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Join the tribe of Movement & Calisthenics Athlete - people just like you that are working with their own body weight to get strength, lose fat build muscle, recover from injuries and live their best lives!

Join Our Calisthenics Community

Tired of feeling like getting in shape is an increasingly competitive zone? Do you feel that your ability to gain strength and become physically active is inaccessible and full of social barriers? Perhaps you should indulge yourself in our calisthenics community here at Bodyweight Training Arena to feel supported, encouraged and motivated to reach your physical goals.



Mistaken Mentalities

One of the most common mistakes for a young man or woman to make when entering a gymnasium where many people work out is the failure to work at their own pace and level. When this happens, we are likely to see inefficient attempts at lifting weights or doing exercises which their bodies are not trained to support, giving poor form, improper workouts and overall disappointing results. Why do they do this? The simple answer would be the social implications brought about by the presence of what we like to call “gym culture” in modern day gym facilities, where there is a feeling of pressure to display the highest abilities of your strength and endurance in front of the people who are used to showing theirs. You may also be able to look deeper than that beyond what happens in gyms and blame it on the media and the professionals in the strength and fitness industry. In this environment it is encouraged to push yourself to be the most physically impressive you can be at any cost, as if nothing else matters. [tweet_box design=”box_08″]The idea of being lean, muscular and extremely strong is a goal that everyone must strive to achieve.[/tweet_box] In our problem we discussed earlier, where people are likely to strain themselves shifting masses they are not used to, the media and cultural influence of pure strength is stunting the potential good results of someone in training. Instead, they should be focusing on gaining progressive strength, by gradually increasing the difficulty as they get stronger while concentrating on proper form and balance.

Progressions Over Time

Our idea of a calisthenics community encourages people to build on their strength and capabilities by including the common bodyweight training principle known as “progressions” into their workouts. An excellent example of progressive strength and power building can be found in Paul Wade’s Convict Conditioning. [tweet_box design=”box_08″]Progressions can be used to work on a specific muscle or muscle group to build on their strength[/tweet_box] by starting out with continuous repetition of relatively easy exercises with increasing difficulty until you are able to push what seems to be the limits of human strength. This is obviously a gradual development and takes much time and discipline to build on. It can be said that it is a far cry from our previous scenario of bursting into a gym, throwing up as much weight as you possibly can with the help of poor form and mechanics before leaving again with no considerable strength gain. To be successful with calisthenics requires ignoring the standards set by others, focusing on your own exercises and repetitions and eventually seeing the results. Motivation is required from the start and progress may seem to be slow. That is where our calisthenics community idea comes in where you can encourage yourself to be pushed to the next level. Our philosophy does not push you beyond your physical limits, but instead encourages you to extend these limits with patient, incremental work.

The Bodybuilding Market

One of the things we have noticed about the strength, fitness and supplements market is that it has become an over-saturated mess of trainers and company programs competing for sign ups and purchasers. There does not seem to be much attention on the very specific needs of each person as long as there are people who believe the programs will work for them. We feel that there is a general faceless care and intent to make a profit. Our calisthenics community looks beyond the amount of people who will be willing to put up money to get in shape, and tries to develop each single person’s prospects of achieving their fitness goals and physical peaks. The competition within this industry which is a never ending marketing storm to gain a competitive advantage among fitness and strength enthusiasts seems to be against our calisthenics community philosophy. This allows us to develop an array of content to give specialised help for the vast amount of needs we are likely to encounter. Different fitness levels and goals can be incorporated in calisthenics workouts. We believe the idea of progression from your current physical condition to your desired one whatever it may be will be aided by the progressive calisthenics approach. Insight can be taken from progressive calisthenics, in a way that we can marry all the benefits from each program to find your ultimate physical goal based on your needs.

Your Next Step

Our concept of a calisthenics community is made to help you, whoever you may be and whatever physical goal you set. This website will be the hub for you to discover content, workouts, articles, trainers, products and encouragement to see you on your way. We hope that what we offer will benefit as many people in as many ways possible. I Part of our calisthenics community is realising the different outcomes which people may search. Please see our current pages and how something we have may help:

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calisthenics training program




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