Calisthenics for weight loss? Here Are 5 Reasons How Calisthenics Will Help You Loose Weight Effortlesly

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5 Ways Calisthenics Helps You Lose Weight Fast

While physical activity is a proven way to maintain a healthy body, most people only turn to exercise when they need to shed off the pounds. But not everyone gets the desired results. Some people even gain weight in the process or reach a plateau at a certain point.

This usually happens when exercise is not consistent or when it is not supplemented with the right diet. Even if you train in the gym for two hours straight, if your post-workout meal consists of double cheeseburgers, fries, milkshakes and fried chicken in one sitting – then it’s a no-brainer why you’re not losing weight.

So which is more effective? Diet or Exercise?

Diet VS. Exercise in Weight Loss

There have been studies that argue that exercise does not help in weight loss, however, research such as this should not be taken at face value.

It is true that when weight loss is desired, diet is a crucial part of the equation. It has to be a steady program that can be maintained because often, people give up on their diet which is followed by weight gain. However, studies have shown that a high level of physical activity is associated in keeping the pounds off. Exercise also helps in burning fat, building muscle,  and in toning and shaping the body, not to mention its innumerable health benefits.

So what does this tell us?

It means that the right diet should be complemented by exercise to get you optimal results.  But like diet, a lot of exercise programs fail to be effective for a variety of reasons.

Why do weight loss exercise trends fail?

Cycle karaoke, skateboarding, pilates, and mermaid classes… these are just some of the new exercise classes to hit the fitness industry.  While exercises such as these promise incredible results, the problem with new trends often lies with consistency.

First, these exercise programs tend to be expensive especially when you want to make it a regular routine. You either have to sign up for a gym membership or pay for the individual classes. Time also becomes an issue when it comes to keeping up a regular exercise program. Busy schedules make it very convenient to make excuses to go to the gym, thus disregarding exercise.

Is there a more practical weight loss exercise solution?

In order to achieve a steady weight loss, you have to adopt an exercise routine that you can practice regularly – without any excuses. Calisthenics may just be the answer to your problem. 

Calisthenics is an exercise that relies on body weight training. It is one of the most ancient forms of physical activity. Although the moves may seem basic and simple, they are very effective in working out your body. It can help you become stronger using functional moves, and at the same time aid in weight loss.

How will Calisthenics help you

lose weight?

If you’re looking for an exercise to complement your diet, implementing a calisthenics training program is an ideal choice. You might be surprised to know that practicing calisthenics can actually help you when you’re looking to shed off the pounds.


Here are some ways calisthenics help you lose weight:

You stay consistent with calisthenics

With other exercise trends, the inconvenience of buying different equipment or going to the gym just to make it to your class can serve as excuses to miss your workout. With calisthenics, these issues are all irrelevant.

This is because you can practice calisthenics just about anywhere, whether you have a big space or not. It also does not require any special equipment. You can also modify the routine to fit your schedule so no need to rush from the office or wake up extra early to make it to a class. 

According to Geoff Keller, a physical therapist with Harvard-affiliated Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital:

“Consistency is the key to any successful exercise program. After all, the best exercise is the one you will do.”

Calisthenics exercises large muscle groups

With calisthenics, you can burn more calories because you’re working out large muscle groups at the same time by doing compound exercises. 

These compound exercises help you burn more calories while boosting levels of fat-burning hormones like testosterone and growth hormone. This then helps you burn more fat while building up your strength

For example, compared to isolation exercises like a bicep curls, a compound exercise (e.g. push-ups) will work out your arms, chest, core muscles, and shoulders.

You build more lean muscle mass

Bodyweight training helps you build muscles which is a crucial part of weight loss. When you build muscle through bodyweight training, fat is replaced with lean tissue. Lean tissue is more metabolically active than fat so your metabolic rate increases.  

What does it mean when you have more muscle and a faster metabolism

Studies have shown that more muscles means your total calorie expenditure is boosted by 20% while fat increases it by only 5%, which means that when you have more muscle, you burn more calories even when you’re resting.

It can help restore insulin sensitivity

Regular exercise has been shown to restore insulin sensitivity.  What does this mean?

Insulin sensitivity is defined as a healthy hormonal state which allows your body to digest and store carbohydrates without a problem. However, when you eat in excess, especially carbohydrates, your body can develop insulin resistance where your cells resist the insulin’s signals to let the glucose in. What happens then is the glucose is stored as fat.

Studies have shown however that weight loss induced by exercise was much more effective at improving insulin sensitivity than weight loss induced by calorie restriction. 

In addition, exercise such as bodyweight training use up the glucose stores in your body. This helps improve insulin sensitivity because you have more storage capacity for glucose as a result.

Calisthenics gets you moving

According to a study, inactive and sedentary lifestyle causes 60% of people to gain weight. If you work in an office, sitting on your desk for 8 hours straight then you might be one of these people slowly gaining weight due to inactivity.

Of course, this habit does not stop in the office as a lot of people at home also lounge on the couch for most of the day or when they get home from work.

When you practice calisthenics, that’s less inactive time for you. You will obviously burn more calories doing these exercises than sitting on the couch, munching on cookies or chips.

So if you’re looking to find a great exercise routine, try out calisthenics exercises and let us know how it worked out for you.

Here’s a run-down of what we’ve talked about how calisthenics help you with weight loss:

  1. Calisthenics keeps you consistent.
  2. It involves moving large muscle group means more calories burnt
  3. It helps you build more lean muscle mass.
  4. Restores insulin sensitivity which helps carbs digestion
  5. And lastly, calisthenics keeps you moving!

But what if the exercises are too hard or too easy for you?

Calisthenics exercises can be practiced by most people at any level of fitness. However, if you don’t see any result, chances are you are not working hard enough to suit your individualized fitness status and that the lack of personalisation is what’s hurting your training.

This is why we created The Movement Athlete: to offer a fully personalised training program reflecting exactly where your level is for optimal performance.


What are you waiting for? Start doing calisthenics now!




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