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You are Your Own Gym Results

You are your own gym results

You are your own gym results

You are your own gym is one of the most popular beginners body weight training programs. We recently have done

a review of the you are your own gym book and you are your own gym DVD as well as you are your own gym app and it got pretty positive voices from our community as well.

But does it really work or its just a hype around the book? We have looked for stories from all around the web to see real you are your own gym results. We bringing you one of them below. Decide for yourself.

You are Your Own Gym Results -Lisa`s Story

When Capetown, South Africa, resident Lisa L. decided to lose 10 pounds before her birthday, the clock was ticking. She was weeks away from completing her final college exams. Between studying, her free time was filled with making plans for a move to a new city and new job. But she wanted to close the school year with a fitter leaner body.

You are Your Own Gym

And that’s when she found Mark Lauren’s book: You are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises. Lisa needed a workout plan that would fit her busy schedule, and the 10-week beginner’s program was just what she was looking for.

“I’m really curious about how my body is going to change and how it will look after 10 weeks,” Lisa said. “I’m going to follow the program for 10 weeks, and I hope to see some progress from week to week.”

Lisa was already eating a healthy and balanced diet when she began the You Are Your Own Gym program for beginners. But she wasn’t as strong as she wanted to be. And she wanted a flatter stomach. And she was willing to earn it. Lisa followed the workout program outlined in Your Are Your Own Gym, performing lunges, crunches, pull-ups, box-jumps, push-ups, and many of the other 125 bodyweight exercises featured in the book.

You can see Sample Workouts Lisa used to get her you are your won gym results

You’ve Got to Start Somewhere

At first it was tough. She could only crank out one or two push-ups. And she managed to complete three pull-ups in the beginning. Mark coached her through those first few weeks of bodyweight exercise workouts, and things started to happen. She could tell she was getting stronger. Her stomach felt tighter, and she was so happy with her progress she posted her results online.

But that was only the beginning of her transformation based the beginner’s workout in You Are Your Own Gym.

“I could tell I was getting stronger, but I didn’t see any changes in my body at first,” Lisa said. “Then after about week five everything really started to smooth out. My stomach started to get really toned, and I love it.”

Sweet Success

And just like the new recruits Mark Lauren trained for the U.S. Military, Lisa soldiered on for the next five weeks. Around the same time she finished her final exam, she also finished the first 10 weeks of the You Are Your Own gym workout. And the results of working out for 30 minutes four days a week were stunning. She lost 10 pounds. She lost about three inches on her waist and hips. And she was remarkably stronger. She finished her final workout by pumping out 15 pushups, 19 pull-ups, and other bodyweight exercises that transformed her body.

“I’m really happy with the results,” Lisa said. “I was really surprised by the change in my waist. Of the four days a week that I worked out, only one workout a week really focused on my waist and core. But my waist is where I saw the biggest change. That’s because all the other exercises that worked my legs and arms also required core muscles to stabilize my midsection. I’m really happy with the results, and I’m going to move on to the next program.”

So Get on The Way

If she did it its definitely a proof that it can happen to you. As within any other workout determination and commitment is a key. If you are just starting out you might want to check our Beginners guide to calisthenics as well as check out a bunch of other bodyweight/ calisthenic training programs out there right here.

But most important – get on your way and start your calisthenic journey, no equipment, no supplements, no excuses.
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