Bare Minimum Workout from a professional acrobat

Bare Minimum Workout from a professional acrobat

If you’re in a fitness rut, The Bare Minimum Workout is for you.

Have you left the office after work too exhausted to work out? Ever been stuck in a cycle of exhaustion and lack of exercise because of

minimal calisthenics workout with Rocco Lapaire professional acrobat

play time!

poor food choices? Or are you just bored with your current routine?

This happens to the best of us; I’ve experienced all types of workout plateaus, ruts, jeesh even valleys!…and that’s why I developed my “Bare Minimum” workout. It’s not a substitute for a full training plan. It’s more like insurance to make sure that you never, ever get out of shape. Consider it a way of bulletproofing your long-term fitness goals.

This workout combines basic everyday fitness needs with focused skill training. It can be tailored to meet your goals. This can mean, for example, doing it in the shortest amount of time with as little equipment and space as possible. With it, you’ll never, ever get out of shape. 

It’s a do anywhere, anytime workout.

Before you get started, though, you need to lay your fitness goals out. What does your body need to achieve your goals? Do you have any special exercises, like physical therapy exercises?

Get creative, and make sure the program you lay out for yourself is reasonable. Try building it with little to no equipment, and short enough to squeeze into even your most hectic days.

You are the creator of your plan, these are your goals -make this program your go-to when you can’t get a longer routine in. Smart, focused, and diligent training will yield results!

1. My “Bare Minimum” workout

I’m an acrobat, so I set myself very specific goals.

I’m an acrobat, so I set myself very specific goals. My body needs specialized exercises to make those goals a reality while protecting my joints from the wear and tear caused by advanced acrobatics.

My current goals: increase the flexibility of my active and passive splits; have a reliable one arm handstand.

My fitness needs: PT to prevent shoulder and wrist problems to continue my acrobatic work. For the splits, I need enhanced joint mobility and strength.

My Bare Minimum (BM) Workout: I start off with a PT warmup. It stretches my wrists and shoulders, preparing me for handstands.

I then go into a routine with a variety of handstands, wrist strengthening exercises, and split stretching that addresses my body’s needs and moves me closer to my goals. The entire routine is 45 minutes.

Wait, what? 45 minutes?!

I know that for many people, 45 minutes is excessive for a “Bare Minimum” workout.  But my routine caters to my career as a full-time acrobat.  Remember, this program is customizable! Unless you’ve got the same needs as me, working on a one-arm handstand and splits, you’ll want to create a shorter workout that still keeps you on track with your long-term goals.

So let’s talk about YOU.

I think that it’s safe to say that there are three broad goals for general fitness:

  1. Lose weight
  2. Maintain current weight
  3. Gain muscle mass.

You can obviously add more goals to this list, though. Do you want to increase your cardiovascular endurance, so that you can run your first 5k/10k Marathon? Or maybe you want to focus on your chest and back, or your glutes! These are all goals that can be included in your Bare Minimum workout.

2 A BM booty workout routine

Shake that booty!

Fitness goals:  Lose 10 lbs and have a perfect booty.

Fitness needs: Expending more calories, increasing glute size and strength.

So what should your BM workout look like?

I’d suggest high-intensity interval training. Consider workouts like Tabata, burpees, mountain climbers, jumping rope, and other high-intensity full body moves guaranteed to burn some fat. Set a timer and do it for 15 minutes with a little rest as possible. It’s better to do an easier version of an exercise than have down time.

Now for the targeting –go for the hardest squat/lunge-type exercise you can do. Air squats, lunges, and squat jumps are all fair game. The key is to have a full range of motion. Pick an exercise or resistance level to do at least 8 and no more than 12 repetitions.

Bang out 3 sets and you’re done. Stretch and go home…unless you’re already home.

Never forget – these exercises all rock, but only if you absolutely nail the form. Every one of the above exercises is a risk for knee injuries if done wrong.

3 Bodyweight beast

Fitness goals:  Muscles, muscles, everywhere.

Fitness needs: Gain muscle without creating imbalances that lead to injury.

This is a staple bodyweight workout.

These are the three most important and complex exercises you can do: squats, pullups, pushups. Now make a workout around them.

Warm up with some wrist, knee, or shoulder PT.  You have to warm up anyway, so might as well keep your joints healthy. Almost every athlete develops problems in one of these three areas at some point. Some have problems their whole careers. If you really don’t feel warm enough yet (are you sweating yet?), go ahead and run around the block once or something.

The routine

Do 8-12 pullups, 8-12 pushups, and 8-12 squats. No more than 90 seconds of rest between each exercise.  If you can’t do a full pull-up yet, try pull-up negatives or pull-downs. If a normal pull up is easy, throw “pull-up progressions” at google and you’ll get a host of great sites like this one:

When I say 8-12, I mean pick a challenging-enough version of each exercise that you can do no more than 12 but can get at least 8 repetitions in. 8-12 is the NASM standard for hypertrophy (gaining muscle size).

This whole workout will probably take you as little as 20 minutes altogether, especially if you’re already warm. The only piece of equipment you need is a pull-up bar. Don’t have one? Use a door frame or jungle gym, fire escape, or the underside of some steps. Still, nothing? We’ve got you covered.  Now you have a basic bodyweight staple you could do even in your bedroom if you had to.

There is always a way.

If your workout can be done quickly, anywhere, at any time, you won’t have any excuses. So what are you still doing, reading this?

Share your Bare Minimum Workout with us in the comments, or on Facebook!

Extra resources to help you create your Bare Minimum Workout routine:

The Best and Worst Exercises for Bad Knees

Knee Physical Therapy You can Do at Home

Five Exercises for Rotator Cuff (Shoulder) Pain

calisthenics academy the ultimate calisthenics training program


PRO ACROBAT with an extensive experience in movement science former Cirque Polynesia & Cirque Dreams acrobat and owner at Receiver of National Academy of Sports Medicine certification, 8 years experience in Martial arts. After a career in performance he passionately wants to bring movement disciplines to the masses
3 Street Workout Champions and what you can learn from them

3 Street Workout Champions and what you can learn from them

Street workout has now become one of the most popular physical activities. It is a perfect combination of sports, athletics and Calisthenics. The interesting thing about Calisthenics is that there are adequate exercises for every body part. What makes the street workout superior is that it wipes away the complexity from a workout. You just have to let your imagination go wild and perform the street workout by using railings, playground equipment and even go to parks. Most of the time you are just making use of your own body weight for the street workout. There are some great men out there who have mastered and achieved excellence in street workout. Let us get to know them more.

Calisthenics Street Workout Winners

You will always come across these three names when you looking up names who have made valuable contribution in Calisthenics Street workout community and won some of the world championships across the world.

Yevgeny Kocherha

You must have already known about Yevgency because he was the winner of Street Workout 2011 championship. Yevgency is from Ukraine and he was brought up in Odessa. He had a liking for sports since childhood and his excellence in street workout fairly speaks about his talent. He started with Karate, but that was just the beginning. He then started to take a lot of interest in other sports activities as well. When Yevgency was about 13 that was the time that he started to pursue Street workout on a serious note.

Yevgency’s aim and favorite moves

You can only be successful if you have set in some aims and goals. Same rule applies to the street workout Champ Yevgency. He always wanted to promote the importance of a healthy lifestyle and he has been quite successful in the cause. Yevgency always had the desire to see the street workout evolving and his contended with how it is expanding. Monkey bars are Yevgency’s favorite apparatus and he manages many different moves with the monkey bars.

 Secret behind Yevgency’s success

Yevgency feels that Street workout is not just another workout form for him. It is actually a way of life for him and this perspective has always contributed to his success. This is the secret behind his championship win in 2011. Yevgency has always wished to learn from others. He has found the creative moves shown by his competitors to be an element of motivation.

Yevgency’s training program

Yevgency has not defined a set system for his training. He believes in innovation in his workouts. Yevgency has been making use of extra weights and his body weight as well during his practice sessions. He never gives up on the basic exercises. Training power components, gym and outdoor workout has also been a part of his training.

calisthenics street workout



Vladimir Sadkov

When we are talking about the Street Workout champions we just cannot miss out the name of Vladimir Sadkov. This man was the winner of Street Workout championship 2013. This man was able to carve his name in the world of street workout at quite a young age. Vladimir belongs to Russia and his first mentor was his father. Vladimir’s father started to train him in the streets just at the age of 5. Initially Vladimir was not so inclined towards his training. However, when he started to achieve results in street workout then he developed a strong liking for it.

Vladimir’s goals

Vladimir’s prime goal has been to introduce new elements in his workouts. He experiments with different new movements. He wants to focus more on his endurance and strength building process. Vladimir’s positive approach towards his workout has positively reflected in his life as well. He has achieved immense acclaim for his talent.

Vladimir’s success secret

He has never given up and has strived to achieve excellence in his field. This has what has kept him going. Vladimir has been an ardent follower of the fact that he has to workout with an optimistic approach. He has always taken the skill of his competitors as a challenge. This has helped him overcome his shortcomings and improve for the better.

Vladimir’s training program

Vladimir does not believe in designing specific training programs. He decides at the spur of the moment. Some of his popular moves include handstands and full planche push-ups. He has always thrived for improvement.

calisthenics street workout


Source: article.wn

Kevin Solar

Kevin Solar has overcome all barriers and can do insane Calisthenics moves. Interestingly it has taken Kevin a very short span of time to become a force to reckon with in the world of Calisthenics. He has taken his inspiration from Hannibal the King. Kevin has the very spirit to excel in the world of Calisthenics because he has always yearned to do something big and challenging. He has the membership of France’s Street Workout 83. It is an organization that spreads the relevant awareness about street workout.

Kevin’s aims and objectives

The main reason why Kevin has been a success is that he focuses on each and every move. He takes his moves as a dream that has to be accomplished. This motivates him to achieve the dream and do the most challenging moves with ease. This is his success secret as well.

Kevin’s intense training program

Kevin is a true definition of a workaholic. No wonder he started his training by practicing about 7 days a week. He used to workout about 2 hours a day and sometimes even more than that. He can accomplish the most difficult moves because Kevin indulges in intense training. Kevin practices his moves with different angles and even films them to check out if there is a margin for improvement. He primarily enjoys full body free style exercises. Jumping ropes and squats are often included in his training practice.

calisthenics street workout


Source: ashotofadrenaline

All these champions are a living example that you can break the barriers and attain the highest fitness levels by trying out different and innovative Calisthenics and street workouts. However, if you want to begin with street workout just remember a simple thing. You need to know yourself before stepping into Calisthenics and street workout. This way you will be able to devise a perfect training program and someday achieve the success that these champions have already achieved.

Are you ready to get started? LET’s DO THIS!

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. I started with Convict Conditioning and achieved levels of strength which enabled me to take part in street workouts championships. Check Out our Resources and Start Building Real Strength just using your Bodyweight!
44 HARDEST Calisthenics Exercises of ALL TIMES

44 HARDEST Calisthenics Exercises of ALL TIMES

Calisthenics is all about strength training. You make use of your own body weight to develop strength. Mastering Calisthenics  is a process, often a long one, but if you stick with it it can be very rewarding.

I personally have been doing calisthenics for years now and it’s amazing to look back and see how far you have come. But what’s even more exciting about this discipline is that there is always more to come and more to learn. Hence, I decided to create a list of all the most challenging calisthenics exercises and skills on earth to have something to aspire to and remind me that I can always be better and there are no limits. 

It will take hard work, sweat and consistency, but if you put your mind to it and follow the steps, every single person can achieve the levels of strength these athletes and gymnasts below did.

I hope you will find it inspiring! I definitely did when I was compiling the list.

 Stay on track. You can do this! 

Challenge yourself with these 44 Calisthenics exercises

Try out these fun yet difficult exercises and take your Calisthenics skills to another level.

1.      Handstand using two fingers

calisthenics exercises

Handstand using two fingers

Also called Two Finger Zenist KungFu Doing a handstand on two fingers is one exercise that will surely blow you away.  Only a few people can even think of attempting this exercise. Thus, this exercise definitely deserves no 1 slot in the list of the hardest Calisthenics exercises.

2.      Wall assisted handstand

Source: Reddit

You might be questioning yourself that is a one finger handstand even possible and the answer is yes. Most people would just say that this feat is impossible to achieve. However, there are Calisthenics experts out there who have been able to implement the one finger handstand after a lot of hard work and focus.

3.      Single arm pull up to handstand

calisthenics exercises

Single arm pull up to handstand


The one arm pull-up to handstand is again a unique demonstration of strength and focus. Only a Calisthenics expert can even think of attempting this move as it needs a lot of experience.

4.      Single arm handstand pushup

calisthenics exercises

Single arm handstand pushup

Source: globalbodyweightraining

The one arm handstand pushup is yet another challenge for all those who wish to excel in the field of Calisthenics. This is also one of the hardest exercises. There are only a few names on the list who have tried out this workout. The name of Paul Wade tops the list. This move takes a lot of time and training.

5.      Single handed planche

calisthenics exercises

Single handed planche


The single handed planche is all about hand balancing so it is surely not an easy move. The difficulty level is increased when you simply remove one arm and just rely on your one hand balance.

6.      Single arm handstand using cane

calisthenics exercises

Single arm handstand using cane

Source: basictrainingacademy

This Calisthenics move will definitely leave you astonished and amazed because it is all about doing a one arm handstand on a cane. Maintaining the balance and the focus are the true challenges of this move.

7.      Inverted iron cross

calisthenics exercises

Inverted iron cross

Source: Youtube

The shoulders need a lot of strength for performing the inverted iron cross and this move needs flawless ring strength skills

8.      Handstand clap push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Handstand clap push-ups

Source: Beastskills

If you are looking forward to attempting the hardest push-ups then the Handstand clap push-ups are worth a try. This move requires a combination of coordination, strength and balance.

9.      Straddle planche clap push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Straddle planche clap push-ups

Source: Youtube

You have to start this exercise like a normal planche. You would need to invest all your muscle strength to pop up high in the air and clap your hands.

10. Ninety degree push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Ninety degree push-ups

Source: Youtube

When you attempt a 90 degree push-up, your feet are elevated so that a 90 degree angle can easily be created between your upper and lower body. This workout is also ideal for those who love extreme Calisthenics.

11. Walking Planches

calisthenics exercises

Walking Planches


What makes the Walking Planches so challenging is that the stabilizer muscles are involved while the performer is in a transition state. You need strength and coordination to implement this move successfully

12. Windmill Planche Push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Windmill Planche Push-ups

Source: Youtube

This is definitely a jaw dropping move. This Planche can be termed as the hardest. You have to spin your body in the break dance move. This spin is known as the windmill and it spins to a full planche.

13. Single finger pull-ups

calisthenics exercises

Single finger pull-ups


You can only attempt this workout when you have extreme expertise in this move. A novice can actually end up breaking a finger. You would need strength and skill to attempt this workout.

14. Wall assisted  two finger handstand

calisthenics exercises

Wall assisted two finger handstand


This wall assisted two finger handstand is yet another Calisthenics delight. You can balance your entire body on two fingers while resting your weight against the wall.

15. Single arm evil wheel

calisthenics exercises

Single arm evil wheel

Source: Pinterest

This is one of the hardest abs exercises and only the experts can dare to try this out.

16. Tiger bend push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Tiger bend push-ups

Source: Youtube

When you want to attempt the tiger bend push-ups then it is essential to have tremendous amount of strength in your triceps and shoulders. Start with half tiger bend and when you are successful in that then you can try this out.

17. Advanced Tricep presses

calisthenics exercises

Advanced Tricep presses

Source: bodybuilding

The advanced tripcep presses are yet another test of your ability and skills. You need to understand the basic concept of this exercise before attempting to try it out.

18. Planche push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Planche push-ups

Source: Youtube

The Planche push-ups are yet another transition of the full planche. You need tons of strength in your shoulders to perform this move. Adding the push-up adds the complexity aspect to this move.

19. Planche on four fingers

Source: Youtube

Doing a planche on just 4 fingers is no easy job. However, I believe that if the person performing this workout is light framed then this would definitely make it easier to maintain the balance.

20.  Full Planche

calisthenics exercises

Full Planche


Source: Youtube

You will have to invest time and effort to develop the strength and balance to attempt the full planche. It is no easy job for sure.

21. HSPU on the rings

calisthenics exercises

HSPU on the rings

Source: crossfitgnitesydney

The interesting part about Calisthenics is that you can be so creative. You can actually perform a handstand pushup using the rings. However, this again needs practice and skill. Watch the video to know more about this move.

22. Single arm lever

calisthenics exercises

Single arm lever


One arm lever is all about gripping a bar with one hand and lifting your body up in a coordinated movement. Your legs have to be parallel while implementing this move.

23. Manna

calisthenics exercises



Now when you are attempting the Manna the strength is not the only requirement and you would need flexibility to attempt this move. It definitely puts pressure on the shoulder area.

24. Nakayama Planche

calisthenics exercises

Nakayama Planche

Source: Youtube

The Nakayama Planche involves the abs. You would have to build up on your upper and lower abdominals to achieve the Nakayama Planche position.

25. L-sit iron cross to push-up

calisthenics exercises

L-sit iron cross to push-up



This move requires you to start with an L-sit and then you need to pull yourself past Iron Cross and finally acquire the full muscle up position

26. Iron cross

calisthenics exercises

Iron cross

Source: bodybuilding

This exercise deserves a spot amongst the hardest Calisthenics exercises because it requires tremendous amount of strength so that makes it a tough job.

27. Straddle Press to Handstand

calisthenics exercises

Straddle Press to Handstand

Source: gymnasticsrevolution

This move can stated to be quite difficult because it involves a transition from the L- Seat to handstand and usually transitions are not easy to perform.

28. Human Flag Push-up

calisthenics exercises

Human Flag Push-up

Source: Youtube

Human flag push-ups is also one of the hardest Calisthenics exercises because of the transitions involved.

29. Flying human flag oblique crunches

calisthenics exercises

Flying human flag oblique crunches

Source: ashotofadrenaline

When you want to perform flying human oblique crunches then you would have to grip the top and the bottom portion of the post. The next step would be lifting your lower body so that you acquire a flag position. Then finally you need to raise and lower the legs in a crunch motion.

30. Human Flag bicycles

calisthenics exercises

Source: peko-healthfitness

You will first need to get into a human flag position for this move and then you would need to move your legs as if you are riding a bicycle.

31. Human Flag

calisthenics exercises

Human Flag

Source: instructables

Human Flag exercise is yet another move that would be a test of your balancing skills. You would have to try really hard to get the concept of this move.

32. Hand Hops

calisthenics exercises

Hand Hops

Source: Youtube

The hand hops is all about incorporating the strength with the dancing moves.

33. Single arm handstand

calisthenics exercises

Single arm handstand

Source: chrissalvato

Before moving on to a single arm handstand you would need to master the simple handstands. Remember one arm handstand is not an easy job and would require strength and balance on your part.

34. Reverse Planche

calisthenics exercises

Reverse Planche


You can only perform the reverse planche when you have reached an astounding level of flexibility and strength. You have to start off with a handstand and then slowly bring your legs behind you until you achieve the reverse planche position.

35. Aztec push-ups

calisthenics exercises

Aztec push-ups

Source: builtlean

The Aztec push-ups are quite interesting. You have to start  off with a normal push-up. Finally you will need to explode in the air and touch your toes using your fingers.

36. Single handed rope climb

calisthenics exercises

Single handed rope climb


You would need strength in your arms and hands to perform this move. The one handed rope climb requires switching hands half way so you will have to work on your strength.

37. Single arm chin-ups

calisthenics exercises

Single arm chin-ups

Source: Youtube

When you are training for the one arm chin-up then make sure then you should use your opposite arm for stabilizing your body till your other arm is strong enough for holding and balancing your body weight.

38. Two fingers push-up

calisthenics exercises

Two fingers push-up

Source: Fanpop

Bruce Lee was the first one to come up with the concept of two finger push-up. You need to start with a normal push-up position for this move. Position one hand behind the back. Finally you have to position your hands in a way that you maintain your balance on just two fingers.

39. Single arm diver bombers

calisthenics exercises

Single arm diver bombers


When you have to perform the one arm diver bomber successfully then what you need the most is coordination, followed by strength and balance. Once you get a command over these three factors then you would be able to do this exercise.

40. 360 push-up

calisthenics exercises

360 push-up

Source: recordsetter

The 360 degree push-up also needs  technical expertise. You would have to focus on strength building to attempt this move successfully.

41. Double handclap dips

calisthenics exercises

Double handclap dips

For Double Handclap dips you have to do two handclaps while you are in the air after you are done with a dip on the parallel bar. Your legs need to be infront of you during the move. This move is quite tedious and is one of the hardest Calisthenics exercises.

42. Burpee Back Tuck

calisthenics exercises

Burpee Back Tuck

Source: Youtube

The burpee is one of the popular bodyweight moves. However, adding a back flip to it adds the element of complexity. This move is quite intense and definitely hard to master.

43. Back Clap Muscle Up

calisthenics exercises

Back Clap Muscle Up


This exercise has got a lot of exciting twists. The first thing that you need to do is a muscle up and then simply explode in the air. When you are in the air then you have to clap your hands behind the back. The final step is to simply grab the bar. This exercises requires strength and there has to be a coordination in your moves.

44. Clap Pull-ups

calisthenics exercises

Clap Pull-ups

Source: antranik

Last, but not the least are the Clap pull-ups. The list of hardest exercises will be incomplete without this workout. Now this move is all about strength demonstration. You would need the strength for lifting your body in the air and then you have to clap your hands in mid air and then move down.

Just watching all these 44 hardest Calisthenics exercises will inspire you to try them out. However, it would not be easy in the beginning and you will have to adopt the step wise approach. You have to start with the basic calisthenics exercises. You would see that when you are regular with your Calisthenics workouts then you would be able to develop strength and try out the harder workouts. These Calisthenics exercises do seem impossible, but nothing is impossible in this world as long as you have the will to try and strive to achieve your goal.

Are you ready to get started on your calisthenics journey?

Let’s DO THIS!

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. I started with Convict Conditioning and achieved levels of strength which enabled me to take part in street workouts championships. Check Out our Resources and Start Building Real Strength just using your Bodyweight!
Losing motivation to train? 4 strategies to get you back on track NOW!

Losing motivation to train? 4 strategies to get you back on track NOW!

When I started it seemed to me like it’s going to take me a really long time to achieve the FUNDAMENTAL PROGRESSIONS. So how on earth do you stay motivated to continue with the calisthenics workouts and achieve results? Man, among all the hurdles of training consistency and motivation are right on the top, so let’s have a look at strategies on how to keep on going when things are not looking that good. 

But before that I want to talk about a few basic mental principles if it comes to any training as well as a few misconceptions.

First of all it’s true. Calisthenics training isn’t a fly-by-night workout program

None of the real training programs are. Like the dozens you see on late-night TV that promise a full body transformation in a few weeks. That’s of course as long as you buy the program and spend big bucks on prepared foods, dietary supplements, and gimmicky exercise equipment. But even then, most people who fall for the fad diets and exercise plans don’t stick with the program, quit exercising, go back to their old ways, pack on the pounds and feel worse than ever.

Calisthenics is a way of life and you have to follow calisthenics principles if you are there to stay and succeed. 

convict conditioning

Success is not what you think it is

It doesn’t promise miraculous results overnight. But it does present a straightforward series of progressive exercises and workouts designed to help you build maximum strength using your own bodyweight.  If you are looking in for an example then Paul Wade who wrote the Convict Conditioning book is a living breathing testimony of the kind of superhuman strength your body can achieve, if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. And thousands of  calisthenics disciples agree to this secret to success.

Some may write off calisthenics style training as another fad, but calisthenics have been around for centuries. Most old-time strongmen are renowned for their feats of strength involving advanced calisthenics and gymnastic movements.

There have been trends in modern times that promote “getting ripped,” or developing “washboard abs.” I’ve noticed that while the allure of looking good may never go away, the desire to simply look strong is gradually being replaced by a desire to actually be strong.

calisthenics motivation

calisthenics motivation

And this what success really is. 

Its about going through life on your own terms, having the strength and the health to do things you want to do, use this strength and energy to contribute, create, love, be the best version of yourself you can be. Truly release your full potential.

That’s what success is all about.

No Excuses: Tear Down Those Mental Walls

Convict-ion Required 

If you know the coach Paul Wade – the author of Convict Conditioning book which started the calisthenics revolution he  didn’t achieve the results by doing a couple knock-off-made-for-TV workouts a few times a week, neither amazing athletes like Al Kavadlo or Mike Fitch, Paul himself spent 19 years in the big house, carefully developing a blueprint to build enough muscle strength to execute the one-armed pull-up, one-armed push-up, one-armed handstand, one-legged squat, straight leg raises, and the stand-to-stand bridge. And that’s the kind of conviction you need to have if you really want to achieve THE FUNDAMENTALS and maximize the benefits of sticking with the  workouts. Watch this video to remind yourself of what’s possible if you keep at it as for none of us athletes it was easy. It will never be.

 You’re Tougher Than You Think You Are

In our society of instant-gratification where you can cruise through a drive-thru for fast food, search the internet for information in seconds, and watch multiple shows at once on your flat screen TV, patience isn’t exactly something we’re accustomed to. But that’s not you. If you were gutsy enough to pick up a calisthenics training and give it a shot, you’ve got the mental fortitude to go the distance and achieve the kind of superhuman strength it takes to execute the FUNDAMENTALS

Most people have days when they feel like throwing in the towel in pursuit of  THE CALISTHENICS FUNDAMENTALS, and that’s OK. Imagine how many days Paul Wade the father of calisthenics  suffered under the weight of knowing he would be spending 19 years behind bars. The trick is to not give in to those voices in your head that tell you to give up.

Make Up Your Mind to Go the Distance

Staying motivated to stick with calisthenics and see it through to achieve the kind of results it promises, isn’t easy. And it shouldn’t be. The greatest successes in life always come from hard work, dedicated effort, and consistency for the long haul.

Thinking About Quitting? Think Again

You have come so far, and you gonna give up now? No FREAKIN WAY! This is not who you are! You are a fighter!

With that said, staying motivated with any exercise program can have its challenges. In a recent survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, researchers found that nearly 80 percent of Americans don’t get the recommended amount of daily exercise. Being too lazy to get off the couch is one reason for this trend.  Getting off the couch is all you need at the beginning. Making the first step. Getting up and maybe starting out with just 10 minutes of exercise. Its ok – most important is to GET YOURSELF INTO A HABIT OF DOING IT than what you do.

In an awesome How to Motivate Yourself Into an Exercise Routine You’ll Actually Stick To Life Hacker points out a few  mental principles which should help you get started and keep on going:

Don’t get caught in “all or nothing” mindset.

Don’t be hard on yourself.

You’re not lazy, you’re just starting from zero.

Set the Bar Low and Start Small.

Whatever You Do, Make It Fun.

Ok, now that we understand themental principles. Let’s get down to some solid actions you can take to stay consistent and motivated at any point at your training.


Research shows that most of the people give up on exercising because they don’t know what to do or get confused about how to workout. 

But that’s not the case with calisthenics. Instead of confusing workouts calisthenics  gives you a clear plan to follow with  progressive

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

exercises to master in order to achieve the THE FUNDAMENTALS .

Use our ebook Getting Started with Calisthenics Training Guide to guide you through the plan – it’s 10 years of calisthenics experience distilled into a clear step by step guide to follow with all the exercises and workouts to fit your level and lifestyle. Over 10, 000 people already are using workouts and principles of the calisthenics guide. You just can’t  go wrong with that.


But whatever you choose to do just create a plan of action and follow it. Fit it as much as you can with your lifestyle – how much time do you have daily, how you will progress, what exercises you should be doing. Point being- on the day of workout you shouldn’t be thinking about what exercises to do – all you should be taking care of is that you actually get out and do them.


Measuring progress is one of the easiest things you can do to keep going. It’s really important to you see and feel that you are progressing on a daily basis. When the results stall you need to troubleshoot, but knowing exactly where you are will help you know where you are going and where you are lacking.  In the book Getting Started with Calisthenics Training Guide  Jeff outlines excatly how to trouble shoot progressions and what to look at, but it can be as simple as understanding that you need to build more  mobility before you can move forward. We are soon bringing together a community so you can ask certified trainers on how to trouble shoot through Calisthenics Academy.  But for now use whatever you can to track your progress get the progression spreadsheet or a poster and simply start tracking where you are and keep on moving forward.

calisthenics progressions

calisthenics progressions


If you’re doubting the path you’re on in your calisthenics training journey to achieve THE FUNDAMENTALS and more, take a hard look at why you got started. Think about what you really want out of calisthenics training what you’re willing to do to achieve your goal, and focus on that in your mind. For a lot of people, that’s enough to survive another day. Take it one day at a time, that’s the same way Paul Wade survived 19 years in prison. Your motivation should be to just be better today then you were yesterday.

calisthenics motivation

calisthenics motivation

STRATEGY 4. Change Things Up to Make It Fun

If you need more of an attitude adjustment, you can make modifications to the FUNDAMENTALS exercise to change things up, add some variety to your workouts, and even increase your muscle strength and endurance in other ways than just THE FUNDAMENTALS show you. Here are some options you can use to stay motivated and keep your workouts interesting and engaging:

  • Change the order of the exercises
  • Change your rep range
  • Change your volume
  • Change your training speed
  • Add in variants
  • Set new short/medium term goals to hit
  • Focus on some explosive work for a while
  • Change your training frequency
  • Add some spice: neck work, grip, calves, cardio
  • Mix in some skill work; balance, gymnastics, acrobatics
  • Cross-train: boxing, martial arts, wrestling
  • Devote some specialist training to a single movement

Shake things up with ultra-high reps

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Remember! Showing up is 90% of success. Stay awesome!

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. I started with Convict Conditioning and achieved levels of strength which enabled me to take part in street workouts championships. Check Out our Resources and Start Building Real Strength just using your Bodyweight!
Why You Must Be Strong – an Unexpected Connection with Quality of Life!

Why You Must Be Strong – an Unexpected Connection with Quality of Life!

The most common question I get from those who are inactive but debating whether or not to start working out is “Why do I need to exercise? “To get stronger” I typically reply. “But why does being strong matter?” Which is an honest question. The average persons day revolves around sitting in a car, sitting at a desk, or sitting on the couch; none of which requires strength to execute properly. However, the car, the desk, and the couch are only recently-added conveniences in terms of evolutionary biology.

[tweet_box design=”default”]The human body is not meant to be weak, it’s not designed to live in comfortable surroundings.[/tweet_box] Sitting is killing us and industrialized food production is making us fat, while freezing cold showers alleviate depression, and intermittent fasting reduces the chance of diabetes and heart disease. So, the honest answer is that physical strength doesn’t play a much of a role in the modern world. It does, however, play a huge role in our physical and mental wellbeing. Our ancestors were strong, not for recreational reasons, but because the environment they evolved in required them to be.

What physical benefits come from being strong?

1. Increased Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels.

By becoming strong, [tweet_box design=”default”]your body releases growth hormone which helps your muscles adapt to resistance training.[/tweet_box] Growth Hormone is important because it prevents fat storage and regulates your blood glucose levels, decreasing your chance of diabetes. High levels of HGH also leads to increased bone density, whihc prevents injuries.

2. Lower levels of inflammation.

Hitting your head, scraping your knee, ear infections, and stress, cause your body to react in the form of inflammation. Acute inflammation (short and fast) occurs when you experience one of the above instances, and your body responds by increasing blood flow and immune cell delivery to the affected area. This usually appears in the form of swelling and redness. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body doesn’t turn off the inflammatory response and, as a result, further damages the affected area. Most common forms of chronic inflammation are heart disease, depression, and metabolic disease. Being strong reduces the amount of inflammation needed by the body to correct such maladies and prevents the likelihood of inflammation becoming chronic.

3. Your body becomes more economical.

Strength is based on the ability to fire motor neurons faster and more efficiently. Whether you’re a cyclist, dancer, boxer, or yoga instructor, being strong makes your body execute movement more effectively.

What mental benefits come from being strong?

4. Increased levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor.

BDNF, similar to HGH, is a protein that encourages growth and differentiation of new neurons and synapses in the brain. In particular, it can leads to a dramatic improvements in memory and delay cognitive decline.

5. Increased confidence and emotional stability.

Self-confidence is determined by the values an individual hold him or herself accountable to. Having strong personal relationships, being physically attractive, being able to defend and provide for your family, are all things that people base their self-worth; and all of them can be improved through physical strength. Being strong requires that you workout, having a successful workout regiment almost always involves creating a social circle of like-minded workout companions. [tweet_box design=”default”]Strength also improves your physical appearance, and the ability to take care of yourself[/tweet_box], (and those around you).

6. Reduces symptoms of anxiety, osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, fatigue, and improves sleep quality

A lot of this is related to the anti-inflammatory effects of being strong mentioned earlier.

We have done an excellent job of making the world around us comfortable.

The underlying goal of all technical innovations it to make life easier with less work. Unfortunately, living in a comfortable environment goes against every aspect of our biology. Physical strength derived from resistance training, cardiovascular exercise, and other acute stressors may not seem very practical in today’s world, but it’s 100% necessary to live a long and healthy life.

Do you agree? Let us know in comments!

calisthenics training program

calisthenics training program

Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. I started with Convict Conditioning and achieved levels of strength which enabled me to take part in street workouts championships. Check Out our Resources and Start Building Real Strength just using your Bodyweight!
Trailer: “Raise Up – The World is Our Gym” by Rain Bennett

Trailer: “Raise Up – The World is Our Gym” by Rain Bennett

An underground urban fitness movement risks losing its identity as a social tool as it rapidly becomes a new international sport.



Professional trainer, ex cross-fitter and a long time calisthenic practitioner. I started with Convict Conditioning and achieved levels of strength which enabled me to take part in street workouts championships. Check Out our Resources and Start Building Real Strength just using your Bodyweight!