3 Calisthenics books which will take your training to the next level!

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Books are the best source to gather enlightenment about any topic. Same goes for fitness as well. Most people believe that you can only learn about calisthenics when you have dvd’s or when you join a gym. However, this is a wrong perception. There is no doubt about the fact that you learn the exercises more through visual guidance, but it is the books that can give you the basics and reveal those things that you really need to know. Books can prove to be a great treasure if you are on the journey to learn Calisthenics so let us unveil some of the best books that are the perfect guideline for Calisthenics.

How to choose the perfect Calisthenics books

Before we move onto the best books for Calisthenics let us give you an insight about choosing the right book. Now the advantage nowadays is that you can find most of the books online and the reviews about the best Calisthenics books can help you make a great pick. There are some essential factors that you have to keep in mind when you are buying a Calisthenics book.

  • If you are a beginner then it is not recommended to go for advanced Calisthenics books. The reason is that the advanced concepts would become confusing and a new reader can become discouraged by the complexity. The best thing to do is to go slow. Focus on books that offer you the basic workouts. If your basics are strong then believe it or not, but you would be a greater success and learning calisthenics would become a lot easier.
  • One more tip that can help a beginner is most of the time when you are buying books online you get these dvd’s as well. You can first go through the paperback or e-book and then watching the DVD will become a lot more fun.
  • Now here is a tip for advanced Calisthenics learners. Once you have developed a grasp over the basics then you can go for the more challenging workouts. Look out for those books that are offered by experts. For example, if you want to focus on progressions then you should go for books by Al Kavadlo as he is an expert in the field.

Top 3 Calisthenics books worth buying

The following three books should be on your priority list and you should buy them for sure.

  1. Stretching your boundaries by Al Kavadlo

This book is an asset for all those who want to indulge in flexibility training for developing strength for extreme Calisthenics. Al Kavadlo’s skills are depicted perfectly in his words. The best thing about this book is that Al Kavadlo has taught everything in quite a practical way. One thing is discussed quite clearly in Stretching the boundaries and that is the possibility for anyone to achieve physical elegance, strength and mobility.

The Highlights

  • You will find tested tools in this book that can help you cultivate your strength.
  • Stretching the Boundaries has inspirational pictures that are a treat for Calisthenics lovers.
  • This book proves the fact that mobility is an essential aspect of the strength development process.
  • You would find a fusion of bodyweight disciplines like bar athletics, rehabilitative therapy, yoga and martial arts in this book. This book is a must on the shelf of every athlete who wants to make it big in the world of Calisthenics.
  • Al Kavadlo ensures through this book that you do not overlook the significance of static stretching. He guides you all the way to improve your performance in the best way. This book is easy to understand and applicable.
Calisthenics books

Stretching your boundaries

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  1. The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning

This book is perfect for all those who love to try out the Kettlebells. What makes this book stand out this that there are many different workouts and exercises that are mentioned in this book and every workout is by a different coach. All of those who want to be well versed with different variations of Kettlebells will love this book for sure. The best thing is that this book is great for beginners as well those who want to develop a grasp on the basic concepts of Kettlebells. Here are a few highlights of this book that will compel you to go for it.


  • You can find about 45 workouts to achieve your goals and these workouts are ideal for all levels. Out of these workouts, 10 are complete programs whereas 35 are the standalone exercises.
  • Now suggestions definitely matter and you will find workout advice by different coaches in this book that can prove to be quite useful for you.
  • The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning is full of interesting ideas that would keep you glued to this book.
Calisthenics books

The RKC book of strength and conditioning

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  1. Viking Warrior Conditioning by Kenneth Jay

This book is ideal for anyone who wants to build up on the strength, power and stamina. The unique quality about this book is that it simple to understand. It would not be wrong to say that Viking Warrior Conditioning is the foolproof approach to get the Olympic conditioning in the shortest possible time span. This book will guide you to improve the composition of your body as well. The book starts with basic principles for accomplishing the top level conditioning. The author has guided the reader through every step of the Viking Warrior conditioning  method. If you are looking in for the why’s  or how’s of Kettlebells then this book has all the answers. Kenneth’s protocols will definitely benefit you.


  • Viking Warrior conditioning offers sample programs.
  • All the programs are easy to implement.
  • The book is precise and helps you understand through scientific information.
Calisthenics books

Viking Warrior

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Do not miss out on these 3 Calisthenics books if you want to learn and master the art of Calisthenics. It would be pleasure to read every word of these books and your journey towards Calisthenics expertise will become easy.




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