8 Calisthenics Organizations driving Calisthenics Movement!

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It is only possible to take any sport to a new level if there is a vision, aim and goals. Calisthenics has definitely taken the world by storm. However, it still needed some skilled and competent people to generate awareness about this sport amongst people. All the facets of the society need to be aware of the inherent benefits of Calisthenics and this is only possible when there are organizations that are promoting the cause. Well here are the top 8 Calisthenics Organizations that have put in a lot of effort to promote Calisthenics and inspire people to learn this sport.

calisthenics organizations

calisthenics organizations

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Why Calisthenics Organizations are needed?

It is always essential to guide people about a sport. Only the experts in the field can achieve this tough goal. Calisthenics is undoubtedly a fun activity, but it has its own set of technicalities. People who have achieved success in this sport have strived hard and the struggle has not been easy for them. Thus people who want to take up this sport need to be prepared for the challenges coming their way. They need to know how Calisthenics can benefit them and change their life for the better. If they do not know about the incentives coming their way then the motivation will be missing. Calisthenics requires hard work and you can only become a success if you are motivated. This is why these Calisthenics organizations can make so much of difference by educating the people about the benefits coming their way.

calisthenics organizations

calisthenics organizations

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Top organizations that played a major role in promoting Calisthenics

Let us have a look at these organizations and applaud their efforts.

1.     World Calisthenics Organization

The World Calisthenics Organization came on the fore front back in 2012. The prime objective of this organization has been to create healthy communities through the promotion of Calisthenics. The World Calisthenics Organization is a great help for the municipalities and helps them in all the phases of the development of community exercise parks. It even assists the non-profit organizations in Calisthenics promotional activities. This organization has many laurels to its credit. It even organizes educational events that encourage and promote the Calisthenics workouts and introduces the basic methods to the audience.

2.     Calisthenics Kingz

Calisthenics Kingz is yet another organization that has united all the fitness gurus under one roof. All these fitness gurus promote the fitness cause through Calisthenics. The prime aim of this organization is to challenge you to accomplish excellence and break your personal barriers to make your mark in the field of Calisthenics. The Calisthenics Kingz wants you to believe in the perception that you are your biggest competition. This organization was founded by Hit Richards and he has been a part of major fitness publications. Calisthenics Kingz has been promoting Calisthenics through various fitness publications.

3.     Lean Berets

Lean Berets is focused on providing you real solutions for fitness, health and food. Lately it joined with World Calisthenics Organization and CrossCore to provide some smart tips to get you on the bars. Lean Berets wants to follow the example of previous generations that depended on bodyweight exercises and bars for their fitness. Lean Berets decided to motivate people by providing them the necessary resources and tips to master the art of Calisthenics.

4.     CrossCore

CrossCore has been providing Calisthenics equipment to the sports lovers. CrossCore also wanted to go a step further in assisting the people who want to excel in the field of Calisthenics. It joined hands with the World Calisthenics Organization to provide some insight and useful tips to people who have the love for this sport.

5.     Barstarzz

When we are talking about organizations that have played a vital role in Calisthenics promotion the name of Barstarzz cannot be forgotten at all. It is actually workout team that is working on an international level. The aim of this team is to inspire people in a way that they become inclined towards fitness and opt for workout readily. Barstarzz conducts the training through creative Calisthenics. It guides people to start with the basic body building workouts. This organization has explored its own creativity as well and has always been into creating new moves. Barstarzz wants to make workout a fun activity for people.

6.     WSWCF

WSWCF stands for World Street Workout and Calisthenics Federation. The WSWCF was founded way back in 2011. This organization actively participates in organizing events like Street Workout Championships. These championships have brought in a lot of talent on the forefront and given fame to many who had the skill to carve their mettle in the world of Calisthenics.

7.     Calisthenics WA

Calisthenics has always been quite a popular sport in Australia as well. Calisthenics WA wants to promote social, physical and mental involvement of Calisthenics to the Australian community. It encourages all the members to perform the sport to the best of their abilities. Above all Calisthenics WA intends to promote sportsmanship so that more people are inclined to opt for this sport and discover Calisthenics in a congenial environment.

8.     Calisthenics Movement

This is actually a German sports project. The aim of this movement is the same as that of the organizations mentioned above. It aims to inspire people to opt for Calisthenics and wants to motivate people to opt for the sport. What makes this movement unique is that it has been making untiring efforts not only to motivate people, but to equip them as well so that they can have smooth transition to a healthy lifestyle.

If you have the desire to explore the world of Calisthenics then make sure that you are updated about all the latest happenings of the Calisthenics world. If you need a clue then gather as much information as possible about these Calisthenics organizations. You can even get the relevant information from their websites. This way you would be inspired to achieve your goals and you would be able to make a name for yourself in the field of Calisthenics in no time.




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