You already know that bodyweight training is awesome:

✓You can do it anytime anywhere
✓No equipment necessary.
✓You can get absolutely ripped and not even touch a weight

But pick up pretty much any bodyweight app on the market, and you are guaranteed to get bored out of your mind after a few weeks.

The biggest challenge most of the folks who are coming to train with us is staying consistent.

We have seen it over and over again after training thousands of athletes.

Give people an aesthetic goal and they can go for a certain period of time, but that motivation HARDLY EVER turns into a consistent habit change.

Training for skills and movements, on the other hand, adds a completely new dimension of motivation and makes it easy to stay consistent.

The problem is though, that this type of training is not as straightforward as just doing 30 burpees in a row. There are a lot of moving pieces and unless you are a professional it’shard to know what to do, when and how.

And this is why we are creating The Movement Athlete App (previously Calisthenics Academy 2.0 – already in beta!) with over 100 new moves that you can start learning today the app turns training into a game!

Imagine a big map of movements.

To achieve a certain move you need to develop a number of attributes like

Our team of coaches, trainers and physios create a step by step path towards each move, making sure that you develop all those attributes in an effective and safe manner. So when you come to our app we will start with an assessment to know exactly where are you on the journey.

And the best – once you do you achieve those you unlock harder and harder moves…

No need to think about your training
No need to worry whether you will get injured,
No worried about expensive personal coaches or being stuck.

Our system will guide you through towards each skill step by step

– all you need to do is to show up