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The first time I heard about the Dragon flag, I was curious to know more about it. When I tried to find out more about this, I found that the Dragon Flag got its name from Bruce Lee. Sounds exciting and interesting? The dragon Flag is basically a move that was performed by Bruce Lee in his workouts. He used to hang his body straight just like a flag and hold in this position for a particular amount of time. This move is not easy at all beginners will quickly find out how challenging it is. The great thing is the Dragon Flag comes with many benefits for your body and for your health; I will highlight some of them below for you.

Dragon Flag

Dragon Flag

Source: Fitnessfancy

The Benefits of the Dragon Flag

The following are some of the benefits of the Dragon Flag.

  • Mastering this exercise will help with many other exercises you do, which means your entire body is being worked. Through the calisthenics of the exercise, you are able to increase your strength and endurance.
  • The Dragon Flag helps to build core strength, which is the foundation of many exercises.
  • The Dragon Flag can be called the best hard core exercise for the abs. It surely helps to define the abs and makes them stronger.

How to Perfect the Dragon Flag

The approach to performing the Dragon Flag is to go slow. This may take about 3 months or more to master this exercise, so patience is needed. Using an easy approach when learning the Dragon Flags is best and follow follow these steps s that you can get the best results.

  • You need to have a grip behind the shoulders when starting with Dragon Flag so it is always best to try it out on a solid surface first. This movement should be started in the top position, otherwise you risk losing your form. The weight has to be in line with your shoulders. The hips and the legs need to be in a straight line as well. Try to avoid placing your weight all on your neck, rather, the weight has to be supported on the shoulders.
  • The body has to be lowered down slowly. When the body weight starts to lever out, this exercise tends to become more difficult and hurtful on your back. When your body has approached the starting position, pause, and repeat for more repetitions.

Understanding the Dragon Flag Progressions

The following are the four different types of Dragon Flag progressions.

  1. Hanging leg raises: Your toes need to be brought up to the bar without any kipping. It might be difficult to do the complete movement without kipping or momentum, so it is ok if the knees are brought up as high as possible.
Dragon Flag

Hanging Leg raises

Source: Breakingmuscle

    1. Eccentrics: If we want to build our strength then the best thing to do is to lower from the top slowly, then remain in this position for as long as possible. The Eccentrics help to resist the gravity and work your muscles in alternative ways. The portion that is eccentric helps in handling more of the weight and it needs to be slowed down in mid-exercise position. For more details check out the video below.

  1. Hardstyle Plank: You need to keep your core very tight for the dragon flag exercise. Thus holding tight in a plank position can be quite helpful. For the hardstyle planks, tension is required in the thighs, abs and the glutes.
Dragon Flag

Hardstyle Plank

Source: Pccblog.dragondoor

  1. Hip raises: It is essential to learn how to do abdominal bracing to protect the lower back. This is what the hip raises will teach you. The hip raises need to be practiced with bent legs or even bent hips. This will be quite helpful in taking away the levered weight and will help to strengthen your core. The hips should be raised off the bench in an upward and downward position.

Performing Dragon Flag Using a Pole

If, after reading the above details, you still require any help then just make sure that you go through this summary as closely as possible to learn the basics. This summary tells you how to perform the dragon flag using a pole and the bench is not the only option.

  • When I started the Dragon Flags I kept it simple and you should do the same. The bench is not the only option for the Dragon Flag and you can even use a pole. The four progressions are already discussed above so start with the eccentrics.
  • Here is how it goes. Lock the arms around the pole and raise the butt. Keep the legs as straight as possible. There needs to be a straight line between the legs and the torso. Do should not bend at the hips.
  • Then the body has to be lowered down slowly. The butt needs to be brought up again and the legs need to be straightened. It is better to start off with 3 sets of 5 reps of the Dragon Flags and initially it is better to lower the body gradually till our body is actually prepared for this move. Check out the video for more details. Lowering is the harder part so if the body is not prepared for the complete lowering then the body will start to hinge and that is what we do not want.

The Goal for Dragon Flags

Dragon Flag is a hard movement so we need to set the goals low to start; this will help you with motivation. Now if you master the Dragon Flag, then it will become much easier to attempt body weight exercises such as front levers. Try and aim for quality over quantity and the objective is not to lose your form at any time. Thus take your time in learning the Dragon Flag and once you are able to master even the starting points, then you will be proud of your achievement. The goal is not to give up and keep on trying to attain perfection and the results will be rewarding for your body and health.


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