Why You Will GIVE UP – and HOW NOT TO!

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“[tweet_box design=”box_05″]Giving up is the easiest thing you can do[/tweet_box]”. This sentence is always on my mind when I’m facing a challenge. The point of this sentence it is not about doing something as much or as better as you can, in fact It is about lasting longer while you are giving everything you got in order to reach your goal.

Pain is nothing but weakness leaving the body, that’s something that doesn’t need to scare you. Pain doesn’t kill, and you know at the end of the road,

[tweet_box design=”box_06″]WHATEVER DOESN’T KILL YOU, MAKES YOU STRONGER. [/tweet_box]


The well known conform zone is a condition where you are not ready to face adversity and challenge. You don’t want to take a risk and you are comfortable with the present situation despite there are many options you can try.

The behavior of a person may be directly described by his or hers comfort zone. You think it is an accident that 5 out of 100 people are running a multimillion business and drive Porsche or Ferrari? It is not! These people deviate from their comfort zone, take risks, and drive on them in order to achieve their goals.

A Comfort zone is kind of mental condition that causes a person to create and manage a set of mental limits. Such limits create an unfounded sense of security, that can be changed after you experience and trying something new.


If the monkey didn’t come off the trees down on earth in search for a better life, the modern man would have never existed in today’s evolved form. He is a product of the “different” and perhaps “different” is not always better, but always creative. Avoid the monotony of your life and move towards your goals. In order to achieve something you got to constantly work on yourself. As an example, I will point out education where first we are taught to write, read, calculate and draw. But, in the next years we are not learning the same things again. Because, we have already learned to write, read, calculate and draw, we are taught to some more complex things. The same can be said about fitness and sport. At first you might do 5 pushups, you will barely run 500 meters, but if you constantly do 5 pushups and run 500 meters this will become very easy for you. Later you will feel that you can do 50 pushups in ONE set and run not 500m, but 5 miles. Only then you will find progress and you will be able to do more. You will look yourself in the mirror and be proud of what you’ve done.


Always fight for what you want.

“Don’t ever let somebody tells you, you can do something. You got a dream; you got to protect it, period.” This is one of my all time favorite quotes. Many times when I was in a situation where I need to choose whether I will continue to chase my dream or to stay in my comfort zone I was thinking about this quote. If you want something, then go get it. If you wait for that perfect moment, it’s not going to happen; leave the comfort zone and start doing things that later will actually turn into success.



Many times you will be forced to leave the comfort zone and the mental barrier in order to give your all and to reach your goal. To safely exit your comfort zone always aim a little higher than the goal that you are actually trying to achieve. Even if you achieve your goal, go for more, never be satisfied! “A little more” is the powerful tool that will permanently change your habits. The target can be a number of exercises, number of sets, kilometers run, your next body looks or your new habits.



The allegation is that 21 days are enough to change a habit even if you don’t want to. Long leisure in bed and pressing the “snooze” alarm will only result in more and more bad habits. Convince yourself that you will get up every day for the next 21 days at 6 pm.

Remember that the promise doesn’t need to be violated, that way you will only fool others, but the unfulfilled promise will result in a very negative picture of yourself and will prove how weak character you have. Initially you will have a lot of pain while you run this challenge, but after 21 days you won’t feel bad at all, because getting up early in fact is a normal thing. Then you can create a new healthy habit, and also you will restart your biological clock. In order to wake up with ease, you should exercise in the morning.

After you read this post you probably won’t ask yourself again why you are still overweighted or why nothing changes in your life for years. The answer lays in your dedication.

Remember that you are the reason for the things that are happening to you. You chose comfort zone and by that you chose no results.

I dare you to choose risk! I dare you to go through the adversity. That’s the secret of each and every successful person on the planet.

After the dark times always the sun comes out. It always is and always has been, so keep on fighting and strive for greatness!

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