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Bodyweight Training –

How You Can Be Stronger Both Inside and Out


One of the hottest trends in training and fitness in the last 12 months is the re-introduction of bodyweight training and calisthenics to the mainstream conditioning regime. This simplistic way of training gives a stark contrast to the idea of working out in a gym. All of a sudden, much of the equipment, floor space, mirrors, changing rooms etc. have been removed and all you have to work with is your our body.

Some of the things you will learn from reading on will focus on the “real” benefits of calisthenics. First of all, you will learn the difference between the dis-proportioned gym-imposed bulky body of a bodybuilder paying for gym memberships and supplements, and the chiseled, refined and functionally stable strength of someone working from simple but effective bodyweight training and calisthenics.

[pullquote_right]Another thing to learn here is the benefit which can be offered from bodyweight training regarding unleashing your “inner strength” in a way that is more suitable for all your tendons, joints and all other bodily features which go beyond aesthetic enhancement.[/pullquote_right]

In Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning, the calisthenics enthusiast shows much disdain for the people he sees in the gym using mainstream, modern day gym routines which he believes to be inferior to the traditional idea of working out using one’s own bodyweight. We are given depictions of gyms being full of haughty, oversized show-offs and vain characters who ineptly squander all of their time, money and effort on the products of gym culture are given in Convict Conditioning, which focuses on the seemingly superhuman functional abilities which can be sought by the use of bodyweight training and its ancient philosophies. You may find that our descriptions and references regarding gym based exercise methods will not be as derogatory or condescending, but we would like to agree with Mr. Wade and his viewpoints that calisthenics can offer you a revolutionary new perspective on the best way to work out and gain the kind of strength which you thought you could never have – all by using what you have always had: your own body. Unlike the traditional bodybuilding mentality which builds bulk for the sake of building bulk, where people can admittedly become very strong, there is nothing that matches the natural potential strength which can be unleashed with simple and effective bodyweight exercises. Gym members will often brag about how much they can bench, squat, curl or raise, but what else can they actually do? Progressive strength building using bodyweight training can lead you to such impressive feats as the one arm pull-up, one-legged pistol squat and the so-called “human flag.” For most of us these displays may seem well out of reach but the kind of strength needed here are what everyone should eventually aim for in terms of genuinely useful strength. This is seen as being more functional based on mobility rather than simple dead weight lifting which is all the rage nowadays in over-hyped gym culture. With the introduction of bodyweight workouts into your routine, you will be able to gain a more defined, better-proportioned lean figure and one day will be able to perform exercises that those macho, over-cocky gym fanatics could never do in their wildest dreams.

This is the kind of philosophy we would like to incorporate in our world of Bodyweight Training Arena.

Inner Strength

Now we’ve looked at the differences these types of workouts can make to your external capabilities, let us now observe how bodyweight workouts can be your key to unleashing your inner strength. We have covered the ease of movement and subsequent strength given by bodyweight training. The improvement of such athleticism and flexibility has origins from enhanced inner strength, giving you the ability to display such wondrous external feats. If we go further into examining the benefits of traditional bodyweight exercises over gym exercises in terms of inner strength, we can see how the advantages of calisthenics can be given when it comes to looking after your joints, tendons and all other bodily features which can give you aches and pains from a standard gym-based workout. Injury prevention is given by Greatist.com as one of the main reasons for taking up more bodyweight exercises in lieu of working in a gym. Whether you are an older fitness enthusiast suffering from many years of hard training or you are a young man or woman whose tendons or joints have not fully developed, it is generally established that the inclusion of bodyweight training into your regime will be much safer for harnessing your inner strength and capability. You may want to use calisthenics to provide internal stability as well as strength or you would like a form of rehabilitation which enables you to train with tendon or joint problems. Either way, the use of clean, simple and effective bodyweight workouts will support you, and you will be able to discover this fully with Bodyweight Training Arena. If you are having doubts, ask yourself these simple questions:

Do you think that it is legitimately healthy to be lifting free objects of ridiculous weights which actively put strain on your body’s natural movements? Do these bodybuilders really have such internal strength that allows them to live pain-free and natural lives? We do not think so. If you would like to practice our philosophies and produce the inner strength which has always been dormant in your own body, then I would encourage you stay in touch with us. Calisthenics workouts have come into very recent popularity. When you look at the effects it is easy to see why.

[tweet_box design=”box_08″]At Bodyweight Training Arena, we care about your fitness results. [/tweet_box]Our content will give you the key to unleashing your natural strength. This means that you will benefit from great internal as well as external results.

your inner strength will allow you to gain power, flexibility, stability, athleticism and most importantly satisfaction. After all, your success and satisfaction taken from our content is what drives our passion. We would like to help you on your way to greatness by unlocking your inner strength from within.

Your next step

– have a look at what we have to offer either on our website or through our social media pages, earn yourself a good introduction to the ins and outs of this type of training, then stay tuned for more features on our website which will become your main domain and community centred around your bodyweight training regime. This is our web page to be used for your benefit. We look forward to making your acquaintance.

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