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Calisthenics for Legs

There is a myth that you can’t be build legs with calisthenics. But we know its not true and want to provide you with all the resources you need to make it happen. That’s why we have created multiple training programs and articles to get you there. Explore, comment, enjoy and let’s go! 

Want to build legs like tree trunks without weights?

Click below to access the best calisthenics exercises for legs training + a calisthenics legs workout!  »

legs calisthenics

legs calisthenics


Here’s how you should use calisthenics for legs training

Pistol Squat Progression


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But what if I can’t do some of these exercises? 

Create an optimal training routine just for you

This is a problem a lot of us run into. We’re given routines – usually based on a standardized level – beginner, intermediate, advanced. The Movement Athlete Academy used to do that too – because it’s very hard to create a personalized training for each and every person unless we spend a significant amount of time with them.

There was just one problem with this approach (actually there are a lot of problems with it) – it hindered our athletes’ progress. We’ve written extensively on the matter in the blog post, The end of beginner/intermediate/advanced – that is hurting your training.

It simply explains why a lack of personalization is hurting your training.

Imagine if some of these exercises above were too hard for you. Your body will try to compensate with a poor form, movement dysfunction and possibly risk injury if it’s too challenging.

If some of these exercises were too easy they wouldn’t challenge your muscles to grow – you’d simply be wasting your time.

This is why we created The Movement Athlete Academy: to offer a fully personalized training program reflecting exactly where your level is for optimal performance.

Take the assessment to see how do you stack up on the 8 fundamental calisthenics moves

calisthenics training assessment

calisthenics training assessment

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