Calisthenics is quickly gaining popularity all around the world and things are no different in the UK. This is the reason that some of the top Calisthenics athletes are from UK. People are now gaining awareness about what Calisthenics is all about and want to master this art for sure. Now if you are getting more curious let us look some of the well known athletes from the UK.

Top UK based Calisthenics athletes absolutely rocking it!

The following athletes have proven their mettle in the field of calisthenics and are definitely the pride of the country.


The name that tops the list is Stephen Hughes Landers. He is one of the top ranked athletes of UK and he was the one who lay the foundation of Calisthenics in the UK. He participated in the Street Workout championship in 2014 and represented UK. This man has been popular for his high risk combos and his workouts are pretty exciting and entertaining for the onlooker. He frequently travels all around the world to give valuable insight to people about Calisthenics. He even competes in different competitions and judges competitions as well.

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We cannot miss out the name of Terroll Lewis when we talk about the best Calisthenics athletes. Terroll is quite popular for his block workouts. The block workouts were founded by Terroll back in 2009 and since then he has also been giving trainings related to the block workouts. The block workouts are all about weight exercises and natural body movements. Block workouts are now becoming quite popular in the UK and the credit goes to Terroll.

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Mike is into whole body fitness training. He is a fitness coach in the United Kingdom. His area of specialization is the kettlebells. Mike has also mastered the bodyweight skills like push-ups. While training he puts in a lot of emphasis on efficient movement for improving the awareness of the body. During the period of 1980’s Mike actively participated in Judo. He indulges in bodyweight training and Kettlebells on a daily basis.

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Ranjit has made a name for himself in street calisthenics in the United Kingdom. He is an active member of Street Strength UK team and is quite well known for his strength. Ranjit is popularly known as the underground king for his hard hitting style. He truly has a no nonsense approach towards calisthenics. He even stood 4th in the WSWCF Super Cup held in the year 2013.

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  1. C-Mills Brown

C-Mill has the honor of being one of the veterans of the block workouts. He has always been motivated to put in his best performance when it comes to the street workouts. C-Mills has always demonstrated immense skill and strength through his workouts.

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  1. Benjamin Wachenje

Benjamin Wachenje popularly known as Bro Ben is a fitness enthusiast. He has been able to give cinematic shine to the modern movement of calisthenics. Benjamin has used his calisthenics talent to take his passion for health and fitness to a new level.


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Luke Baker is also one of the street calisthenics stars who have made valuable contribution in the field of calisthenics in the United Kingdom. His passion for the calisthenics is truly commendable and his performance is motivational. He also put up a great performance in UK Street Workout 2013 championship.

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  1. SAI NJO

Sai Njo has held the Guinness World Record for the biggest number of parallel bar dips in just a minute with the 100 lb backpack. Sai works out about one hundred and sixty percent extra to his own bodyweight. Sai also participated in the Street Workout Nation’s Cup held in Moscow in the year 2012.

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Lee is quite popular for his sets of extreme muscle endurance. Lee’s 45 reps are quite well known. He also won the king of the bar competition held at Fibo Expo Germany in 2015. Lee was also one of the official judges in the WSWCF World Championship held in 2012.

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Jay Anthony is also a famous name in the world of street workouts. His calisthenics workouts are truly an inspiration and show his flawless technique. He has also played a vital in rocking the UK Calisthenics scene.

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Calisthenics has become a craze in the recent years and the credit goes to all the famous athletes mentioned above. These people took the pain to promote the sport and take it to a new level. The best part is that they expressed their own sense of innovation through Calisthenics.

The message

What these men achieved carries an important message and that is if you strive hard there are no goals that can be hard to accomplish. What you need is the willpower to make it happen and become a success. These athletes were able to break their personal barriers and this is why Calisthenics is far more popular in UK now and the credit goes to the competence of these athletes.

If you also wish to be successful in the field of Calisthenics make sure that you first develop the understanding about the sport. Once you have the awareness and the passion the next step is to approach professional institutes and trainers who can give you the adequate guidance in this regard. This way you will not have to worry about anything at all and you will get the possible help to do the job with perfection. It is very much understandable that you might be a bit reluctant when you step into this field, but nothing is impossible in this world and when you will put in effort then you will be able to get success coming your way so thumbs up for the Calisthenics experts and also those who want to put in an effort to excel.


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