Are you slowing your metabolism? Do not make these 5 mistakes!

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The metabolism plays a key role when you are on a fitness regime. The interesting part is that your metabolism would decide how many calories you would be losing at the end of the day. Now the common mistake that most people do is that they do not understand their metabolism well. For example, some people switch to crash dieting when they want to lose in some weight and that actually hampers the metabolism for the worst. You need to decipher the common mistakes that harm your metabolism. Once you know the mistakes only then you can fix them right.

Mistakes that you should never commit

The following are the eight common mistakes that most people tend to with their metabolism. Let us learn more about these mistakes to prevent them.

  1. Improper protein intake: Proteins plays a key role in preventing the loss of muscle mass. The loss of muscle mass can actually bring your metabolism to a halt. Thus you should try to increase your protein intake when you are reducing on your overall calories. Your muscle is the tissue that is metabolically active so it should not be affected by the calorie reduction.

Protein diet

Source: MensHealth

  1. Selecting an inappropriate time for dieting: You need to understand an essential fact that a solid muscle mass based is required before you decide to take a plunge into dieting. [tweet_box design=”box_10″]If you start your crash dieting prior to building up your muscle mass then this can also damage your metabolism.[/tweet_box] When you would have built up your muscle mass then dieting and getting the desired results would be an easier process. Your goal needs to be clear. For example, if you want to build your muscle and you are obese then you should lose the excess fat first. Otherwise your metabolism would be affected adversely.
  1. Excess cardio: When you are dedicating long hours for cardio training then this can also damage your metabolism. Now let us decipher the concept of excess cardio in detail. Initially you start your workout on the elliptical or treadmill for about 30 minutes. If you do not get adequate results you increase your cardio training hours. Once you start noticing the results you start to get over ambitious and you continue to add up hours in your cardio practice. You would start to get the feeling of being trapped once you are committed to lengthy cardio hours. Your body will finally adapt to this excessive cardio routine and you would not be able to see the results anymore. The solution lies in the fact that you should not continue with the low intensity cardio. A better option is to add up a high intensity cardio activity to your routine. A good option is Tabata program. You need to remember that when you are looking for great results then you would need to alter diet and not just spend hours in the gym.


Source: SweatAtlanta

 4. Ignoring your sleep:

    Some of you become over ambitious when it comes to working out. [tweet_box design=”box_10″]Well to be honest it is great if you are working out twice at the gym.[/tweet_box] Once for you weights and once for your cardio, but this does not mean that you should start to compromise on your sleep. Remember you can only achieve fat loss when you have an adequate amount of sleep. When you will have sufficient sleep it would keep your insulin sensitivity intact and your metabolism would be stronger. Insufficient sleep would make your lethargic and you would not have the energy to indulge in high intensity workouts. You need to target about 8 hours of sleep if you looking in for a great metabolism.

5. Losing your persistence with your diet plan: Another mistake that can damage your metabolism in the long-run is to add up the forbidden foods in your diet list once you have attained your weight loss goal. This way you would lose the results and start a never ending cycle that includes dieting for shedding weight. You should take the time and effort to figure out the right diet and then eventually stick to it if you wish to maintain your weight and keep your metabolism strong.

Once you have understood your mistakes maintaining a good metabolism would not be a challenge for you.

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