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Bruce Lee was infamous for his lean and sculpted body. In addition to being lean he was agile and had incredible full-body strength. Interestingly, Bruce Lee was quite secretive about his workout and training program. Part of this is because Martial Arts is a program that focuses more on developing strength from within. His daughter, Shannon Lee, shared the Bruce Lee workouts after she found them with her father after his passing. The details included his notes on endurance, agility, power, coordination and flexibility.  So what did the details include?  Let’s take a deeper look at the amazing Bruce Lee workout program.

The Ultimate Bruce Lee Abdominal Workout

One of the most important aspects when we workout is getting organized with what exercises to do, when to do them, the timing, and finding a groove.  However, once you find this organization in your workouts, your success can be attained.  Listed below is the programming of the Bruce Lee workout and how he organized some of his most competitive workouts.

  • 4 sets of sit-up twists of 20 repetitions.
  • 4 sets of waist twist of 70 repetitions each set.
  • 4 sets of leg raises of 20 repetitions. The leg raises can include supine lying and hanging leg raises.

Bruce Lee’s Favorite Exercises for a Lean Body

Now that we have an idea about Bruce Lee’s everyday workout, we can move on to some of his most popular and common exercises that he personally enjoyed.

  • Roman Chair sit-ups
  • Frog Kicks
  • Leaning Twists
  • V sit-ups
  • Side Bends
  • Dragon Flags

Let’s take a look at each of these exercises so that you can share the joy that he had doing these exercises.  After all, the body of your dreams depends on these exercises.

Roman Chair sit-ups: they are rather tough to perform, but this only means your gains will be endless. To perform the Roman Chair sit-ups, we need to sit on a hard, sturdy bench or a chair. The lower leg has to be secured under a heavy bar, so a barbell will suffice. The hands need to be placed on the chest, waist, neck or head for support. The body needs to be lowered back until the hips are completely extended and flat. Now lower the top half of the body back and then sit back up to complete a complete rep.  Repeat this as necessary and make sure to keep your abs tight throughout to support your back.  If this is too difficult to start, consider tailoring the exercise to meet your body’s needs.  Here are some ways to tailor the exercise.

  • For an easy approach the hands need to be placed further down and away from the head.
  • For a moderate level, consider bringing the arms further up towards the head.

Frog Kicks: frog kicks are more of a crunch-style of movement. They can be done while sitting or when on a solid, comfortable floor. When the frog kicks are performed while sitting, you will need to be off to one side. When you start this exercise, you should plant your hands on the floor right behind the buttocks. The other option is to grab one of the bench’s edges. The knees need to be pulled into the chest. Next the legs need to be straightened out, but just make sure that the torso is at an angle of 45 degrees, no more. It is best to perform about 4 sets of 50 repetitions and a faster pace should be utilized as part of your form on these. Lastly, make sure that the abdominal muscles are tight through the entire exercise.

Leaning Twist:  The leaning twist is a difficult exercise, yet highly effective for your abs and core.  Follow the steps below in order so that you can gain the benefits the twists have to offer.

  • The first step is to get hold of a broom stick, straight pole, or pipe. Now place the stick across the back of the neck and the shoulders. The stick needs to be parallel with the floor and the hands need to be positioned so that they are shoulder-width apart with the palms facing forward.
  • It is essential to stand tall with the knees straight, but not locked, and the feet shoulder-width apart.
  • Start by bending from the waist to reach a 90 degree angle in the hips.
  • Next, start twisting to the right and try touching the left tip of the stick to the right foot. Bring the stick and your body back to its original position. Next twist towards the other foot to complete one rep.  For best results, the reps need to be performed quickly and there should be no rest in between reps.
Bruce Lee

Leaning Twist

Source: Livehealthy.chron

V sit-ups

The v sit-ups are some of the best for strengthening the abs.  Take a look at the crucial steps below.

  • It is essential to lie flat on a mat.
  • Stretch out the arms straight behind the head while staying flat on the mat.
  • Curl your abs and bend the hips so you can raise the legs and torso off the ground.
  • Next, touch the hands on the feet (or attempt to move them towards that direction.
  • The legs and arms should remain straight throughout the entire exercise and add a pause at mid-movement of the exercise.
Bruce Lee workout


Source: Self

Dragon Flag: The dragon flag is one of the best abdominal exercises around and it happens that this exercise was one of Bruce Lee’s favorites. Before starting out, it is essential to have some existing core strength, which means beginners should work slowly into this exercise. Start by lying supine on a flat bench so that you are looking up at the ceiling. The edge of the bench needs to be held behind the head and the legs need to be raised towards the ceiling. This process has to be continued till our weight is relaxing on your shoulder blades. The feet need to be lowered towards the bench and the lower back, legs and feet should not be touching the bench during the reps. For best results and when your body is ready, complete 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

Get inspired by the Bruce Lee workout and try it out to get the body of your dreams. This workout is tough and will help you to reach your health and fitness goals in no time, which means you need to give it a try and give it time.  Once you get started on this program, it will be tough to stop.


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