Bad Eyes, Bad Hips: How Calisthenics is Helping Ross Fight Pain

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Ross’ Calisthenics Story

Ross is limited in his movement range in his hips.  He’s had two hip arthroscopies and has reduced eyesight. Calisthenics is a program that allows him to train in spite of those limitations.

“I have noticed I feel different – not just stronger physically but also I think I am mentally stronger.”

Ross used to bike a lot before a CAM impingement forced him to undergo a hip arthroscopy to remove some of the bone. After the operation, he was diagnosed with grade 4 arthritis.

“I didn’t really know what this meant at the time.”

Aside from the experience of having reduced hip mobility because of the impingement, his eyesight also began to diminish.

“RP is a condition of the eye which slowly gives you blurs. I have lost my license as a result.”

Ross wasn’t dealt an easy hand in life. His hip and eyesight issues were limiting him to what he could actually do with his body. So while he looked for a healthy training routine that would work with his health issues, Ross went through strength training, cconvict conditioning, kettlebell training, until he finally found his way to The Movement Athlete Academy.

How Ross found The Movement Athlete Academy

Ross went in search of a training program that he could use after his first hip arthroscopy. He wanted to find something that would give him the freedom to train without a gym.

“I came across The Movement Academy when it was in the book form and was invited into the online version, which I took.”

It’s been a year or so since then, and Ross continues to use The Movement Athlete Academy program even today. There’s a level of convenience to an at-home training program for someone with Ross’ predicament. Using Movement Athlete Academy means that he doesn’t need to travel.

It also means that he doesn’t need to track his own progress, thanks to the program’s algorithm. 

“I can’t drive. So it made sense to join The Movement Athlete Academy with the ease to train at home. I also wanted the progressions all kept for me – so it all made sense.”

The 2 main benefits Ross has gained since starting Calisthenics

His hip pain has reduced

Because of his two arthroscopies and his waning eyesight, Ross is relatively limited in his movement and has been dealing with chronic pain throughout his body.

These issues all compile to create a lot of discomfort, slightly reduced range-of-motion and quite a bit of pain most of the time.

Thanks to The Movement Athlete Academy program, Ross has been able to develop a more comfortable range-of-motion and reduce the amount of pain his hip causes him.

The pain I get in my hip has reduced.”

He’s gotten stronger

Calisthenics is about rethinking your habits, both in the body and the mind. Strength isn’t just physical.

Ross has experienced the benefits of this shift in mindset first-hand.

“I have noticed I feel different – not just stronger physically but also I think I am mentally stronger.”

Ross’ advice to anyone curious about Calisthenics

“Keep going, feel the benefits as they will come and have patience “

Discovering The Movement Athlete Academy did not only help Ross to recover from his injury but also gave him the immense freedom to train without going to the gym.

 If you’re suffering from an injury like Ross, don’t worry, The Movement Athlete Academy will help you get started!




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