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45 minutes

Strengthening and Hypertrophy

About this Calisthenics Workout

Can’t find a workout worthy of your strength and power? Then you’re going to love this! A workout designed to demolish even the advanced athlete and challenge the limits of the human body.

Achieve full body demolition and test your body’s breaking point. Given that you are an advanced athlete of course.

When you’re so far away from your newbie gains and nearing your genetic ceiling capacity, it’s often difficult to advance even further with your gains. You’re going to experience plateaus. To improve, you really have to push your body to the limit.

How to push your body further? We’re talking about difficult advanced exercises with high volume for those strength and hypertrophy gains and no rest periods in between exercises to just for you for powerful cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

Enough with the yapping and let’s get right to it.

Never forget the basic golden rules when performing every exercise.

No matter how advanced you are, you still need to stick with the basic principles of training.

Move Sets Reps
Diamond Push-ups 1 30
Leg Raises 1 30
One Arm Push-ups 1 30
Plank 1 Max
Dips on Straight Bar 1 30
Chin-ups 1 30

No rest between each exercise and rest for 3 minutes for each roundTotal of 3 rounds.

How far in the game are you?

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Coach Pointers

Diamond Push Up

You’ve probably done this before. Push-ups with hands close together as if forming a diamond for some tricep, chest and shoulder building action. Now, why not do good old regular push-ups? It’s because more chest and tricep activation with this exercise. Keep our elbows near your body. Don’t let them flare outwards. Keep a straight body line then you’re good to go!

Leg Raises

Advanced athletes need advanced exercises such as this one for the core. This also an excellent strengthening exercise for your forearms. Stabilize your body throughout the exercise. No momentum allowed. It’s also great if you already have good mobility (which you should have) so you can perform the complete range of motion of the exercise.

One Arm Push ups

And let’s get back to demolishing your chest, triceps and shoulders but with more intensity and core activation. Proper form should always be executed with complete range of motion. No half-repping here. Don’t forget to do the other arm. You want to have balanced muscle groups so both arms can be dominant. Can I add you’d look so cool doing proper one arm push-ups?


This is probably the easiest exercise in the bunch but will punish you with the amount of time you’ll be holding yourself. Plank is a staple core workout. It doesn’t the only workout the abs, but the whole core as well as other muscle groups that will act as stabilizers. Breathe normally and you’ll be fine. Also, don’t cheat by compensating with the bad form just to have longer time. Form is everything.

Dips on Straight Bar

Just when you thought you could rest your chest, triceps and shoulders, another exercise will be demolishing them. This one is easier than parallel bar dips, so you “rest” for a bit with exercise. As you execute the movement, don’t lose out in form. Luckily, the form for this type of dips is easy to maintain. Push through the top with depressed shoulders for maximum activation.

Chin ups

Now you can move on to the posterior chain with chin-ups. Our back and bicep builder. We’ll be using the chin-up for more bicep activation since smaller muscle group such as the bicep is more difficult to develop. Just do the exercise without cheating with bad form or momentum.

You’ll notice that most of the workout focuses on upper body exercises. Even though some of the exercises activates also the lower body such as the plank, some of you might think it’s not enough.

That’s because you might overtrain if you’re going to train with this intensity plus too many exercises. Focus on a single goal at a time so you can progress faster and get the results even faster.

But if you really want to train with the best workout regimen that fits your goals, you’ve got to train with The Movement Athlete. Get a personalized workout routine that’s exactly based on your current skill level.

It’s difficult to draw the exact line between a beginner, intermediate and advanced. How can you really know?

We say screw this levels and get yourself assessed so you can verify where you really at and know where to go to.

Take the assessment and finally get a personalized training regimen. You don’t deserve a one-size-fits-beginner, intermediate or advanced. You deserve better.

Stay strong, friends!


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