Follow the sit-ups by 10 squats.
  • Now perform about 10 jack knives.
  • Last, but not the least end the workout with about 10 burpees.
  1. Pyramid Routine

The Pyramid workout routine has been able to acquire a lot of popularity when it comes to the best street workout routines. It focuses on primarily building up the endurance. It significantly cuts down on the resting time between the cycles. The following are the details about this workout routine. This routine is ideal when we want to significantly build up the repetitions for a specific exercise. It is best for those people who cannot spend a lot of time in exercises and want quick results. The Pyramid workout routine is quite flexible and the routine can be adjusted as per our strength.

  • Now the questions is how to start with the pyramid. The rule is quite simple. Start with the 1st repetition then move to the 2nd This practice goes on till we are able to reach the pyramid top. For example, let us assume that we have to do about 7 repetitions sets. Now once we reach the 7th repetition set then we will start to decrease the number till we get back to the first repetition.
  • Let us suppose that we intend to do push-ups. This means that we will have to do a total of about 49 repetitions.
street workout routines

Pyramid workout


All these workout routines should be tried out for sure for acquiring the fitness objectives. The results will surely be good provided we remain motivated and do not quit. It is very essential to evaluate the level of one’s own individual fitness level before plunging into these workouts. The reason is that most of the workouts presented above can be adjusted as per personal requirement so try them out.




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