How Much Does The Movement Athlete Cost? Unveiling the Investment in Comprehensive Fitness

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In pursuit of a healthier and more active lifestyle, many individuals turn to specialized fitness programs to help them achieve their goals.

The Movement Athlete has emerged as a prominent choice for those seeking a comprehensive and dynamic approach to fitness. Focusing on calisthenics, mobility, and skill development, The Movement Athlete promises to transform your body and elevate your athleticism.

However, before embarking on this fitness journey, it’s essential to understand the costs involved.

In this article, we will look at the pricing structure of TMA and see plans that suit your personal fitness goals. Let’s start!


🤔What is The Movement Athlete Academy?🌟

The Movement Athlete platform is a paid subscription app that gives you access to a PERSONALIZED, ADAPTIVE, and LIFELONG CALISTENICS TRAINING SYSTEM.

It is made to take you step by step from ZERO to bodyweight mastery in the safest, most effective way possible. All of this while learning over 100 amazing calisthenics and gymnastics moves like handstands, planches, levers, muscle-ups, and more.

It’s a uniquely gamified system—just see the image below for the Handstand Journey.

freestanding handstand


🔥The Movement Athlete’s Training Philosophy

The Movement Athlete is not your typical fitness program solely focused on building muscle or burning fat.

Instead, it emphasizes creating well-rounded athletes capable of performing various functional movements and mastering bodyweight exercises.

The program takes a holistic approach, combining strength training, flexibility work, balance, coordination, and more to develop athleticism beyond aesthetics.


⚡️TMA’s Mission

The Movement Athlete helps ordinary people build incremental blocks of strength, mobility & flexibility so they can be fit for life.

Its ambition is to become the world’s leading FITNESS PLATFORM and lifestyle BRAND THAT STANDS FOR A NEW, holistic, & fun APPROACH TO FITNESS and is focused on empowering & transforming lives and relationships through fitness for millions of people using progressive body-weight strength Training.


✨We Focus on Three Elements:

1. ☑️ Body

Provides personalized progressive strength training program that builds strong joints, mobility, and a lean, healthy, and pain-free body.

2. ☑️ Mindset

Changing their mindset on what “strong” is, helping them to accept their bodies and where they are at, teaching them to be mindful, focus on the process, and enjoy the journey.

3. ☑️ Knowledge

Providing knowledge empowers people to be strong, mobile, and healthy for years to come, not just to lose weight, – mostly geared for beginners and people who want to.



  • ✊ Approaching fitness in a way that is aligned with who you are
  • ✊ Using fitness and strength so you can live your best love – no matter what you want to do
  • ✊ Fitness = mental and physical strength to live
  • ✊ Enabling you to do/ live/ whatever you want to do
  • ✊ Be capable – We want you to be MORE CAPABLE AS YOU GROW OLDER, NOT LESS
  • ✊ Fitness should be fun, and movement should be built into your life, not a chore.


🤯Who is The Movement Athlete For?

Movement Athlete is a program that already has 55,976 members and is all about getting you leaner, stronger, and much more mobile every day.

Want some proof? Check out TMA’s awesome users’ real stories, testimonials, and mind-blowing transformations here.

And guess what? TMA is made up of people just like you, covering all ages from 22 to 70. The TMA has something for everyone, whether you identify as male or female, engineer, pilot, programmer, parent, or child.

What is up with the group? They’re not just chasing a fleeting good look; they’re after long-lasting power, freedom of movement, and a life without those annoying aches for the next 40-50 years.

What matters is living without pain, enjoying quality time with your loved ones, and having the energy to hike your heart out.

What drives people to TMA is a picture of a future where your joints aren’t holding you back, you’re chasing kids and grandkids like a pro, and you’re standing tall without pesky backaches.

People come to The Movement Athlete for a shared quest for the real deal—a system that actually works. That’s why they found their home sweet home with Movement Athlete.


🧐Why The Movement Athlete?🤸

The TMA is not just a single trainer imposing his views on you, but a team committed to constant research and improvement of our system, based on the empirical results that we get from you guys.

The TMA training system is the result of a collaboration of 10 different coaches, including gymnasts, calisthenics and street workout pros, physiotherapists, and sports scientists, over the last 3 years.

We are also backed by the world’s best Sports Tech Startup Accelerator run by the Adidas family and ex-Red Bull executives, so you can be sure that we are playing a long game and are here to innovate and deliver an incredible product.


🤔What Will You Get if You Sign Up Today?

You will have access to more than 100 CALISTHENICS SKILLS CONTENT.💪

It includes everything from months’ worth of personalized workouts, assessments, a mastery system, hundreds of videos and tutorials, interaction with coaches, community, and so on.

This on its own is sold by our competitors for $100-$200, and you would normally get 8 weeks’ worth of training.

Now imagine getting all that, not for one skill, but for over 100 different skills!

Yes, you heard it right! This is what you are getting when you sign up for the Movement Athlete Academy

And no, we don’t just give you the skills. They are all well organized into a journey where you unlock harder and harder skills,

But that’s not all, on top of the content, you also get a whole tech platform that we spent over 3 years developing:

Calisthenics Fundamentals

Within that, you will get:

💪 access to years of daily, PERSONALISED workouts that will guide you through mastering over 100 different calisthenics skills

💪 It will not be random, as our comprehensive assessment ensures that you are just at the right level to be challenged but not be injured

💪 the workouts are easy to follow and unlike other apps, they are optimized for strength, fat loss, muscle building, skill & endurance by including varied rep schemes every time you workout

💪 as this is ADAPTIVE CALISTHENICS, our workouts will adjust in real time based on your feedback

💪 you can work anytime, anywhere, by adjusting the time and equipment that you have

💪 as you go along you will unlock harder and harder moves just like in the game keeping you motivated and excited to unlock new levels.

You don’t have to think at all – you can just focus on making progress.

No MORE confusion, the hassle of searching for a trainer, spending hours and hours on YouTube, and trying different random calisthenics and bodyweight training programs for 8 weeks.


🎯What Results Can You Expect?

Witness the remarkable transformations of some of our 50,976 users who embarked on their journey with TMA Academy. In just a matter of weeks, they’ve experienced an array of impressive benefits:

🏆 Sculpted Muscles, Natural Fat Loss
“Embracing TMA, my physique underwent a profound change. I now boast a prominent six-pack, a sturdy core, and noticeable growth in my shoulders and upper body.” – Sean

🏆 Bid Adieu to Joint Pains and Aches
“Even the intermittent knee discomfort I experienced has begun to fade away.” – Taha

🏆 Enhanced Mobility & Flexibility
“Astonishingly improved mobility became my reality. Touching my toes is no longer a challenge, my hamstrings have eased, and I can lift my children without any discomfort.” – Matt

🏆 Unveil Functional Strength
“The program unleashed an unexpected surge of strength within me. I feel remarkably healthier and exude greater energy since embracing this journey.” – Michael

🏆 Confidence Redefined, Optimal Self-Attained
“My confidence has soared, radiating a more substantial presence. A serene composure graces me, while physical conditioning and muscle growth uplift my strength.” – Wagner

🏆 Uplifted Posture
“The initial transformation was in my posture—a newfound height that bolstered my confidence.” – Taha

🏆 Resilience Amplified
“My threshold for pain has been significantly challenged, marking a pivotal shift in my mental endurance. I now approach workouts with unwavering tenacity.” – Matt

🏆 Vigor Revitalized, Youth Rediscovered
“A reservoir of boundless energy now fuels me. Compliments pour in, and I’ve even taken on the role of a personal trainer, inspiring members 60 and above.” – Carol

🏆 Stress-Free Workout Regimen
“The simplicity of my training schedule alleviates the stress of adhering to gym timings and planned sessions.” – Phil

🏆 Sustained Motivation, Unmatched Excitement
“Psychologically, I’ve embraced hard work and learned to relish each exercise with deliberate enthusiasm.” – Liam

🏆 The Joy of Progression
“The journey has transformed into an exhilarating game, complete with levels and challenges. The excitement and novelty have been invigorating.” – William


Program Options and Pricing💵

So, how much does the program cost?

The Movement Athlete offers different membership options, allowing you to choose the level of commitment that suits your needs and preferences.

See the available membership plans here:

TMA pricing plans

✅ Pricing Highlight: 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Movement Athlete offers a 7-day trial to allow you to experience a taste of our unique training methods. The trial period allows you to explore some of the platform’s features and sample a few workouts.

✅ Monthly

A monthly subscription plan is available if you wish to fully immerse yourself in The Movement Athlete‘s training program. This plan gives you access to a vast library of workouts, skill sessions, and progressions designed to continuously challenge and improve your abilities.

✅ Quarterly

TMA also offers a quarterly option if you want to go more than a month on your fitness journey. Like the monthly plan, the quarterly option grants you full access to a comprehensive collection of workouts, skill-enhancement sessions, and progressive challenges. This ensures that you can sustain the momentum of your fitness challenge over an extended period, allowing you to witness and celebrate your remarkable advancements.

✅ Yearly

The Movement Athlete also offers a yearly membership option if you want a more extended commitment to your fitness journey. The annual plan often comes with 50% cost savings compared to the monthly subscription, making it an attractive choice if you want to dedicate to long-term progress.

✅ Lifetime Access

A lifetime access plan is your gateway to perpetual fitness excellence. This subscription unlocks endless progression, personalized fitness evolution, and a holistic wellness approach. Get lifetime access for a one-time payment of $597.


🧐Frequently Asked Questions:

🔎Do you offer a trial period or money-back guarantee for the program?

Yes, TMA offers a 7-day trial. You can have access to 100 different calisthenic skills with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

🔎Are there any hidden fees or additional costs beyond the subscription price?

No, you only pay for the subscription you sign up for, with no other charges. You can also cancel at any time.

🔎Can I switch between subscription plans or cancel my membership at any time?

The Movement Athlete allows you to cancel at any time, free of charge.



The Movement Athlete offers a unique and comprehensive approach to fitness, centered around building athleticism through calisthenics, mobility, and skill development.

With a flexible subscription plan, you can choose one that works for you and helps you reach your fitness goal. While the specific costs associated with the program can change over time, they typically include free trial access, monthly subscriptions, quarterly memberships, and annual memberships, with the possibility of optional coaching programs.

Ultimately, investing in The Movement Athlete depends on individual preferences, fitness goals, and budget considerations. Those seeking a well-rounded and functional fitness experience beyond traditional gym workouts will find The Movement Athlete a valuable and transformative investment in health and physical abilities.

YOU CAN GET STARTED FOR FREE  by taking our free assessment Now! 💪💪


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