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Burning fat is a challenging job. Well you need not suffer in silence and now you can cut down on the fat massively. If you are putting in a lot effort in your training regime and eat a proper diet even then you still would have to switch to the fat burning mode. We will just explore the mistakes due to which you are not losing weight. Once you know the mistakes you would be able to rectify them and would be able to lose fat with ease.

5 common mistakes that you need to avoid

The following are the mistakes due to which you are not losing weight. The suggestions by Hunter Labrada can be quite useful in this regard.

Calisthenics training

Calisthenics training

1. Eating less:

Indulging in crashing dieting is not the solution to the problem at all and this can have an adverse affect on your muscle size. Cutting down too drastically on the calories can set off a chain of unpleasant reactions. Initially this routine would make you cranky and lethargic. Your blood sugar would start to drop. Eventually the poor dieting would affect your metabolism and your body would start to store the fat. This way you can end up burning your body fuel instead of the fat. A more reasonable approach would be to go slow with the process. Initially cut down about 500 calories from your daily intake. For example, if you have been consuming about 3000 calories a day then you need to cut down to 2500 calories. When you would be consuming a reasonable amount of calories then you would be able to continue with your muscle building training and would be able to continue with your daily activities with ease.

not losing weight

Balanced diet


2. Opting for calorie dense snacks:

When you are working out or training then you have to avoid calorie dense snacks too. There are so many healthy snack options that you can opt for that includes fruits, almonds and granola etc.

3. Selecting high calorie food compliments:

What we often tend to ignore is that sauces are often loaded with a large number of calories. If you are addicted to sauces then you should make sure that you consume a small amount or opt for low fat sauces.

4. Consuming sugary drinks:

Another important fact is that sugary drinks can add up to your fat deposits so if you decide to cut down on them then you can lose a significant amount of fat. You can replace the sugary drinks by complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean proteins.

5. Cutting down on healthy fats:

Healthy fats are an essential need of your body. The best healthy fats that can come your way is fish oil and nuts. They help to generate healthy testosterone levels, balance your hormones and increase the brain function and eventually increase fat loss. If you are cutting down on these healthy fats then your depriving the body of all these benefits.

not losing weight

Healthy fats


Avoid all the 5 mistakes mentioned above. Thus you would be able to lose fat and would have a healthy body.

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