Getting Started With Calisthenics

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Calisthenics Workouts 

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Calisthenics Exercises

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Calisthenic Diet

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If you are looking for a complete resource which will guide you through each step on the journey, Renegade Diet is one of the best and used by a lot of calisthenics athletes to bring incredible results in a short period of time. Check it  out – it works magic:

Calisthenics Progressions


We are fans of what is called progressive calisthenics and as Al Kavadlo explains

A key principle of progressive calisthenics is manipulating leverage to vary the intensity of bodyweight exercises. Since there is no way to do a one arm push-up, pistol squat or one arm pull-up without a significant amount of resistance, we instead must practice variations in which the body is positioned in such a way as to create less resistance. As you grow stronger, harder variations can gradually be introduced.

On the based on that, we have created an easy to follow infographics for different progressions. These will show you exactly how to get from easy exercises to very complex ones like one arm pullup, one arm push-up, human flag or muscle up. Explore all the progressive calisthenics exercises here and we will keep on adding them.

Calisthenics Equipment Guide

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There is not much equipment you need for bodyweight and the idea is that most of the exercises you can do just with bodyweight, but there is still a big choice of pull up bars and other simple pieces which, as you progress, will help you improve your skills. We have put up a simple equipment guide and will be adding things to it as well as reviewing different equipment pieces so you can choose the best. Finally, we are here to help and we would love to hear from you!

Calisthenics Training Programs

NO matter if you are new or an advanced athlete there are some incredible programs which can help you to reach your goals and guide you through the process instead of wasting time and trying to work out everything yourself. Do not get me wrong nothing will substitute hard work but having a coach will make your path much easier and faster.

There are not many comprehensive programs out there teaching you everything from fundamentals of body movements and mental principles to detailed progressions, creating your own workouts and keeping it all up.

That is why we have created a Beginners Guide To Calisthenics.

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“Would you rather have the ability to boast of bench pressing 300 pounds or to do a one-arm pull-up? To me, pulling my entire body up with one arm is much more impressive. – Michael – Calisthenics Academy User”

“Calisthenics Academy is not the kind of program that demands you to be this physically fit to be able to perform. Instead, it caters to your own strengths and capabilities and keeps track of your progress.”

“Stick with it! It is hard at first, especially if you are stuck on a lower-level, high rep exercise. But persevering is worth it! Finally reaching each goal is so exciting.”

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