7 must try out explosive calisthenics moves

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Are you ready to take your calisthenics skill to the new level? Well I started with the same ambition. The interesting thing about calisthenics is that there is so much diversity to it. There are so many new things to experiment with and yes I just got a chance to experiment with explosive moves. I have realized that explosive moves can definitely improve our calisthenics skills. If you are also willing to make your calisthenics routine better than the perfect idea is to add in some explosive moves to your routine just like the way I do. The truth is that I have actually noticed the improvement.

The 7 best explosive moves to try out

Well for making the calisthenics routine worth it here are some perfect calisthenics moves to try out.

  1. Explosive pull-ups

When doing the explosive pull-ups it is essential to remain in the top position and the bar should touch the collarbone. It is better to try with both supinated and pronated grips. Try holding for about 5 seconds and then release. Another repetition should be tried out and the momentum should be used to get there.

explosive moves

Explosive pull-ups

Resource: YouTube

  1. 360 Muscle up

Use the hips and arms to thrust off the parallel bar sides for building the explosive pushing power. The next step is to try and attempt the 360 degree spin. The bar needs to be touched with both the hands before the feet touch the ground. There is a small tip that should be followed while performing the 360 Muscle up. When the 360 spin is being performed, the body should be pushed away from the bar so that you may not hit accidently on the bar. Watch the tutorial video for more details.

explosive moves

360 Muscle up

Resource: YouTube

  1. Toe Touch pull-ups

The pre-requisite for toe touch-pull up is that you should be able to do the muscle-up first. The prime target is to reach the toes. When you are on your way to coming up then you do a slight leg raise and lean forward. You should be coming up explosively and should try to get the bar to your waist. Then again you should go for a leg raise and lean forward. Next you should be touching your toes and come back. If you are not good at muscle ups then this move will not work for you at all. Do watch the interesting video for more details.

explosive moves

Toe Touch pull-ups

Resource: YouTube

  1. 360 pull-up

The 360 pull-up requires advanced free style moves and it does require a lot of strength as well. The first requirement is that you should be able to do explosive pull-ups. When you do an explosive pull-up, you should opt for a spin when your chest is above the bar. See the video to know more.

  1.  Clamp muscle up

When you are doing a clamp muscle pull up the rule is to pull till the bottom of your chest. You need to go from a pull-up position and then the body has to be swung over to a transfer position and finally it needs to end up with a dip. The best way to prepare the body for the muscle –ups is by trying out weighted dips.

explosive moves

Clamp muscle up

Resource: YouTube

  1. Superman push-up

Upper body strength is required to do the superman push-up. However, it is not an impossible challenge. It is essential to lie on the stomach to perform the superman push-up. It is important to extend your arms infront of you. The hands need to be positioned beyond the head. The hands need to be shoulder width apart. The arms and legs need to be fully extended. The toes and the palms need to be against the floor in order to prepare for this exercise. The torso and the thighs need to be lifted from the floor. The body should be at least 12 inches off from the floor. The next step is to control the body back to the floor. Then you can go in for the next repetition.

explosive moves

Superman push-up

Resource: YouTube

  1. Reverse Clap Push-up
explosive moves

Reverse Clap Push-up

Resource: YouTube

For performing the reverse clap push-up, you need to create explosive force off the ground in order to give yourself sufficient air to clap behind your back and come back in the starting position for the push-up. If you want to do reverse clap push-ups in a perfect way then you should try doing explosive push-ups first. You also need to maintain the lower half of your body if you want to do reverse clap push-ups successfully. Try out all these explosive moves and contribute to your fitness.


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