Change to a healthy lifestyle with Jason Manning’s Triple H Plan

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In the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle

People that practice a healthy lifestyle look their best, are the happiest, and live longer. Living a life full of quality reduces health risks, offers instant gratification and increases your chances of longevity.

How we pursue a healthy lifestyle is all a matter of personal choice. Being happy, fit and healthy is up to you.

We sometimes find ourselves needing to make lifestyle changes in order to pursue a healthier happier life.

Do you want to the best version of yourself?

Here’s your game plan

First be happy, be fit and hustle … really hard. Every SINGLE day.

This is how you progress and attain anything worth anything in life.

This game-plan only needs one player… YOU. Stop getting in your way because that kind of self-sabotage needs to be destroyed so you can start a revolution.

Are you ready to turn things around starting today? I mean like right this instance. 


If you’re ready to go on this journey, take these easy tips. They will be of great value and give you time to hustle and just be you.

The Triple H plan

These H’s serve as the basis for any thought-out plan for progression in any aspect of your life. HEALTH, HAPPINESS AND HUSTLE.


In your pursuit for a better life, do not neglect your health. Your body needs movement and real food. It thrives on these 2 things. They provide an abundance of  energy and a clear, focused mind.

Here are 5 tips on how to start living a healthy lifestyle:

1. Eat Real Food

I will not impose any special diet on you. It’s really quite simple! Just eat high quality, nutritionally dense food and cut out processed food. Rule of thumb: eat food that come from the earth and not out of some packaging.

2. Exercise

Is your time limited? Following this game-plan, you’ll start to only use your time for things that are useful and necessary.

Now, exercise falls into both categories. Exercising for at least 20-30 minutes, 3 days per week has the potential to add years to your life. A well-structured program, adhered to at least 3 days per week will transform your body and give you the strength to avoid illness that comes as a result of lack of exercise.

3. 80/20

Consistency is important, but there is always room and time for some indulgence.

So eat lean protein, veggies and fruit 80% of the time. And as so long as you keep at least 80% of your diet in good standing, it’s OK to make the remaining 20% be those things you cannot do without.

Treat yourself for the way you hustle. You deserve it.

4. Take Fish Oil

It’s very common for people to not get enough healthy fats in their nutrition. Yet by increasing your fats, you can increase your metabolism, reduce stress, and improve cognitive function. So try adding fish oil capsules to your daily intake.

5. Boost That Burn

Some foods naturally burn more calories than others. For more muscle and less fat, eat more lean meats, nuts, and berries. It will increase the burn of calories following your meals.

Other foods that help burn fat include:

Cinnamon, Garlic, Turmeric, Ginger, Cumin and Cayenne pepper.

Don’t forget to keep your belly full and your metabolism burning by drinking more water and green tea.


Most people depend on external things to bring them happiness. It would be dismissive and unbalanced to say that having the good things in life doesn’t contribute to happiness. However, it is greatly over-emphasised.

Now, there are some things that are out of our control. You should instead focus on what you have control over like relationships, jobs, habits, and hobbies. Strive to improve in these areas to increase in real happiness.

1. Write Your Mission Statement        

What’s YOUR big picture?

Who are you?

What do you represent?

Where do want your life to go?

Take some time out to think about it. Doing this will build a personal framework that will affect your priorities, actions and expectations.

2. Simplify        

Less really is more.

Eliminate negative influences and toxic relationships. Recognise that there is a massive difference between what you want and what you need, and between essentials and excess.

3. Stop criticising, get inspired        

Stop criticising other people’s hustle.

No one is perfect and that includes you, but I’m sure you don’t want people pointing it out all the time. Get inspired by the hard work people do to achieve things instead of criticising, it’s beautiful.

Offer sincere advice if need be, but invest more time working on yourself than criticising others. You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve when you’re not wasting so much energy on the negative things.

4. Show Gratitude        

Being a driven person, it is very probable you will not have everything you want.

But please be appreciative of what you do have. Most thankful people are happy people.

Everyday, take time  to contemplate the things you should be grateful for. Studies show that doing this increases optimism and decreases stress.

5. Add Value

Giving is really underrated.

Remember, life is not ONLY about you! Being charitable with your time, your skills, and your gift without expecting something back is good for the soul. So concentrate on being an authentic and genuine person. It’s simple. Be the kind of person you would like to meet.

Hustle Hard

Overachievers have this mastered and an average Joe just does not recognise the importance of it. Become well acquainted with this word … HUSTLE!

1. Be uncomfortable … and like it

You CANNOT do the things that you have always done, or you will only get and can only expect what you’ve always got.

Get out of your comfort zone and don’t give yourself ANY excuses. If you want to stop being average, you have to start being comfortable with discomfort…Start by hustling harder than the next guy.

2. Do The Work

Actions speak louder than words.

So lessen the talk about all of the great ideas you have and do something GREAT. Explanations and excuses are useless, let the results speak for themselves. Believe in what you are trying to achieve. It’s your dream and you have the means to make it into a reality. Persist through self-inflicted doubts and ignore the naysayers.

Do this CONSISTENTLY today, tomorrow, and every day after that.

3. Be Confident

Don’t be arrogant, always be humble.

There is no need to ask for permission or apologise for wanting to be better or even the best. Be confident in your abilities and know there is nothing wrong with wanting to progress and improve.

4. F is for Failure, Fear and Forget

Don’t be afraid to take that first step.

Someone needs your ideas, your art, and your work. So being scared doesn’t just affect you but others as well. So F is also for forget.

Forget the critics and the naysayers, they will always be there. Don’t be selfish, share your gift. Once the hustle gets into your veins, the option of failure will not be entertained.

5. Shut Down

Work hard, play hard and at the same time, reset hard.

Even the Sun goes down.

Make a bedtime or at least a template. No screens (computers, smartphones, etc.) within 1 hour of bed. Switch off by writing, reading or contemplating over the day in silence. 7 hours of sleep will replenish your muscles and your mind.

Be a better You

A lifestyle change can seem scary at first. But if it’s for a better version of yourself then I’m telling you it’s totally worth it. You will be so much happier. You will be healthier. And you will be fitter.

Don’t waste another second and stop making excuses. I’ve shared my Triple H plan with you. Now, it’s your turn to start your game plan.

What are you waiting for? Start today and share with us your progress.




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