The Best Calisthenics Exercises For Pain From Desk-Damaged Physique

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Is your desk work causing you physical discomfort lately? Are you experiencing pain, or yet a desk-damaged physique?

If you have it, this means you might be doing a bad posture for so long. A desk-damaged physique can be because of that slouch position while working in front of your computer, or even because of sitting all day long. We are all guilty of this every once in a while, but office workers are much more prone to this due to the nature of their job. However, it’s not yet too late to correct that posture.

Learn how to restore desk-damaged physiques with calisthenics!

What is Calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a type of exercise which improves the overall body strength of a person. The said exercise originated in Ancient Greece and was used as strength training. Others also call it as bodyweight training.

However, compared to bodybuilding to which it is often confused with, calisthenics or bodyweight training does not require any equipment since it involves gymnastics exercise. You can perform the exercises by simply following step-by-step forms and guides.

If you want to know how to restore desk-damaged physiques with calisthenics, you should know that this particular exercise is also found in other art forms. These include pole dancing, martial arts, street workouts, etc. These art forms incorporate the movements from calisthenics and turn them into something new and much more dynamic, providing more options for you to choose from.

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Benefits Of Calisthenics

How can calisthenics help you? It has a lot of medical benefits for those who practice the said exercise. There are hundreds of benefits you can get from doing calisthenics, but here are the top three most noticeable ones:

1. Improve overall strength and endurance

Since calisthenics is a body strength training, it improves the overall strength and endurance of one’s body. The effect is even said to be similar to cardiovascular exercises, such as running, jogging, and so much more. At the same time, doing calisthenics can provide relief, especially if you are experiencing aches and pain due to your desk-damaged physiques.

calisthenics exercises for pain

2. Full Body Activation

As compared to bodybuilding exercises which involve the use of barbells and dumbbells, calisthenics ensures that you work all of your muscle groups at the same time. With just minimal exercises of calisthenics, you are already working out most of your body parts!

3. Eliminate Bad Posture

Whether it is ditching that dreadful slouch you acquired from desk work or simply getting back in shape, calisthenics can surely help you with that. Practicing calisthenics can help you to improve your form as well as eliminate bad posture habits.


Calisthenics teaches you to control specific muscle groups from doing various calisthenics movements. By developing that control over your body, you are correcting the lousy unconscious posture you acquired over the years. Moreover, with continuous practice of Calisthenics, you will develop body balance that will prevent bad posture habits from coming back.

How can calisthenics help you? It has a lot of medical benefits for those who practice the said exercise. There are hundreds of benefits you can get from doing calisthenics, but here are the top three most noticeable ones:

calisthenics exercise for pain

How To Use Calisthenics In Restoring Desk-Damaged Physiques


When you are experiencing lower back pain from your desk job, you can rock your pelvis back and forth, tilt your hips up, and round your back. This movement will only help in the short term. However, performing calisthenics exercises such as crunches or other abdominal exercises will strengthen your core and reduce lower back pain. Do it at least two times every week, and you will see a difference in your posture.

calisthenics exercises for pain


When you are seated all day behind your desk, it is inevitable to have neck and shoulder pain. You can do some chin tuck, neck retraction or even tilt your head from side to side for short-term relief.

To fully address this problem permanently, you can try pulling movements such as pull-ups every once in a while. Stick to a schedule in which you can do calisthenics at home. If you are too busy, find a space in your office and practice basic shoulder movements such us pushing the wall or overhead press.

calisthenics exercises for pain


An obvious factor on why you have a wrist strain is because of bad posture. If you hunch your shoulders forward, this will decrease the flow of your blood into your arms, thus causing soreness. You can stretch your arms or rotate your wrist clockwise once in a while.

You can even do a Buddha stretch where you do a prayer stretch by putting your fingers and palms together, placing it on your chest pointing upward. Keep your palms together, and your elbows moving out, lower your hands further so you can feel a good stretch.

calisthenics exercise for pain


When you sit all day, your hips lockout and tightens. Standing up and tilting your hips sideways can offer a bit of relief, but sometimes it’s just not enough. You can try doing lunges or squats whenever you start your day. Take a break from your desk job once in a while and try doing calisthenic poses, such as twisting your hips sideways for a good couple of seconds.

These exercises and quick fixes can offer relief, but being able to develop good posture through calisthenics is the key to a long-term fix.

calisthenics exercises for pain

Calisthenics On-The-Go

For office workers, it is very hard to get back into shape, especially if you spend your time behind the desk all day. Well, get ready to know how to restore desk-damaged physics with calisthenics. There are several programs you can follow. Whether you are just a beginner, intermediate, or on an advanced level, rest assured that there is a program fit for you. To determine which level you are at, take the free assessment test of The Movement Athlete Academy.

Since the hassle of work might be a hindrance to your road to fitness, you can now just access calisthenics fundamentals at the very tip of your fingers! The Movement Athlete Academy offers two programs as of the moment, which is: The Movement Athlete Academy Fundamentals, and the The Movement Athlete platform, which was made convenient since it can be accessed through mobile and a web application.

With modern technology, you can now access a wide range of calisthenics programs with easy-to-follow step by step progressions. Guaranteed that these programs are crafted and made only by experts and coaches who offer their expertise to professional athletes and beginners. Even though you are not an athlete, you can now get a hold of these programs which are proven to give real results!

Calisthenics in your home or office

Since it does not require any equipment (even the use of barbells, dumbbells or any other weight equipment), calisthenics can be practiced and performed in the comfort of your home or office! Make sure you have enough space so you can move around and you are good to go.

Make sure that you also have a comprehensive step-by-step guide, such as Calisthenics Fundamentals, on how to start practicing calisthenics. You can do the basics first, and then eventually progress by challenging yourself to do harder and much more complicated routines.

Not only will this help you achieve a better body, but this will also help you get rid of bad habits and develop good ones. You can now finally say to yourself that you are ready to learn how to restore desk-damaged physiques with calisthenics!  Through performing calisthenics exercises, you can ease that tension and relieve your aching hips and back. Start exercising today and see the results for yourself!


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