These days there a lots of workouts which are mainly performed in the gym using weights. Bodyweight Training Arena wants to incorporate some different types of training using only your bodyweight as a resistance. We believe that doing calisthenics can change your perspective on how you look on the term – exercising. Large number of people are having trouble with being over weight, finding it too hard to lose weight.

losing weight

losing weight

Besides eating healthy and lowering your daily calorie intake, your training effort has such a huge impact on how fast you get tangible results.The key to loosing weight is to eat less and to workout more. This is often miss understood because people think that they should eat once and exercise 2 times in a day. This is such a bad approach which may result in possible health issues. We want to feed our organism constantly but with the right type of foods. The better you eat the better you will feel. You will have more energy and you will get results way faster then when you eat hamburgers and other processed and high-fat foods.Enough for the diet.

There’s just one question that you ask yourself when you are searching a workout program that will suit you.

**Is this program going to provide the needed intensity?

If you can get a positive answer then you are at the right place.

For today we have a 4 Week Workout Program for Losing Weight.

losing weight

Girl performing calisthenics

We will give you 5 different workout tables for 5 different days including Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There you can track your daily and weekly progress. You can write down how many reps you’ve done and by that you will be able to see how much you improved.

Why 4 Week Program?

We give you a 4 Week Program that you can use for 3 months if you want. However, for better progress we recommend you to change your routines and switch the exercises included because you don’t want your body to get used to the exercises because eventually that will lead to 0 results.

Why these exercises? Do I strictly need elastic bands?

We picked up more like a basic and cardio oriented exercises such as burpees, pushups, squats and more. For the second question, the answer is definitely yes.We added band exercises to work on hypertrophy while losing weight.

Who is this program for?

This program is for both beginners and intermediate athletes who want to work on lowering their body fat percentage and for those who want to lower their weight.

Program Flow

The program is to be done for 4 weeks with 5 workouts per week. As we already mentioned you are going to exercise on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday with 2 day rest on Wednesday and Sunday.

The program calls for 5 different workouts with 2 day Upper Body and 2 day Lower Body Split. The 5th day will be a combined circuit which will test your endurance and will provide great High Intensity Training (HIT).

Importance of proper Warm Up

Before you start the workouts you should always do a proper warm-up of 20 to 30 minutes. Each warm-up should include Dynamic Stretching and Mobility Exercises in order to loosen up the tight areas and allow your muscles to work in full motion.

We already have on article that includes Warm-Up content so we suggest you to take a look and take notes out of it.

Program Schedule

* Monday

Name of ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Push-Ups Wide
Band Close Row
Band Lateral Raises
Band Biceps Curl
Triceps Bar Extension
Push-Ups Diamond

* Tuesday

Name of ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Matrix Lunges
Calf Raises
Lunge Jumps
Ankle Jumps
High Knee Jumps
Glute Bridges

* Wednesday

* Thursday

Name of ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Bar Dips
Band 1 Armed Row
Push-Ups 7-5-7
Band Front Shoulder Raise
Band Delt Raises
Band Biceps Alt Curls
Korean Dips


* Friday

Name of ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Band Squats
King Deadlift
Band Get-Ups
Calf Raises – 1 legged
Step-Up Jumps
High Knee Running in Place
Short Sprints 30m

* Saturday

Name of ExerciseWeek 1Week 2Week 3Week 4
Close Squats
Calf Raises
Sit – Ups
Band exercise of choice
Band exercise of choice

* Sunday


Sets and Reps

* Calisthenic exercises (On and Off Bar without Resistance Bands)

All exercises such as Pull-Ups, Dips, Push-Ups, Bar Dips, Squats, Lunges are to be done for 3 sets of 10 to 20 repetitions depending on your physical capabilities.

* Band Exercises.

For the exercises that are to be performed using resistance bands they should be performed for 3-4 sets of 15 repetitions each.

* Jumping Exercises

We included Plyometrics as a part of the lower body training in order to bring another level of intensity in the workouts.

Plyometrics should be performed for time of 20-30 seconds each for 2-3 sets (no more). This will put stress on your body and you will burn huge amount of calories.


* Push yourself each and every workout to get the most out of it. By staying in your comfort zone you won’t do much, that’s why you should always give everything you got, that’s how people achieve greatness.

* Execute each and every exercise in an explosive fashion. This means that you should give everything you got and perform the movement in a full motion as fast as you can. Beware, we don’t want to see you injured, that’s why make sure you warm-up properly and if you are beginner then gradually increase the speed of exercise execution.

* Losing weight is more about eating healthy than it’s about working out. That’s why you should seriously check your diet. Do you eat processed foods? Do you eat enough vegetables and fruit? Do you eat protein? How many carbohydrates you enter on a daily basis?. These are few questions you should ask yourself when you have no visible results and you are stuck in your progress.

– Why should I worry about carbohydrates, are they bad?

DEFINITELY NO! Carbohydrates are very essential for your body, especially for your energy levels. Besides carbohydrates should a part of each and every diet, when losing weight and lowering body fat, you should lower the daily amount you are entering. This means that you may want to eat foods that are rich in carbs in the morning and probably during lunch. We are highly against eating carbohydrates in the evening, or even worse, BEFORE BED. So anything you do, just exclude the carbohydrates from your diet after lunch. Eat protein food like fish, steak, pork, eggs, tuna etc.

* Execute each and every exercise with proper form to avoid injuries.


For the end of this workout article we would like to give you some advice on how to progress faster.

  1. Calculate how many calories your body burns in a day.
  2. Calculate how many calories your body needs a day in order to start losing weight.
  3. Calculate your daily protein needs.
  4. Construct a healthy diet. Make sure you include protein food and exclude processed and high-fat foods.
  5. Drink plenty of water.
  6. Always chart your progress.
  7. Stay motivated and stay hungry even if there’s no progress.

Keep on going!

calisthenics diet