Gymnastic Rings vs TRX System

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Tired of your usual workout routine?😭 Grown bored of the usual bar workouts? No longer challenged by your regimen? Looking for something more to stay motivated?

We’ve got the answer for you!

Why not up your game with a simple change in equipment? Sure, you’ve mastered bars, and we’re sure you’re popular in the local gyms and playground, but why not try something new? Take a look at gymnastic rings and the TRX suspension trainer.🔥

Front Lever vs Back Lever

They’re both very popular forms of workouts. Rest assured, there are thousands of testimonies from regular gym rats, military men and women, and even celebrities. This may be your opportunity to add variety to your current workout rundown.

And it’s extremely easy. Once you decide on gymnastic rings vs TRX System, you’ll be able to work out at home, on the beach, at a hotel and basically anywhere else you can set up the equipment.🤯

Now, let’s find out which training tool is best for you. Let’s take a look at the the advantages and disadvantages of each system.


🤔What are the Benefits of Gymnastic Rings?

These are exactly as you might be imagining: they’re the rings that you might have seen Olympic gymnasts performing on. And if you’ve seen these Olympic gymnasts, then you’ll have seen how fit they are from working on these rings all day. Let’s take a look at their specific pros.


Setting it up, there are two wooden or plastic rings are suspended on separate strong nylon straps. Since the straps aren’t connected to each other, you can adjust how far you want them to be apart. That way you can perform ring dip exercises with ease as you set distance of the rings to fit your height and build perfectly. This gives you good control of your workout.


Ever tried out ring dips? They work out your arm muscles intensely. That’s one exercise that you’ll find much easier on gymnastic rings vs TRX system. Another is pull-ups and chin-ups. They’re much more doable with this option. So if you find yourself enjoying these specific workouts, then stick to the rings.


Given these types of exercises, the gymnastic rings are for those who want to focus on strengthening their upper body.


We all know gym machines and gear don’t come cheap. Thankfully, gymnastic rings are relatively affordable compared to other workout equipment. It’s also the cheaper option when looking at the TRX suspension trainer.


🧐What are the Drawbacks of Gymnastic Rings?

Now you know of it’s pros, let’s look at some of it’s cons.

1. ⚡️Heavy Weight

Despite being cheaper, gymnastic rings can also be heavier to carry around. A pair of wooden top-of-the-line rings can weigh up to 6.4 pounds! So if you’re looking for a lighter option, consider sticking to the plastic variety.

2. ⚡️Less Variety 

Since it focuses more on building upper-body strength, the other parts of your body may be a little neglected. While it’s possible to perform leg exercises, it’ll be difficult, and maybe even painful given the material that the rings are made out of.

Skin the cat


😎What are the Benefits of the TRX Suspension Trainer?

The Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) system was developed by a former navy seal as a way of keeping fit, given the limited space and time that they had while on the job. Let’s take a look at some of its pros.


With two handles, attached together by a nylon strap, held together by another strap that can be attached to almost anywhere. Most people who use it at home need only attach it to their door and they’re good to go!


Because it’s so easy to set your trainer up, you can work almost anywhere. You can even work outside when the weather is pleasant, simply attach the system to a tree!


With this convenience, you’ll be able to perform a larger variety of exercises with the suspension trainer. When looking at gymnastic rings vs TRX system, you’ll find a significant difference in the types of workouts you can do. Think: stretches, push-ups and even squats! No more skipping leg day either! You’ll be able to perform leg workouts with ease, without the pain you get from wooden rings.


The nylon straps come with a loop at the end. This allows users to easily and securely grab onto the equipment. The handles are even padded for extra comfort. No more burning palms from too much strain and friction.


Given all this variety, you can turn each workout into a full-body workout. There’s something for every part of your body to tone and strengthen. You’re sure to achieve any fitness goal you may have.


Compared to gymnastic rings, this is a significantly lighter option. A typical set will only weigh about 2.4 pounds!


What are the Drawbacks of the TRX Suspension Trainer?

It has so many pros, but now let’s take a look at its cons.

1. 👎More Expensive

The suspension trainer is typically pricier than their ring counterparts. Additionally, you’re paying for the TRX brand name, while you get more options with gymnastic rings.

2. 👎Difficult to Perform Dips and Pull-ups

If you’re a big fan of upper-body exercises such as pull-ups and chin-ups, it may be difficult to set them up on the suspension trainer. Since the straps aren’t solid like a bar or rings, you may find trouble holding your weight up.


✨Final Verdict

Between gymnastic rings vs TRX system, each option has its pros and cons. In summary, 👊the rings are cheaper; allow for specific workouts such as dips; allow for more adjustment; and focus on upper-body strength. Its drawbacks however include being heavier and having limited leg exercises.

As for the 👊suspension trainer, they’re lighter; come with a wider variety of workouts; allow for leg exercises; easier to set up; and tone the whole body. The disadvantages are that it’s often pricier, and you won’t be able to do specific gymnastic movements and exercises.

Hence, if you want to develop calisthenics movements such as muscle-ups, pull-ups, front and back levers, it’s best to start practicing with gymnastic rings vs. trx system. Otherwise, using trx system for lower body strengthening will do just fine.👌

If you’re still on the fence about which equipment to purchase, consider trying them out at the gym first. Alternatively you can assess yourself through The Movement Academy. They offer a free assessment on what workouts you should be adding to your regime to meet your fitness goals.

What are you waiting for? Grab those rings or straps and lift your weight to a stronger you!

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