25 minutes

Cardiovascular Endurance Training

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About this Calisthenics Workout


Gaining muscle, getting strong and learning skills are not the only goals in calisthenics. Especially if you want to have an overall balanced healthy body. You MUST do cardio.

“But what is it and what is for?”, you might ask.

Cardio or cardiovascular endurance training develops the efficiency of your lungs and heart to deliver oxygen enriched blood to your body during prolonged physical activities. Basically, you are training your heart and lungs to perform for long periods of exercise. You are building up your stamina.

Benefits of this type of training goes beyond the getting to run or swim (or whatever exercise you prefer) for hours and hours. These benefits include:

Fat loss
Improved metabolism
Stress alleviation
Reduced the risk of health complications
More friends! (If done outside)

All of these benefits correlating to the physiological effects of exercise.

Now, how do we train then? There are numerous methods for cardio training ,especially you could also do sport specific cardio; swimming, cycling, dancing, rowing to name a few.

For now, we will be focusing on circuit training as our approach. Each station, you will perform cardio exercises that focuses on different aspects of the body. We will also maintain an elevated heart rate by keeping your rest periods very short.

Note: Listen well to your body. Do not push yourself until your vision starts to fade and you are becoming light headed. Remember we are training also for our health. We do not want any injuries that is a hindrance and very detrimental to our fitness goals.

Shall we get started?

Before the workout, warm up your body first!
Do a proper warm-up first to increase your performance. It prepares your body for the upcoming stress you’re going to exert on yourself. Do simple warm-up routines to get the blood flowing and your joints lubricated.

Though most of exercises are low-moderate intensity, a warm-up routine is still a must. It also decreases any chance of injury.

Here is Your Workout :

Here is Your Workout :

Mountain Climbers130s
Jumping Jacks130s
Jump rope130s
Clapping Push-ups130s

No rest between each exercise and rest for 90 seconds for each roundTotal of 3 rounds.

How far in the game are you?

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