10 Inspirational and Successful Vegan Calisthenics Athletes

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Most of you have doubts whether you can really train as an athlete while following a Vegan diet. There is a long list of athletes who have stuck to a Vegan diet and still made significant contribution to the field of Calisthenics. Before discovering who these athletes really are let us look at what a Vegan Calisthenics diet is all about.

Vegan Calisthenics

Vegan Calisthenics

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The beneficial Vegan diet for athletes

Plants are a rich source of protein and can greatly benefit those who are trying to build up their muscles. The athletes need to have the recommended intake of protein as decide by different sports bodies. Luckily even if meat is denied completely the vegan diet does provide an adequate intake of protein so here are some of the reasons why an athlete should opt for a vegan diet Calisthenics diet benefits in the first place.

  • When you consume an ample amount of fruits and vegetables the fiber optimizes the process of digestion and it reduces the possibility of a bloated tummy. The bloated stomach can be a big hindrance when you need to workout. When you say no to meat than you would not really have to worry about the cholesterol levels rising up and clogged arteries as well.
  • Great cardiovascular health is essential for Calisthenics athletes. The plant based diet is very low in saturated fat. When your cardiovascular system is in optimal state then you would not have a problem in running longer, jumping higher and training harder on a daily basis. Stamina maintenance is also a crucial aspect for an athlete and this is only possible when you have a great cardiovascular health.
  • The plant based diets contribute to increased endurance.
  • Most athletes struggle with maintaining their physique. When you are on a plant based diet this struggle becomes a lot easier because you are not consuming a high fat diet.

Successful Vegan Calisthenics athletes

Vegan Calisthenics

Vegan Calisthenics expert

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Here is a list of the top 10 Calisthenics athletes who have been consuming a vegan diet, but still have been able to carve a name in the field of Calisthenics.

  1. Frank Medrano: When we talk about the top Vegan Calisthenics Athletes the name of Frank tops the list. He is a 100 percent Vegan. He is an ardent consumer of super foods and ensures that his diet is low in fat. When he has to get in peak conditioning he makes sure that he cuts down on his sodium intakes and increases the consumption of vegetables. His fitness is truly an inspiration for those Calisthenics athletes who want to say goodbye to meat and switch to a veggie diet.
  2. Stephen Hughes: He is a popular pro street workout athlete and he supports the street workouts across the globe. He initially switched to the Vegan diet to see how it would affect his performance and the results were simply mind blowing. His mental and physical energy increased greatly once he switched to the Vegan diet. His diet primarily includes mixed vegetables, sweet potatoes, broccoli, mixed nuts and fruits.
  3. Noal Polanco: He is the well-known Vegan Fitness star. He follows a plant based diet to the core and has still been able to make a name in the field of Calisthenics. His diligence and determination is truly inspirational and he has helped many others to switch to a plant based diet. Noal has proved to the world that you can be muscular and super fit despite following a vegan diet. Noal has a great liking for veggie salads, fruits and nuts.
  4. Ricky Warren: He is a renowned Calisthenics coach and athlete as well. He has got massive experience in bodyweight training and 7 years of experience in Martial Arts training. Currently he gives bodyweight training workshops to fitness trainers. Ricky is in the process of embracing a complete vegetarian diet. He maintains his fitness by eating vegetables, but he consumes fish as well. He has quit the red meat and is willing to become a Vegan Calisthenics
  5. Dan Attanasio: He is also a reputed name in the world of Vegan Calisthenics. He first started his training with weight lifting. Dan has excelled in Extreme Calisthenics as well. He follows Vegan lifestyle and makes sure that he has lots of great superfoods in his diet as well. Hemp seeds, Gogi berry, Cacao and Maca are his favorite foods.
  6. Bill Mc Carthy: He is a great power lifter and strength and conditioning coach. Bill completely relies on a vegan diet and believes that there is little need for supplements when you are on a vegan diet. He only consumes B12 supplements. His strength is a proof of the fact that vegetables are sufficient to address the needs of the body.
  7. Dusan Dudas: He is a skilled Vegan body builder. The prime reason why Dusan decided to give up meat and dairy was due to his family health problems. Once he switched to a Vega diet completely he witnessed immediate health benefits.
  8. Patrik Baboumian: He started off his career as a bodybuilder. He has continued to improve his strength by switching onto a Vegan diet completely.
  9. Alexander Dargatz: He is one man who has won a number of bodyweight titles. He has also undergone massive strength training. He enjoys a Vegan diet and has still been able to continue his winning spree.
  10. Joel Kirkilis: He is a powerlifter and a Vegan Body Builder. He has various accomplishments to his credit and has tried out various lifts. He decided to turn vegan because he did not favor animal exploitation.


Now you should wipe the apprehension from your mind that fitness and training require an intake of various meats and fats. Plant based diet is best for any athlete’s health. All these men are a living proof of this fact. If you have decided to start with Calisthenics training follow in the footsteps of these successful athletes and switch to Vegan diet.




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