The Bodyweight training movement is becoming increasingly popular because of its recognised benefits in evenly conditioning the body, which positively impacts joints and both easy accessibility and availableness. The movement encourages participates to use their body as a gym, replying on the bodies own natural weight to condition and tone the physique.Calisthenics or bodyweight training programmes are far superior to exercises which just build muscle because real strength is supported by the nervous system and therefore workouts need to target not just muscles but also tendons, ligaments and joints.

Furthermore, we are seeing trends emerge within the bodyweight training movement that are becoming increasingly recognised or at least deserve greater awareness. Many of us will have seen the viral phenomenon of Street Workouts, astonishingly showing individuals capable of exerting their bodies into a human flat – horizontally holding their bodies out from an apparatus such as a lamp post or similar apparatus. Street workout represent just one trend emerging and this article aims to give an insight into the different trends emerging on the bodyweight seen.

Street Workout

Street Workout makes use of public spaces for their workouts, which makes exercising cost effective, social and accessible. [tweet_box design=”box_08″]Street Workout is a modernised movement and type of bodyweight training / calisthenics.[/tweet_box] Typical Street Workouts are combinations of calisthenics, athletics, and gymnastics which sees the individual using facilities such as walls and polls commonly found in parks. Street Workout is a training regimes that allows you to be creative, anytime, anywhere.

The number of views which can be seen on this YouTube clip communicates just how impressive Bodyweight trainers who specialise in street workouts are seen to be. The training comes down to their down to their demonstration of strength, power, control, to symbolise status. Guaranteed street workouts will get you in shape whilst also being loads of fun.

[tweet_box design=”box_08″]Animal Flow[/tweet_box]

Animal Flow calisthenics brought to you by Global Bodyweight training, takes potential human capabilities back to its animalistic routes – where the body is used for hunting, climbing, stalking and chasing. This primal workout is a combination of gymnastics, breakdancing, parkour and is all linked together with a ‘freestyle flow of fluid movement’ resulting in an incredible workout. Any workout that is inspired and influenced by nature and the environment is likely to provide a more beneficial full body workout. Such a workout ensures that the body is achieving an all overwork out, which also means your body is burning more calories contributing to fat loss. Success! Moving your body through multiple planes of movement contributes to joint mobility, strength, flexibility, endurance and joint lubrication. Equinox has released a fantastic short piece of film that visually communicates the theory behind the programme – this is seen by a man taking the persona of a hunting animal – a lion maybe – and prowling, running, pouncing, through the forest. In reality the exercise is carried out through following a series of movements which seeks for the individual to control their body through the movements of changing direction and body position. Control is the ultimate goal.

Dr Perry at ‘Stop Chasing Pain’ has written a fantastic blog on the benefits of Animal Flow Training and why they matter and is definitely worth a read. In brief, the benefits identified include a decrease in stress put on the joints from lifting heavy weights which also decreases the likeliness of injury; body brain connection heightens which assists the individual with everyday activities, more stable, stronger, injury resistant joints, fat loss and increased energy levels. The workout is ideal for anyone at any level of fitness because the workout is a series of progressions which can be mastered and carried though.

Benefits: creates a very strong and functional build. It’s about the flow of movement, the balance and agility of movement.

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Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade

Behind calisthenics, there is an answer which provides the explanation and reasoning why smaller athletes can often prove to have far superior strength than your typical bodybuilder. Convict conditioning is a book which discusses bodyweight training and uses 6 exercises, called ‘The Big six’ which each have their own progressive steps. Convict conditioning is primarily a strength programme and Paul Wade has captured this almost forgotten wisdom in his book of the same name.

For readers of the book, it is important to understand that Convict Conditioning does not accurately represent how modern prisoners train. Instead, the books represents the methods formerly used by past generations of convicts before the introduction of modern gym innovations. The purpose of the book is to record the old method of training which is dying out – if not already lost. The book is informative, understandable and communicates the methods of progression in an insightful manor.

Convict Conditioning discusses the fitness regimes many convicts in prisons have adopted to maintain and increase body strength – in the convict culture, survival belongs to the fittest . Convict conditioning is a significant workout because the book explores the time perfected and practiced workouts exerted by individuals who lack the facilities of a modern day gym, performance supplements or any financial implications. What we can take from the book is the realisation that our life circumstance don’t stop our bodies potential. The workout does not glorify the convict lifestyle but merely celebrates the wisdom of calisthenics to develop real strength and power, which has been preserved in prisons.

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