When I started it seemed to me like it’s going to take me a really long time to achieve the FUNDAMENTAL PROGRESSIONS. So how on earth do you stay motivated to continue with the calisthenics workouts and achieve results? Man, among all the hurdles of training consistency and motivation are right on the top, so let’s have a look at strategies on how to keep on going when things are not looking that good.  But before that I want to talk about a few basic mental principles if it comes to any training as well as a few misconceptions. First of all it’s true. Calisthenics training isn’t a fly-by-night workout program None of the real training programs are. Like the dozens you see on late-night TV that promise a full body transformation in a few weeks. That’s of course as long as you buy the program and spend big bucks on prepared foods, dietary supplements, and gimmicky exercise equipment. But even then, most people who fall for the fad diets and exercise plans don’t stick with the program, quit exercising, go back to their old ways, pack on the pounds and feel worse than ever. Calisthenics is a way of life and you have to follow calisthenics principles if you are there to stay and succeed.  convict conditioning


Success is not what you think it is

It doesn’t promise miraculous results overnight. But it does present a straightforward series of progressive exercises and workouts designed to help you build maximum strength using your own bodyweight.  If you are looking in for an example then Paul Wade who wrote the Convict Conditioning book is a living breathing testimony of the kind of superhuman strength your body can achieve, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. And thousands of  calisthenics disciples agree to this secret to success. Some may write off calisthenics style training as another fad, but calisthenics have been around for centuries. Most old-time strongmen are renowned for their feats of strength involving advanced calisthenics and gymnastic movements. There have been trends in modern times that promote “getting ripped,” or developing “washboard abs.” I’ve noticed that while the allure of looking good may never go away, the desire to simply look strong is gradually being replaced by a desire to actually be strong.

calisthenics motivation

calisthenics motivation

And this what success really is.  Its about going through life on your own terms, having the strength and the health to do things you want to do, use this strength and energy to contribute, create, love, be the best version of yourself you can be. Truly release your full potential. That’s what success is all about.

No Excuses: Tear Down Those Mental Walls

Convict-ion Required 

If you know the coach Paul Wade – the author of Convict Conditioning book which started the calisthenics revolution he  didn’t achieve the results by doing a couple knock-off-made-for-TV workouts a few times a week, neither amazing athletes like Al Kavadlo or Mike Fitch, Paul himself spent 19 years in the big house, carefully developing a blueprint to build enough muscle strength to execute the one-armed pull-up, one-armed push-up, one-armed handstand, one-legged squat, straight leg raises, and the stand-to-stand bridge. And that’s the kind of conviction you need to have if you really want to achieve THE FUNDAMENTALS and maximize the benefits of sticking with the  workouts. Watch this video to remind yourself of what’s possible if you keep at it as for none of us athletes it was easy. It will never be.

You’re Tougher Than You Think You Are

In our society of instant-gratification where you can cruise through a drive-thru for fast food, search the internet for information in seconds, and watch multiple shows at once on your flat screen TV, patience isn’t exactly something we’re accustomed to. But that’s not you. If you were gutsy enough to pick up a calisthenics training and give it a shot, you’ve got the mental fortitude to go the distance and achieve the kind of superhuman strength it takes to execute the FUNDAMENTALS Most people have days when they feel like throwing in the towel in pursuit of  THE CALISTHENICS FUNDAMENTALS, and that’s OK. Imagine how many days Paul Wade the father of calisthenics  suffered under the weight of knowing he would be spending 19 years behind bars. The trick is to not give in to those voices in your head that tell you to give up.

Make Up Your Mind to Go the Distance

Staying motivated to stick with calisthenics and see it through to achieve the kind of results it promises, isn’t easy. And it shouldn’t be. The greatest successes in life always come from hard work, dedicated effort, and consistency for the long haul.

Thinking About Quitting? Think Again

You have come so far, and you gonna give up now? No FREAKIN WAY! This is not who you are! You are a fighter! With that said, staying motivated with any exercise program can have its challenges. In a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found that nearly 80 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of daily exercise. Being too lazy to get off the couch is one reason for this trend.  Getting off the couch is all you need at the beginning. Making the first step. Getting up and maybe starting out with just 10 minutes of exercise. Its ok – most important is to GET YOURSELF INTO A HABIT OF DOING IT than what you do. In an awesome How to Motivate Yourself Into an Exercise Routine You’ll Actually Stick To Life Hacker points out a few  mental principles which should help you get started and keep on going: Don’t get caught in “all or nothing” mindset. Don’t be hard on yourself. You’re not lazy, you’re just starting from zero. Set the Bar Low and Start Small. Whatever You Do, Make It Fun. Ok, now that we understand themental principles. Let’s get down to some solid actions you can take to stay consistent and motivated at any point at your training.


Research shows that most of the people give up on exercising because they don’t know what to do or get confused about how to workout.  But that’s not the case with calisthenics. Instead of confusing workouts calisthenics  gives you a clear plan to follow with  progressive

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

exercises to master in order to achieve the THE FUNDAMENTALS . Use our ebook Getting Started with Calisthenics Training Guide to guide you through the plan – it’s 10 years of calisthenics experience distilled into a clear step by step guide to follow with all the exercises and workouts to fit your level and lifestyle. Over 10, 000 people already are using workouts and principles of the calisthenics guide. You just can’t  go wrong with that. CHECK IT OUT HERE!>> But whatever you choose to do just create a plan of action and follow it. Fit it as much as you can with your lifestyle – how much time do you have daily, how you will progress, what exercises you should be doing. Point being- on the day of workout you shouldn’t be thinking about what exercises to do – all you should be taking care of is that you actually get out and do them.



Measuring progress is one of the easiest things you can do to keep going. It’s really important to you see and feel that you are progressing on a daily basis. When the results stall you need to troubleshoot, but knowing exactly where you are will help you know where you are going and where you are lacking.  In the book Getting Started with Calisthenics Training Guide Jeff outlines excatly how to trouble shoot progressions and what to look at, but it can be as simple as understanding that you need to build more  mobility before you can move forward. We are soon bringing together a community so you can ask certified trainers on how to trouble shoot through The Movement Athlete Academy.  But for now use whatever you can to track your progress get the progression spreadsheet or a poster and simply start tracking where you are and keep on moving forward.

calisthenics progressions

calisthenics progressions


If you’re doubting the path you’re on in your calisthenics training journey to achieve THE FUNDAMENTALS and more, take a hard look at why you got started. Think about what you really want out of calisthenics training what you’re willing to do to achieve your goal, and focus on that in your mind. For a lot of people, that’s enough to survive another day. Take it one day at a time, that’s the same way Paul Wade survived 19 years in prison. Your motivation should be to just be better today then you were yesterday.

calisthenics motivation

calisthenics motivation

STRATEGY 4. Change Things Up to Make It Fun

If you need more of an attitude adjustment, you can make modifications to the FUNDAMENTALS exercise to change things up, add some variety to your workouts, and even increase your muscle strength and endurance in other ways than just THE FUNDAMENTALS show you. Here are some options you can use to stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting and engaging:

  • Change the order of the exercises
  • Change your rep range
  • Change your volume
  • Change your training speed
  • Add in variants
  • Set new short/medium term goals to hit
  • Focus on some explosive work for a while
  • Change your training frequency
  • Add some spice: neck work, grip, calves, cardio
  • Mix in some skill work; balance, gymnastics, acrobatics
  • Cross-train: boxing, martial arts, wrestling
  • Devote some specialist training to a single movement

Shake things up with ultra-high reps

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calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program


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